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Beloved Nemesis

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These two are lovers torn apart, forever divided.

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nightcat17's avatar
There's something powerful about this picture. It's like evil and innocence coming together. This aggressive looking dragon and this small girl are having their moment. You can only hope that their meeting will be of some good. I quite like this. well done! :D
WestlyLaFleur's avatar
I love it when people read into me fantasy scenes this way, so thanks for the comment. I'm glad you like it.
nightcat17's avatar
You're very welcome! :D
RedSpandex's avatar
This is excellent. I love when artists use very rough and organic brushes rather than polished round brushes.
WestlyLaFleur's avatar
Thanks, I enjoy the traditional feel as well.
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thisnewjoe's avatar
I wonder if they're spending time trying to find a "cure" for what's happened to them.
WestlyLaFleur's avatar
Just the fact that you're wondering makes this a complete success in my mind.
elleCrombie's avatar
This is very nice. I really like the girl's design... she's paint-ey, but I can still see those key features like her super long hair and her top/dress.... She's quite cool. Overall a very nice piece :D Great job!
WestlyLaFleur's avatar
Thanks, this is one of the very few pieces in my gallery I'm actually super happy with.
elleCrombie's avatar
Yeah it really stands out. I noticed it as soon as I was in your gallery. I think it's because of the contrast and the dynamic movement...As well as the great use of texture. 
Centum's avatar
Hey look!  You did it!
WestlyLaFleur's avatar
Always do the thing whenever possible.
Porecomesis's avatar
"What's with all those strands around you? Can't you shave properly?"
"I don't have hands, lady. This is the best I can do."

Mind you, I love the way you've drawn the serpent here; it even kind of looks 3D and the sheen is lovely. It kind of looks like black cookie dough rolled into a tube (don't think too hard about that analogy; I didn't).
WestlyLaFleur's avatar
I'm glad you like it, man. I like it, too.
Kaedegirl's avatar
this is very stunning! I like the difference in size :D
WestlyLaFleur's avatar
Yeah? I like that it seems imposing. That's what I was going for.
Kaedegirl's avatar
aaah well you succeeded my dear :) 
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