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Just a quick sketch that really captured what I had in my head at the time. Really love something about this redhead, I feel like there's a story behind her.

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Nice!  I especially like her hair.
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Thanks, I've been getting better at hair over the years. Just sorta paying attention to how it works, basically.
You're welcome!
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I've come up with a story for her!

She's come from a distant planet that is almost exactly like ours with one small different: it's people are not very smart. A genius on their planet would have the intelligence equal to a child a year old. She happens to be born from a middle class family, with a long past of low intelligence. Even lower than what is considered dumb on their planet.

This girl has always been different, smart. Smarter than anyone she knows. She's read every book on the planet, which adds up to a grand total of 21. She craves to read more, know more.

One day, while exploring a section of the planet, she stumbles upon a small probe containing books. Books with great stories! She's ecstatic to devour all the knowledge that she spends many hours hiking out to the spot to read the books.

I kinda took the bookworm thing and ran with it. But that's what I got from the picture. It really inspired me for some reason, and that is a compliment.

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Maybe it's the moniker by which she goes on her planet and she's some sort of world-class prodigy?
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Nice! I like your sketching style.

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Thanks man, I've been working at it for yearsss.
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Complete the look by giving her a ponytail that resembles a worm.
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Maybe I should just draw a bright, green worm poking out of the back of her bun?
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