Eclipse or Classic?
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Keeping things fresh/updated is traditional in many scopes, as long as it's useable. Some deviants drew up some good ideas that merge the old appeal with the new code, so if maintained I'm down with an update!

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Similarly, but I've had so many usability issues.

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I know I'm not on here much lately, at least judging by how little I posted the last few years, but I feel the need to weigh in. To me, as of right now, it's too bloated. I feel like everything takes a million years to load. It's frustrating to navigate when I have tried it. I'm all for giving new things a try, but the classic design isn't broken. Why fix it?
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Yup. That pretty much sums it up.

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Eclipse to me feels like artstation which I think is a good thing, but it’s missing some key features that prevent me from using it (such as properly displaying images or separating notifications by category)
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Yeah, half-a-dozen features break every time I try to navigate DeviantArt while using Eclipse. Even if it weren't broken, there's a bunch of bloat that I never needed and the presentation strikes me as a bit more cluttered than classic.

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As a deviant of 18 years, I go straight to Classic as it's all I've known. So since this is the biggest design change I have ever seen, I am so not used to Eclipse except to mess around only for research purposes.
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Wish I could say the same. Normally, I'll give the new interface a fair shake. My experience with Eclipse has been overwhelmingly negative, though. It's just fucking clunky and broken in a dozen ways to boot.
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Looks like I'm the only one picking Eclipse.

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That's fine. We need some different opinions in here because, clearly, nobody seems to understand what the appeal is. Mind explaining what you prefer about Eclipse?

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Many. Most notable being ability to like comments, live notifications, the ability to pick the color theme (I use dark theme during night and green theme during day for interesting experience. lol), list goes on.

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Classic has live notifications, though. You've got the ability to 'feature' a comment in classic, too - although I wouldn't mind them implementing simple 'like' feature alongside it. It's interesting that people value themes so much, but I don't think anybody would've given a damn if they simply added a dark theme to classic, tbh. I'm pretty sure there are already extensions that do this; it wouldn't have been difficult for them to integrate such a feature without overhauling the UI.

I've observed that many of the bells and whistles of Eclipse would be trivial to implement in Classic; I'm not entirely sure why they also bundled it with a UX overhaul that cripples navigation functionality for PC users.
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Tbh, I think it would be pretty cool to have an ability to pin certain comments.

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Pretty sure that 'feature comment' basically does that.
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Those deviantArt admins are pretty blind to the fact most people prefer the classic layout.
When classic layout gets retired and eclipse is the default layout, this site's userbase is going to drop so damn low it'd make post-porn ban Tumblr look active.
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Yeah, I get the same feeling.

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Eclipse is so limited compared to the classic I am still surprised why they even bother... I guess all art sites have become ugly brick walls now so there are few alternatives for people who won't like it lol 
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Yeah, seems like oblivious mobile users might prefer Eclipse. I honestly don't know where the preference is coming from.
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Until there's a "Remove from Notifications" button on art pages I'm sticking with classic.
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One of many missing features from Eclipse.
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eclipse has a few good functions but until they get all the bugs worked out by the time of the perma switchover i'm gonna keep using classic. 
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Well, pretty soon they're just gonna force it on all of us.
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Look at the overwhelming majority!
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