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The Night Circus Book Sculpture

Commissioned piece. The woman who ordered this was nice enough to give me the page numbers where descriptions of the circus could be found. I made the mistake of reading past those pages and completely fell in love with this book. If you have some free time, grab a copy. It's brilliant. One of the reasons why it's so good is because it's so descriptive. Great for a reader but it makes my job so much harder. I got in as much detail as I could; the fence surrounding the circus, the bonfire in the cauldron, the shape shifting clock with clouds on it's face and a juggler (who juggles a number of balls corresponding the the time - 3 o'clock = 3 balls) and the black and white stripped tents. I managed to get a circus follower with his token red scarf on there too. This has been my most time consuming piece, it's taken about two weeks off and on thanks to all those little pieces. Now my hands hurt and I'm taking a few days off...probably not but one can dream :)
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Oh, this is just amazing! 

I was wondering if you minded if I used it on the blog I use to advertise my writing wares at suestevensonwriter.wordpress.c… ? I will link back to here and provide proper attribution of course :)
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It's my favorite book~!! Thank you for this masterpiece :love:
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Oh gosh The Night Circus is my favorite book of all time- this is absolutely beautiful how you managed to do this, I bet it was really hard

Beautiful amazing job my friend!!
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So pretty! <3

I absolutely love this book, and you did a wonderful job of constructing it!
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OMG!!! :squee:
This captures the feel of the book so well! I love it! :heart: :iconblackheartplz: :heart:
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You're welcome! :D 
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Whoa!!!! Awsome! Love it! Good Book! Great Visual!
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I love it! :) 
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Wonderful work! I loved the book to pieces, you did it justice :)
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Thank you!  It was an amazing book! 
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I can't remember if I commented before - but your work seriously is amazing. It's wonderful to see someone take one form of art and turn it into another. I only wish I had money to commission you - I would love to have something from Felidae, Geek Love, or House of Leaves! I'll definitely keep you in mind for whenever I have the money to give out. c8
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Thank you so much!  I'm so glad you enjoy my work.  Don't worry, I know the feeling.  Being broke sucks :/  I'm there myself!  I have honestly never heard of those books.  I'll have to take a peek at them! 
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Yes, well, if I ever have the money you'll certainly be the first person on this site whom I've ever commissioned from!
Oh, they're so definitely worth the look. Felidae's a extraordinarily mature murder mystery with talking cats (that still manages to stay mature despite the character's species), Geek Love is a rather odd trip through a daughter of a freakshow's life, and House of Leaves...well, is hard to explain as it has so much story. I guess I can chock it down to it's a horror novel.
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They all sound like good reads.  I'll have to pick them up.  Thanks! 
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Absolutely wonderful, this is amazing!
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hey, I used this in my blog here:…
it's great, although I don't like the cutting up of the books haha!
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