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Magmakrallethewaca's avatar
Using.This is accurate
RensKnight's avatar
Guilty as charged...
MislamicPearl's avatar
Oh my God, this is me exactly
JeditheSciFiFreak's avatar
This applies to me so much unfortunately. Hopefully I can improve on that and actually start writing again, since I do sort of want to pursue a career that involves writing. 
ChelseaStarling's avatar
Would like to use on my page.
Angelina-L's avatar
Story of my life, right here.
Frost-Raining's avatar
...This is my writing life. Definitely using.
Stellori's avatar

I often play bits of my story in my head but I don't write anything down for the most part x.o
Leviarex's avatar
Boy do I know the feeling.
ChaosControl7920's avatar
So true! I have ideas in mind, it's just getting them down on paper or in a notepad that's the hard part! DX
NiftyNautilus's avatar
In case you wonder why my roughdrafts are longer than my stories...:)
MemorysEdge's avatar
I always come up with little ideas here and there...Whether or not they actually make it onto the paper/computer is a story in itself XD
KamariBunny623's avatar
For me, it's more like I have the perfect idea in my head, and it stays there, but I can't put it into words because it doesn't sound right.
CatNinja89's avatar
This happens to me a lot when I have writer's block or when I'm writing a story
MakenMeister's avatar
Thank you... though I'm trying... (to write at least)
meljoy68's avatar
Sadly, this is me :cry:
katzstorm4's avatar
this is me all the time im going to use this
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