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Another mecha-girl sketch to keep me from stagnating. At least I'm regaining some consistency with these Wednesday drawing sessions. With any luck, I'll be back in the saddle again before long.

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thk118's avatar
This is really cool!
ChillyAcademicIV's avatar
I'm sure you will, you're too cool to stay down for the count for long :>! Just take it one day at a time - and stay upbeat~! :heart:
WestlyLaFleur's avatar
It's been rough, but I'm coming through.
ChillyAcademicIV's avatar
To which I think all of us are cheering for you :>!
Kaedegirl's avatar
she's so cute !!I love her costume
WestlyLaFleur's avatar
I'm a sucker for cute girls with mech arms.
Kaedegirl's avatar
I have noticed :p I don't blame you at all :D
waltervan00's avatar
A hardy yet sweet character. That's very cool; she may have lost both her arms, noticing how cylindrical her upper arms are, but she still puts on a strong, righteous expression. Very cool.
WestlyLaFleur's avatar
She's a badass for sure.
LilyBayer's avatar
She looks so innocent and adorable until she smashes your face in with her giant metal fists.
WestlyLaFleur's avatar
LilyBayer's avatar
Hahaha it would be! I wish you the best of luck with that, and hope you're doing well!
TheTubich's avatar
Ignatz20xx's avatar
Sweet design on her!
Porecomesis's avatar
Hm. What's your favourite pair of oversized gauntlets in fiction?
WestlyLaFleur's avatar
I don't know of many... the first thing that pops into my head is actually Mamemon, lol. I'm such a disappointment.
Porecomesis's avatar
I don't know what I expected but I have to say I'm a bit underwhelmed.
MystShadow20xx's avatar
Wow, nice. Imagine how much she must be able to bench with robo-arms like that.
WestlyLaFleur's avatar
A metric fuckton.
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