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November 5, 2012
Moiraine Damodred by ~Westling has fantastic light and texture.
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Moiraine Damodred

A friend wanted me to upload this again.. so here she is! 

My interpretation of Moiraine Damodred from the Wheel of Time novels! 
She wears alot of blue in the books but I also added the slashes of her house colors in honor of the New Spring novel. Tbh it has a lot of flaws but I'll still keep it up, it's nice to be able to spot a bit of improvement in my gallery. ;)

Edit: I've lost count on how many times I've received notes asking for this, so I decided to make it available as a print here for a limited time. 
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beautiful work!

EmCeedeLune's avatar
Fabulous! Colors & light are perfect for a mystical feeling.
Ridgecatone's avatar
Moiraine is one of my favorite WOT characters and this is an amazing work. 
Minion450's avatar
This is just phenomenal!  I think you grabbed the agelessness perfectly but also the serenity.  Just awesome.  thank you for giving me an image that i can use in my mind for the character. :)
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This Moraine is very regal and powerful, I've always had her in my mind with a demeanor like this while reading through the series. Fantastic work!! I'm glad this is still available as a print!! Sudden purchase, incoming!
x-VivaerethAlonia-x's avatar
This has been featured in my journal.
Jaaric's avatar
LOVE this! Beautiful mix of youth and authority/knowledge! Great take on the Ageless look.
Sketchee's avatar
Beautiful, I love the sharp angles of the hood framing her face and the otherworldy bent background
Red-Vanguard's avatar
Awesome! Where is she? And what's that staff she's holding?
Glenfoxx's avatar
Best Moiraine ever. Period.
This is easily the greatest Wheel of Time fanart i have ever seen
Saculs78's avatar
I really like this! By the way, do you have another Wheel of Time artworks? Your style is amazing.
Laidir4's avatar
this is epic
PanchiSedai's avatar
Can i feature it on DM Fan Art Friday?
Naesthiel's avatar
Woah! This artwork captures Moiraine in all her... let's call it "glory" :X ^^
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AzaleaJones's avatar
Absolutely stunning
I love the whole look, it has an oil painting feel to it.
davincescode's avatar
This is lovely. I love how you play with the line, forming from the buildings to the flame and then another. :D
MainstreamPhippster's avatar
Would you mind if I used this as an image for a banner for a series of revisions to DnD 3.5 that I'm making? I will of course link the image back to you with credit, and the project I'm working on is non-profit, so I don't make any money off of its use.
Amazing work love the style and the elegance, moraine as she is, a newly raised blue
dorothys-redcap's avatar
Moiraine is my favorite, so much that I named my youngest daughter for her, this is wonderful
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