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Wow, this is a Great Map! It is so cool, wow!!

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May I use this for my dnd campaign?
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Thanks, I need to go brainstorm on country placement and background.
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This is what it looked like after the Fleurry nation attacked. Everything was mostly the same, just slightly more Sepia toned. :XD:
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I wondered why this map looked familiar. looks to me like i may have explored it at some point. ^_^
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It's pretty generic, lol.
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Old school RPG world maps, eh?

"You know what the worst part of this world is? Some giant jackass always comes in over the horizon but then he just shrinks and he's as tall as any other folk. I mean, he's not hurting anyone but it damn well spooks me how tall he is outside of town."
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World maps indeed.
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What did you do? Have you discovered the portal to the digiWorld?
Matteo-T-I-F's avatar
"We used to live in harmony. Then everything changed when the Fleurry Nation attacked."
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Pffft. Pffffffft. That was so bad. I hope you're ashamed of yourself.
Matteo-T-I-F's avatar
Quite the opposite good sir. Made you laugh though. :D

I just wanted to show that I viewed this piece and it just felt right. :XD:
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My first thought was how much it reminded me of Total Annihilation: Kingdoms. It feels very organic and believable for a map!
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Ooooh, I need one of these!
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Feel free to use this one if it serves your purposes.
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Damn i explore the shit out of it <3
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Ah yeah, I saw Noah Bradley's video on it. Pretty neat honestly.
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