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Little bit of livestream fan art, this one is the main character of a lovely little comic called Erma that I discovered while browsing webtoons. Erma is the badass little girl of an amazing couple (a human writer and a Japanese she-demon (yokai, I think!)); I really recommend checking it out, as Erma is definitely heavy competition for title of best girl!

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Been taking notes from Phoenix eh Erma? XD

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Don't do it! Do not pull her finger! Who knows what will happen!

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I came off.

How do I get it back on!?

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Why, you obviously use gorilla glue and flex tape.

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Great picture :D
Gonna go and check that comic.
WestlyLaFleur's avatar

Yeah, definitely do that, it's awesome.

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She looks like she's doing the "OBJECTION!" pose XD

Cutest Objection ever.

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Very inspired matey. Love it!

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Thanks, I love the comic, I'm glad it doesn't come off as just fanart, I had a lot of fun drawing it.
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Simple & beautiful
shift516's avatar
Wow adorable!!!!
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Thanks, I struggle so much with cute.
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Wow! it's amazing!
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