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Laufey, Mother of Loki

Inktober 2019 #3 Theme: Goddesses of Mythology

"Laufey or Nál is a figure from Norse mythology and the mother of Loki. Eddic poetry refers to Loki by the matronym, Loki Laufeyjarson (Old Norse 'Loki Laufey's son'), rather than with a patronymic. She also is identified as the consort of Fárbauti."

    I realize that I'm cheating on every single one of these, lol. I couldn't help but splash the orange in there to accent the leaves. Anyway, this one was a bunch of fun. Drop by the poll to suggest more goddesses for me to do, since I'm pulling these from there mostly.

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This is nice, and I like how the leaves match her eyes, that's a nice touch.
WestlyLaFleur's avatar
Yeah, I was trying to figure out how to accent the image without giving it any more color, lol.
Connor18's avatar
Seems to have worked well, I think it's pretty good!
She looks very young and innocent here.  Lovely work!
WestlyLaFleur's avatar
I am sorta winging it regarding these goddesses. Learning stuff along the way.
We're all learning, every day! 

As for suggestions, Loki is essentially both male and female; would you consider adding her female aspect to your list?
WestlyLaFleur's avatar
I he really? I thought that most of the deities could sorta change their shape at will, though. Don't most of them have a gender that's sorta their 'true' sex? Is Loki sorta either-or?
As I remember it, most of the Norse deities are not specifically described as shapeshifters, but Loki is, and in the myths Loki does change gender at will.  My guess is that, gender-wise, Loki is whatever Loki wants to be at any given moment.
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Wasn't Laufey a Frost Giant? She's attractive for someone who's probably supposed to be like ten or fifteen feet tall.
Ag-Cat's avatar
Interesting question! From what I gather, the "giant" thing is a bit of an ancient mistranslation. I remember reading a text that states Jotuun/Jotnar means something closer to eat/consume in the original language but when the Norse myth was being translated to Latin they mixed it up with the concept of titan in Greek myth.

I think Jotnar represent chaos or forces of nature. Some Jotnar are described as ugly while others beautiful. Their sizes seem to be varied in the myth, too. For example: Ymir, the first giant is so big that when he is slain the surviving jotnar (presumed to be a lot smaller than him) sails away in a flood of his blood and pieces of his body are used to create the world. Yeah, Norse myth is pretty metal.
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It certainly is.
WestlyLaFleur's avatar
Was she? I know that's true in the God of War series, right? I'm not too sure about the specifics of the more tertiary Norse mythos.

Also this:

"Nál means "needle"; according to Sörla þáttr. Laufey also was called this because she was "both slender and weak.""
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