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Initial Background Concepts

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Initial Background Concepts

What do the four center panels demonstrate?
We explored colors and moods with game elements such as enemies as well as differentiation of the RG (real ground) and the UG (underground) worlds.

What media are typically used in the very first conceptual drawings?
We use pencil and paper for practice and brainstorming. For concept art, we turn to Photoshop so that we can more easily visualize the actual screen.

How well-described are the locations in the game script, and how much is left to the designer’s imagination?
The whole team discussed to decide on the locations. We made sure to display existing landmarks when they were specified in the script, but when a whole street or a general location is indicated, the designers were free to present their ideas as to how to show what elements.

What are the black rectangular boxes for?
They are for checking what will be in the game screen.
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Woah...O_O That is awesome. I hope they make a sequel for this.
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Dang... seeing what the fight with Cornix Canor could have been makes me want a sequel even more...
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I can't imagine how different the game would have been if one of these colors were different to the next one. All of them are excellent and they offer a different feel of each to me.
MysteryEzekude's avatar
Looks like a good bunch of ideas. Too bad most of them were thrown away.
SnowCrasher's avatar
Night-time Shibuya would've been really amazing... pity the game is set in only day time.

OMG @ the construction site battle scene! That looks so good!
I'm guessing it was scrapped because of the restrictions in movement?
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The bottom left shot of fighting the crow (boss?) noise on top of a building looks awesome.

That looks like a stage fit for any epic battle.
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nice nice

KnebulaNight's avatar
It looks slightly like kingdom hearts.
Albel-the-maggot's avatar
like omg! this game looks so great! ><
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You people are slow .
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You're welcome.
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Are those black things what you'd call "Noise"?
The centipede and bird like thing I mean.
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Um- about the contest... When is the art due? :(
zabuza13cola's avatar
if u didnt find ur awnser already, its due april 22:)
bccomics's avatar
Thank you very much! :D
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