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Brand Logo and Pin Designs

Slide 12: Brand logo and Pin designs

Hasegawa-san: Some Pins carry associations with fictional brands that we created for the game. The same Psych ability can have different effects depending on its brand. We tried to keep the style of each brand consistent so that players could easily tell which brand a Pin is a part of. That way, players can easily collect and use the Pins within their favorite brands.
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Each Pin represents a member of the Zodiac.

Since there are 2 seperate Zodiacs (Cat/Rabbit are replaced by the other) they decided to make 13 Brands.

Mus Rattus - Rat
Dragon Couture - Dragon
Jupiter of the Monkey - Monkey
D+B - Ox
Wild Boar - Boar
Hip Snake - Snake
Sheep Heavenly - Sheep/Lamb
Tigre Punks - Tiger
Pegaso - Horse/Pegasus
Natural Puppy - Dog
Pavo Real - Bird/Rooster (Really means Peacock too)
Lapin Angelique - Rabbit (French)
Gatito - Cat (Spanish)

Theres also "Unbranded"
;) Hope this helps
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Shockwave owns all! :evil laugh:
BlitzKreg-Trixie's avatar
i just beat the game and i want to collect them all!
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Its been said that the brands are named after the zodiac animals, so can someone explain Pavo Real, Gatito [no its not spanish for cat, rmsaun, there is no cat on the zodiacs - other then tiger, which is tigre punks. XD] and D+B? I am really racking my brain here. I know Ox and Rooster would be 2 of them. there there is one brand missing, right?
Gatito IS Spanish for Kitten/Cat

If you haven't noticed, there are 13 brand names.
This includes the Cat.
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gosh, people STILL commenting on this? hahaha
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There is a cat on the Korean zodiac.
D+B is the bull.
Pvao Real - still guessing bout that one.
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we worked this out a while ago with a group of friends. Pavo Real is apparently a peacock, which is a cock, which is rooster, round abouts. its the only one left.
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yay for JOTM
I'd find cool if you put down a Square-enix brand, or a brand with the name of the studio that made this game. It looks like merchandising, but I feel the lack of it. Congratz for the best DS game.
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Where can I buy these pins? :| I want them.
HylianLycan's avatar
Jupiter of the Monkey, Tigre Punks, and Natural Puppy were my favs.
Morbid-Rave's avatar
Are puppies not natural? A question thats been haunting my mind eversince I got the game.

Eheh, I'm a Pegaso fan myself. Lightning Rook ftw!
BluesKirby's avatar
I'm always a J to the M user.^ ^
awesome awesome game so far i still havent completed it though XD
I absolutely love J of the M
I realized something: each of the game's brands is based on an animal from the Chinese Zodiac. I think it should be obvious which animal goes with which brand. I don't know about Gatito, though.
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Well, 'Gato' means 'Cat' in spanish, so I think that might be the missing animal.
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J to the M, D+B, Tigre punks, Hip Snake, and Lapin Angelique are my all time favs!
splotchy's avatar
J of the M for the win!
HollowByakuya's avatar
j of the m is the best
Yamiryu's avatar
Jupiter of the Monkey and Dragon Couture is my fave brand. If they actually existed, I'd buy their stuff.
kenshi-refluxed's avatar
I love the fictional brands!
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