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104 Building Design

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104 Building Design

Did you conduct any research before creating the backgrounds?
The entire team went on-location in Shibuya to get a feel of the town, and to provide the designers with reference material. We shot hundreds of photos of buildings, intersections and graffiti around the city.

What iconic elements of the setting did you focus on?
Depending on the map, we treated streets themselves and building signage as the focus of many scenes

Could you explain the reasons behind the locations that were chosen?
We were originally planning to use all of Greater Tokyo to create a variety of battles and scenery. We eventually settled on Shibuya where we can best explore the iconic elements of contemporary Tokyo, such as fashion and subculture. We believed we could express those concepts with better focus by limiting the setting to Shibuya.
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Firewolf98's avatar
second TWEWY??? Please oh pretty please!!!
neko-shinobi's avatar
my head is going to explode at the amount of detail and thought gone into this
SeraphineKH's avatar
*Sigh* the problem with backgrounds is that I'm a noob at it and shadow drawing..
JourneyWithin's avatar
Wow game design especially in such an abstract game as Twewy looks incredibly challenging. I am really glad that I got to witness some of the "behind the scenes" stuff for Square which always has incredible graphics and design that have unique feels all the time. I have to wonder though, if the story was created before the game design and what art styles were looked at before this urban street/graffiti style?
Countdown1021's avatar

Isn't it building 109 that's the main fashion outlet? Is it deliberately 104 to avoid any lawsuits for copywright reasons?
x-De3pWaTer-x's avatar
I wish I could get it a little larger...
Volkalore's avatar
I'd love to do this. The early deadline and giving away my ideas, however, kills it for me. Still looks cool though.
ChikoMiku's avatar
exactly!! i really don't know!
Namuu's avatar
so...... we...
ArgretAria's avatar
What are we supposed to due? Draw characters or backgrounds?? The instuctions left to much black space.
Dying-Fayt's avatar
O.C. background just consept art
ArgretAria's avatar
Dying-Fayt's avatar

aint sarcasm fun
ArgretAria's avatar
((^_^)> Yes Sarcasm is fun.
wolverinegurl's avatar
i wish i could do this im no good im just good at alterations
IzzyBLACKBERRY's avatar
damn i cant enter this!! im in england and this is only for U.S :( sad! oh well
pirostyle's avatar
you CAN enter its just if you win you only get cash equivelent to the prizes
IzzyBLACKBERRY's avatar
i dont under stand what you actuall have to do for the contest! could someone explain? please?
Rikone's avatar
I get it pretty much how this contest is going to work...
Basically about character design and background design.
The reference material from the game design will be given in installments (next one at a later date I assume). First the background then next the character design stuff.
Thats what I see anyways.
Good Luck to everyone joining the contest ^^
FerretJAcK's avatar
I like the idea of this contest. But really can we not get something better if we win. The game would be a great prize, but what about those who win that don't have the DS?

But anyways... I see that things are not explained that well at all. Not really what my college teacher taught me about creating video games. More directions would have been great. And more time as well. Just a few days... weeks is not much time at all for people to enter. But I know I can do it.

On the other hand I saw someone write that the people might just want some new designs for future use. Well I tell you this much if anyone uses my designs with out written permission I sue. So I doubt they will take our designs without asking...

And if you have no clue as to go about designing things for this contest and what you are suppose to do then it might be good for you search on google for some help. It always works.
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MacThurston's avatar
This game is going to be an epic fail.
Weeee-Sonikku-XP's avatar
won't know till you play it, its rather awesome actually *has it*
MacThurston's avatar
My girlfriend bought it.

And no...It turns out I did know.

The battle system is crap.

The graphics make me want to cut my eyes out. That shit gives me a headache.

The amount of dutch tilting was nauseating
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