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Troll boi
And his name was Jackie. Plan and simple. Sorry for not posting in god knows how long.

#OC #digitalsketch #digitalart
I have made a furcharacter that I shall be using for gory images. It started off as a random character that I slowly started to love. So, I'm sticking with this lil Bab.

Gender: Male.

Species: Demon dog.

Nationality: Australian.

Hight: 5'4.

Age: Unknown, but it is believed that he is around a demons teen years.

Birth Date: Unknown.

Personality: Kind, laid back, psychotic, and all around a random person to be by.

Likes: Fresh raw meat, vegetables(despite being carnivorous), games, coffee, and surprisingly books.

Dislikes: Rotting flesh, fruits, cold weather, and non-gory movies.(making the Saw franchise his favorite).

#OC #originalcharacter #furry #furryfandom #digitalart #drawing
Jeremy The Angel Dutchy ^^
I've finally decided to make myself a Dutch Angel Dragon. He'll be the first one that I'll commission one of my close friends from The Furry Amino into a half suit ^^

#furryart #refsheet #dutchangeldragon #furryfandom
CampCamp Monsters!
I've been dragged into watching CampCamp.
I'll be gone for a while now..... Goodbye.

#campcamp #davy #fanart #art #digitalart #digitaldrawing
Juuzou Suzya!
I've now recently started to watch Tokyo Ghoul. I must say, it's a very enticing anime.

#fanart #digitalart #art #juuzousuzya


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United States
I love to draw just for fun. Or when I'm bored.


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