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“…So I thought Aeryes could be ready in time, but Summer convinced Ryan that training would be too stressful on him this year so augh I guess staffing HCL would be the next best thing… I might at least get to meet people, and get out of this place –“

Rob’s head had long drifted from Jade’s conversation. He had stayed to listen politely, but once Kent had left, he began to grow worried. “Listen as fascinating as your drama is, I should probably check that he hasn’t hung himself from the nearest tree.”

As he moved past her, she snorted impatiently, “She’s just toying with him, that’s what girls do. He needs to get over it.” She rolled her eyes, “There aren’t many guys really worth it out there anymore.”

Rob glanced over his shoulder with furrowed brows, “You are THE nastiest bitch I’ve ever met, and I have a dog that growls at children so that’s saying something.”

Jade’s face burned bright red as he shrugged and trotted outside, leaving her to her devices.

“No wonder she can’t hold a boyfriend for more than a week,” he muttered to himself as he scanned the courtyard. Kent wasn’t in the barn, nor was he milling around the arenas. He checked the rooms upstairs, but they were empty. He found himself checking Kent’s room, it was sparse yet warm, sitting at the corner of the building to allow sunlight from windows on both walls to filter in. Rob had never been in here so he took a moment to look around briefly. His eyes moved over the glinting golden crossed sabers pin that used to sit on Kent’s hat. He had forgotten about it until this moment, he’d wondered why he stopped wearing it. He’d figured he’d lost it, but then again, maybe he’d given up hope on ever going home.

That thought gave him a slight twinge in his chest. He’d given up a long time ago.

Hands in pockets, he found himself staring in a daze out one of the windows overlooking the Academy’s pastures. On a clear day, the ocean was clearly visible from the second story. But today his eyes finally focused on a person in one of the pastures. Rob let out a relieved sigh as he recognized Kent. He looked closer and saw his cowboy hat turn as he began walking away from the pasture. Where was he going now?

It was then that he also recognized another figure in the distance. His shoulders stiffened at the sight of Maj. Reed in the field beyond. Judging by the purpose in Kent’s steps, he knew exactly what his intent was – because Rob remembered feeling the same. Kent was far too fragile and weak of will to face off with the MTDA agent, and the boy definitely wasn’t thinking straight. Without a moment’s hesitation, Rob was bounding down the stairs.


Corona’s hooves pounded with a familiar purpose as Rob rode him bareback at top speed through the pasture fences. The retired racer pinned his ears eagerly with only a halter for communication with his rider. It wasn’t often he got to gallop like this anymore.

They were approaching Kent, who by now had heard the thundering hoofbeats. He had just climbed over a fence and was waiting for Rob to catch up with him. Rob began pulling back for Corona to stop, but the Thoroughbred didn’t feel like slowing down in the slightest. “Jesus Christ,” he muttered to himself as the pasture fence approached. Kent’s expression changed to surprise, and seeing that he wasn’t stopping, he ducked out of the way.

Rob prepared himself to go soaring over the stallion’s head but found himself pleasantly surprised when Corona adjusted himself and leaped over instead. It was rough, it was bouncy, but Rob was finally able to bring him back to a standstill on the other side. Corona snorted and tossed his head impatiently but stood still as Rob slid off. “I’ve been on worse.”

“Was your goal to kill me?” Kent exclaimed.

“No,” Rob puffed, trying to regulate his breathing, “But the thought did cross my mind.”

“If you’re out here to tease me, trust me, I’m already at an all-time low.”

Rob was taken aback, “What? No, I’m –“ he glanced in the direction Kent had been walking. In the distance, Reed had obviously noticed the commotion, but per usual he ignored it and went back to his phone. He was well out of earshot, but Rob felt the need to speak lower. “I’m trying to be a good… friend. Ok?”

Kent made a face. “Friend?”

“Don’t call me out on it, alright. The girl of your dreams just told you she’s in love with you and you’re acting like an angsty teen. Look why don’t you go back, find Summer -”

“I’m just thinking on things, ok?” He said defensively. A sure sign that something was wrong, because it was very rarely that the Lt ever sounded aggressive.

“Thinking on what? What is there to think on? She said ‘I love you’, you made a fool of yourself, who hasn’t, just go back –“

Kent shook his head with frustration “Can you stop saying it?”

“What?” Rob was baffled. Looking into his blue eyes, he saw pain. His demeanor softened, as he felt an inkling of understanding. “You feel the same way, that’s been obvious since you first met. So that can’t be the problem.”

“No, no of course not. It’s just…” He leaned back onto the fence railing with defeat and went silent.

“It’s not the photo of that guy, is it? You know how Jade is, she spreads rumors like wildfire.”

“But don’t you see?” Kent’s eyes flashed vibrantly with the intensity of the emotions he couldn’t put into words. “We’re not even supposed to be here. None of this is supposed to be happening.”

Rob felt his shoulders fall.

“She’s got her whole life ahead of her, and that’s the problem.” He continued. “My life’s back there, before any of this.” He turned back in the direction of Reed and began walking away. “They’re better off without us – she’s better off without me.”

Rob’s heart was deflating in his chest as he watched him turn away. But he furrowed his brows and leaped after him, leaving Corona to graze. He grabbed the younger man’s shoulder and forcefully turned him around. “So what, you’re just going to throw a pity party for yourself?”

Kent wrenched away, “I’m thinking realistically for once, isn’t that what you’ve wanted? We can’t pretend like things are going to stay like this forever.”

Rob bit his tongue, increasingly frustrated yet forcing himself to be sensitive to a degree. “I’m telling you, don’t ask questions you don’t want the answers to.”

“What does that even mean??” Kent said with complete impatience, his voice rising.

“It means I’ve been there!” Rob snapped back suddenly with a forcefulness that made Kent silent. He hadn’t meant to sound like that, but it was difficult to not feel heated about this topic. “I’ve been there.” He repeated. “I want to go home, more than anyone else. More than you can possibly imagine.”

Kent stared at him.

“Ask him all the questions you want,” Rob continued, nodding towards Reed. “I did.”

“….What did he say?”

Rob was taking heavy breaths as he watched Reed in the far distance. He’d been here and done this all before, and now that Kent was in the same spot he felt all the tangled emotions rising up once more. “They’re going to figure it out.”

Kent’s eyes grew sad. It was what they all wanted, but that didn’t make it any less difficult. “Well, that’s good, right?” He said. “That’s been the goal all along.”

Rob shook his head and laughed, “Yeah, if you don’t mind them probing your brain before you go.”

“Excuse me?”

“What, you think they’d just send you back with all of your memories of the future?” Rob readjusted his cap on his head, obviously agitated. “Nevermind, just – enjoy what you have now is what I’m saying, don’t be an idiot.”

Kent’s ears grew hot with frustration, “What? No, what do you know? What aren’t you telling me?”

Rob looked up at him, lips pursed as he thought carefully. He opened his mouth, to say something then closed it. Finally he said, “Don’t ask questions –“

“I want the answers.” Kent said sternly. “You’re keeping secrets that concern all of us and that’s not fair.”

Rob sighed, still unsure about whether releasing this burden was the right thing to do. “What’s more powerful than someone with certain knowledge of the future?” He said. “They can’t just send us back. You could change the world in ways you can’t possibly imagine.”

Kent shook his head. “What? N-no, I mean I wouldn’t say anything –“

“It. Doesn’t. Matter. All it takes is you making a decision you wouldn’t have made without your knowledge from this time period. Something as small as you… as you turning left instead of right could change everything.

Kent frowned. “Since when did you become so knowledgeable on this?”

“Let’s just say I’m more observant than the rest of you,” he sniffed. “Look, I… I’m telling you this in confidence.”

Kent’s head felt foggy. “Forget everything… and everyone? Would they forget us too?”

“I mean eventually –“ Rob quickly shut his mouth, realizing how that sounded to the lovesick fool. “If you’re asking if they can make it so this never happened, the answer is no. That would cause insane paradoxes with the timeline. We’d go back to our eras with a significant chunk of our life missing – I assume, I don’t know much more than that.”

“We… we have to go back. Sooner or later.” Kent almost wimpered.

Rob felt his heart sink at the look on his face. He grabbed him by both shoulders. “Look, that’s not the issue here.”

Kent looked up, eyes dangerously close to tears that he was trying desperately to supress.

“You want to know why I hate it here so much? It’s because we can’t go back.” He whispered.

Kent sniffed. “I’m confused…”

Rob rolled his eyes, realizing he was going to divulge more information than he had planned. “I know so much about this stuff because after I talked to Reed he took me to a laboratory; they wanted to… test some things, and I was more than willing.” He shivered slightly, “And… I did some snooping while I was there.”


“The point is, there IS something more powerful than someone knowing about the future – someone with the technology to control it.”

Kent stared back at him without words.

Rob turned them both back towards the direction of the barn. “I met some people while I was there,” he said lowly, “And I’ve seen people like this before. Kent, they’re not the type to spend a fortune for the good of humanity. They figure this out, it’s going to the highest bidder.”

Kent pulled back apprehensively, “Why do you sound like some sort of … rebel?”

“KENT, this serious!” Rob hissed. “I’m trying to be selfless here, because if they manage to send us back there might not be a future left for us.”

“So … what do we do?” Kent asked.

Rob went quiet. “I… well… that’s why I haven’t said anything.” His shoulders looked defeated, “There’s nothing … there’s nothing we can do.”

“What are you talking about, just a second ago you were ready to start a revolution!”

“People die in revolutions, Kent.” He snapped. “And we don’t exactly have any sort of advantage.”

“So you told me all this without even a plan?”

“I wasn’t going to tell you at all!”

“Tell him what?”

Both men leaped with surprise at the sudden voice. So deep in their conversation, they hadn’t even noticed Maj. Reed had approached them from behind. Rob’s hands went cold.

“Major! H-How long have you been there?” Kent stammered.

Reed was a rather intimidating man in his own right, but the addition of his shoulder holster kept Rob’s eyes from leaving it.

Reed removed his sunglasses. He seemed unfazed and uninterested by their response – per usual, so that was an indication of nothing. “I need to speak with Miss Sutherland, any idea where she is?” It was then that they noticed he had the little filly he had grown attached to in tow behind him. She swished her tail happily at them.

“I, uh…” Kent froze. Reed’s stare was intense and felt like a burning magnifying glass on his brain.

“You two are… close. Aren’t you?” he asked. For some reason, ‘yes’ felt like an admission of guilt. Was this what prey felt like?

Rob found himself, yet again, stepping in to save the day. “She’s probably in barn C. That’s where we left her after she told us about her new boyfriend.

After a long moment, that Kent was certain took hours, Reed replaced his sunglasses and pushed them up the bridge of his nose. “The question was rhetorical, I don’t need her life story.” He said evenly. “I just need her professional opinion on something is all. Thank you.”

With that, he and the little filly continued down the path towards the barn, Kent and Rob watching him go apprehensively.

Rob cuffed the back of Kent’s head suddenly. “Ow!”

“If you want to put together a plan, you’re going to have to think a little quicker than ‘Durr, how long have you been there’.” Rob growled.

“So we’re going to make a plan?” Kent asked.

“Oh yeah.” Rob answered, “I hate that guy.”
I've Always Been TooA continuation from Shotechi, see description
Rob glanced up from the newspaper he was reading as he heard someone shuffle into the kitchen. He watched Kent pull out a mug. With zombie-like fingers, the younger man reached for a packet of brown dirt that had been left on the counter.
“Kent… wutcha doing?” Rob asked.
“Mmm? Oh, coffee.”
“That’s turf samples, bud.”
Kent blinked for a moment. “Oh, so it is…” he said absently, proceeding to try and dump the contents back into its bag. Rob watched with cringing eyes as the turf scattered across the kitchen counter.
“You… alright there?”
“Huh? Yeah, no yeah.”
Rob raised an eyebrow but turned back to what he was doing. He had no interest in opening whatever can of worms that was - until he heard Kent drop the mug into the sink with a shatter. Rob rolled his eyes, knowing that, of course, not everything was alright. “
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So somehow Shotechi kicked off a storyline that I've had since I first created AVRRA. Again if you're new here this probably makes even LESS sense. Ok so I guess quick recap? AVRRA has a temporal portal on the property that has spit out a few people from the past, called "temporal refugees", ie. Kent, Paine, Rob, Celeste. They are cared for on the property and rarely leave it because a nefarious organization called the MTDA keeps a close eye on them until they can figure out a way to send them back. If you're curious, feel free to rummage through my San Domingo gallery folder lolol.

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:faint: oh my god this has just raised so many more questions, and not even answered the important one of what will happen between Summer and Kent. I don’t know how long I can take this suspense :la: but I’m so excited for this story to continue!
It’s well written too, so a pleasure to read :love:
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follow this and Shos stories w interest :) I cant help but feel amused if they had met Tana (she come from the time when the white man came to Alaska) and she fell out in the modern time.... much confusion :)