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Dragon Princess, Ivory Dawn

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A female warrior in red armor wielding a massive blade charges into battle. She sits astride a great, golden dragon — smoke and fire belching forth from its belly.

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Is her name Ivory Dawn? Or is that just a cool title flair? From my view, meteors are falling from the sky, so I not sure whether their on the defensive side.
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That's definitely her name, lol. If you imagine her charging into battle, darting and weaving between falling meteors, it wouldn't be too far from what I imagine.
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Next painting: meteor dragon!!!
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I dig dragons, cool warrior princess, nice artwork, eguals epic 👍
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It may be a little rough, but I do love the composition of it and the overall colors, with its earth-like and golden-ish tone~ <3 I really like what you have going here.
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Thanks, I like the mood too.
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This seems awfully rough. Is it a WIP?
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In like that streak of light behind the dragon's neck, it does a nice job of helping the warrior in red pop out! That's one hell of a blade as well. She can be pokin' enemies from quite a distance below with that thing.
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She pokes 'em all, alright.
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