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For what it may be worth:  The legs look flat and inarticulate, rubbery and amorphous at the knees.  They are painted as atmosphere in the same manner as the clouds (or whatever the blue stripe represents . . . wings in the background?)  It would help if you painted them differently, as solid objects.    

In painting solid forms, it would help to use variety in edges and to contrast the hard ones with the soft.  More contrast, overall, would help, too, as the overall impression is monotone (meaning low key, or unvaried values, not literally one color. )   

Finally, the rendering of the forms would be stronger if they followed the model of natural light:  the shadows can go several shades dark with increased saturation; the light side, several tones/tints light approaching a highlight, that is with increased desaturation.  The bright color (pure color, saturated, but not unduly shaded, or tinted) then goes between the shade and light sides.