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So I have been making this part animated part still graphic novel for some time now. I present Letters to Home page 01 section 01 at half the original size in gif format. This has been a long enterprise and I have dedicated so much time to this project. I have the 1st novel in storyboard form and enough cohesive story to drive the next 6-8 graphic novels in this set with no major plot holes I can spot. I have determined though that I would need a team of about 6-8 talented artist working with me to keep up anyone's interest in the story. The first 2 pages (big pages this is just a section of page 1) took 2 months of all of my spare time then another few weeks to animate the sections. 

With all the talented artists on here I'm kinda nervous with this unveiling.
I hope you enjoy the story so far which starts off a lil slow but picks up pace as the story unfolds.
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