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Background Angle Tests

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Background Angle Tests

What is the significance of the angled backdrops?
In designing for this title, we kept the game’s main concepts in mind:
- Shedding the conventional on-screen presentation
- A worldview grounded in Japanese urban culture

We over-exaggerated perspectives in order to preserve the unconventional style that the game is based on. For example, we displayed the “104” building and the poster large and extremely angled, so that it would look massive and eye-catching.

The “104” building was drawn in exaggerated perspectives, as if it is falling onto the town. We hoped to depict this tall lanky landmark in the horizontal DS screen by using this bold expression. The design centered on the iron bars in the entrance, rather than the building as a whole.

How did the DS format (dual screens, low resolution) affect the decision to implement exaggerated perspective?
As stated above, we aimed to set the style apart from a typical DS title. Exaggerated perspectives were not used to fit more of a scene onto the screen. In fact, in some scenes, we drastically minimized information (e.g. a diagonal crosswalk underground for which only the intersection shows). Our intent was mainly to break convention.

Explain the challenge and effect of connecting sections of a location, each with a different angle of perspective, into a continuous scene.
The concept of the game was that the top screen was for command battle and the bottom was for stylus action. So, we designed the top screen mainly for visual interest and the bottom for gameplay.
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I LOVED this game.. keep wishing they'd port it to something other than the DS cos I don't have it anymore!
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Sounds like a good concept here. I should give it a try sometime...
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Awesome work! Nice to see behind the scenes on this. :)
Ggsoulsister's avatar
Do you work for a comic book agency or an animation studio?
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wowxorz, i get to see a game in its process!
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oh~ I get it now. Never mind :P
cherryxsake's avatar
Yea I don't get this either. Are they asking us to input into our entry all three of the categories of backgrounds and characters or submit an entry into one category?

Also they don't go into details about the story. Like is Neku going on these missions in several different worlds or only in Shibuya?

If anyone could answer these questions for me thatd be great ;]
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vector art concept i think :D
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it seems not serious for some seriously square enix.....
is it serious???.....
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Vanishing points: ur doing it wrong

In other words, they're toying with the idea that the world is rectilinear and orthogonal, taking advantage of the relatively small view portal to leverage discontinuities in perspective in interesting ways.

(Why use big words when minuscule alternatives might suffice?)
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i Have to say That all this is really interesting !!!
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Are we supposed to design characters...? or are we supposed to... umm o-o do the buildingz and stuff o-o
wait... or is it that... we supposed to lookz at ur design of the background and create characters that can fit in the background o-o...
blehh~ im extremely confused x.x
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I think they just want us to draw inspiration from the existing character designs *and* the backgrounds. You know, not copy them, but use them as an artistic starting point. ^^v

*hopes that helped*
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i dont get any of it......
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simple, they made everything so that it would look cool, but still look like the place.
Shaolinrachel's avatar
but whats the theam of the game i dont understand ?
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mm... so goob!
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this stuff is complete crap. why even bother? 600x450 resolutions so that people can learn and improve? what a joke.
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I don't know about this whole contest seems like a joke to me...
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actually they just don't get what they're taking about :P. i get it perfectly.
KenaSerenityEetrnal's avatar
Ahh, fooey to them! I'm working on my own entry right now.
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