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Character Design

Character Design

1. Is there a particular connection between each character’s outfit and their personality?

Nomura-san: I tried to exaggerate each character’s image according to the essence of his/her personality.

2. Which came first? Were characters designed to match the Tokyo setting, or was the setting molded to fit the characters’ style?

The real-world Tokyo setting came first as the foundation. Though the game is set in the real world, we can create a fantasy-world feel as long as it’s somewhere users never been to, I thought.

3. How are characters’ outfits related to their behavior?

The outfits are based solely on characters’ personalities and not their moral nature in the game.

4. Were any of the characters based on specific people?
All were created from scratch.
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where do you get theese?
twinlightownz's avatar
verry nice they let me think of sora en kairi from kingdom hearts
nice nice
100000+ / 10
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Cool sketches. But am I only one who notices Neku's unnatural pose? He looks like he has muscle dystrophy. Just saying. And Numora's character designs are awesome but they're all so anorexic! O_O Neku looks like you could bend and snap his spine without effort! And Shiki is just whoa. @_@ Not to mention Sho is definitely giving the finger. Which I lol'd at. XD But yea, not dissing or anything. I love his art style!
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How many designs did you make or were the first ones the ones you kept, no editing or redesigning?
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So Zetta awesome! :D
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I love how Sho's giving the middle finger.

KazeShirogane's avatar
Ah, a little insight into the creation of Lollipop and Pi-face...
My favourite reapers.
I swear, if the UG really existed I wouldn't hesitate playing the Game!!
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I ask if I may be e-mailed Hishigawa's concept arts?
It's mainly because I find drawing him fun, and also, I'm art Role-Playing him.
He's also a great ref for dreadlocks, but I can only find the same image of him everywhere, and it's always too small.
Of course I would ALWAYS cite the reference!
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Sho's zetta awesome! (also helped me remember stuff for Trig...o.O)
ZachtheHurricane's avatar
My question is, why did they give Minamoto the math fetish? Not that it is bad, I'm just wondering how they got the idea.
MysteryEzekude's avatar
So, Nomura's goal is to conquer up an image according of the essence of the character's personality? Sounds like a hard task to pull off.
davidalex's avatar
is it me or there is something wrong with shiki's hand?
Rydiathedragon432's avatar
It's not just you. :U Dunno the problem tho.
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oh, thank goodnesss ahaha
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((Ooc: Please make Wewy 2 for Nintendo DS!! GO GO SHO MINAMIMOTO!))
Shurry-Ry's avatar @_@
if they hadnt had their oversized clothes,they'd look like friggin skeletons Dx
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lol best game ever xD
random-clam's avatar
I love this game! I just bought it and the gameplay is amazing! I love battling on both screens at once... It takes a bit to get used to but its amazing
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minamimoto ooks like he's giving the finger lolz he rulez X3
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On one side, I can see where people would make the 'Sora-Kairi' connection, but it's mostly due to the similar art style. I mean, people are ragging on and on about how Neku and Shiki have similarities to Sora and Kairi and how Nomura isn't being original anymore...

With all due respect, I have yet to see character designs like Minamimoto, Kariya, Uzuki, Konishi, Hanekoma, Megumi in any of the other games Nomura has designed for. And I'd notice if there was a Minamimoto clone running around in something like Kingdom Hearts, trust me. The only similarities I'm seeing between Shiki and Kairi is hair colour, and Sora and Neku is the fact the hair is spiky. The similarities end there.

Ranting over with, kudos on the designs. It's interesting to see some of the concept art from the game, especially as I'm such a big fan of the overall aesthetic. Great work~
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The only other connection is probably Beat's clothing design.It just screams Seifer.Somehow.
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I love the style. :heart: And the outfits. :3
In my opinion these characters look nothing look Kairi and Sora.
And it's just very nice of some people to call the creators of this game liars for saying they created them from scratch. Very fucking nice of you.
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All of Nomuras characters look recycled and the same -_-. I like this drawing style, but hes way to trendy.
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