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April 9, 2010
URBIS by *Wetbanana
Really nice 3D scene here with a lot of depth. Don't forget to check the rest of the gallery!
Featured by TobiasRoetsch
Suggested by thiagochackal
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Here is the Sequel to Mass [link] I like this image better as it has a lot more going on. 100% rendered in terragen 2 except for the planet:)!

Models are from Daz3d and scifi3d collada and moron
special thanks goes to terminater [link] for the planet!

enjoy and please fav if you like it!!!
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I really like the creativity here!

Added -
Varieties of SF Experience | [link]
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Amazing! I'm starting to smell pizza here around somewhere. :P
steve-burg's avatar
Nice! I like the scale and atmosphere on this image :)
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The U.S. flag is hung incorrectly. The stars always, ALWAYS go on the left.
sgeour's avatar
does that apply when the flag is hung sideways though? i never knew that O.o
clevella's avatar
Yes, the same rules apply. It is an easy enough mistake to make, since it doesn't look quite right, but if you look up the rules for flag etiquette, it will explain it.

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Hi, I see that you are using some of my models (the ramjet and the atmo fighter). Those models are for non-commerical use, so you cant use them for stuff you are selling (prints in this case).
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Congrats on the DD !!
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wow i so wanna be in this place!! this is so gnarly!
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the textures beneath the jets on the pad are too smooth.
If it ever comes to this I'll put a bullet in my brain and paint the walls red with my oblivion.

Oh's called LA.
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Grandioso trabajo, me fascinan los escenarios futuristas y éste no puede quedar fuera de mi colección, gracias por tan grandiosa escena del futuro.
xCha0tic1x's avatar
Dig the sense of motion at some points in the work. Nicely done.
ninjakirby14's avatar
Its like a fusion of today and tomorrow.
And how did they grafittied up there? Jetpacks?
chao9's avatar
Looks very much like Persephone of Firefly.
Not that that's a bad thing, of course.
metal-head14's avatar
flag, pizza sign, graffiti, very nice touches. love em
GoldenCottonBall's avatar
I love that PIZZA sign... neon... you know, I don't think it'll ever go out of style. :D
The American flag was a nice touch, too.
ClockworkAngelx's avatar
Kinda reminds me of District 9. :) Fantastic work.
inkliizii's avatar
This is great, haven't seen much art i've liked as much as this, i want another!!!!
sevenofeleven's avatar

Looks great.
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I like the busyness of this painting. The Giant floating city is nicely rendered and has a nice lightness to it becuase of the strong lighting.

Nicely done :)
I find it interesting that there is an American flag on one of the buildings, showing America trudges on. Amazing work and well worth it. I like the large (I'm assuming freighter) ship in the upper atmosphere. has a Halo Combat Evolved, kinda Pillar of Autumn Halcyon class ship feel to it.
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