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Kalin Frax by westcpw Kalin Frax :iconwestcpw:westcpw 2 0 Alien Grey Scout | DarkEraRPG by westcpw Alien Grey Scout | DarkEraRPG :iconwestcpw:westcpw 2 0 Alexix 2017 Bikini 2 by westcpw
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Alexix 2017 Bikini 2 :iconwestcpw:westcpw 8 1
Alexis is Back! 2017 Renders coming :) by westcpw
Mature content
Alexis is Back! 2017 Renders coming :) :iconwestcpw:westcpw 8 0
Liliana in her Gown by westcpw Liliana in her Gown :iconwestcpw:westcpw 5 2 The Split - Shattered Self by westcpw The Split - Shattered Self :iconwestcpw:westcpw 6 0 Blone Cute Dress by westcpw Blone Cute Dress :iconwestcpw:westcpw 2 0
Tessa - Beauty of the Beheld
Cursed with a beauty akin to the Archons themselves. Tessa was born just fifteen years ago and already she had men of all races and some women too drawn to her. This was both a blessing and a curse for Tessa could do nothing to be hidden, quiet or stealthy.
One night, at the age of 12, after refusing to bed some Corporate desk clerk, she tried cutting her face. Repeatedly she brought the straight razor to her soft white skin of her left cheek. Feeling the cold steel of the blade caress her, she flinched and stopped, dropping her hand. Again she tried. For three nights. Three nights she failed.
"Curse you", she whispered to her ancestors. "Curse you all. I choose not this face no this body. Why. Why have you done this to me? I just want to be left alone. To live. To die. To be normal."
Tessa Jinx cried her self to sleep again that night.
As the years went by, her beauty blossomed even more. At the age of fifteen, most thought she was a young adult. Her beauty was unsurpassed on Kadash.
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Stacey St Claire
Introducing Stacey St Claire.
Age: Unknown, most think she is 18-20
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Straight, but has a fetish for hot gay men
Hair: Blonde, dark, slightly passed shoulders. Usually worn loose or in pony tail.
Eyes: Blue
Skin: Pale. In summer has light tan.
Style/Clothing: Nudist. Well, around her home when she is alone anyway. Other times, loose clothing,tshirts and dresses/skirts. What ever the latest fashion is (and she is usually trying to make the latest fashion)
Family: Mother and father own Saint Pharmaceuticals, A Global medicine producer and research company. Wealth level rivals that of Wane Tech, Stark Enterprises, Luthor Corp etc.
She is not very close to either parent as since about the age of ten she has been left at home as she was old enough to look after herself. Her own allowance is higher than some wealthy people's salaries.
Friends: Three Best Friends. Lucey Fairchild (best of the best, known her since kindergarten). Also wealthy, not as high as the St Cali
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Christine bikini and jeans by westcpw Christine bikini and jeans :iconwestcpw:westcpw 4 0 Christine at home1 by westcpw
Mature content
Christine at home1 :iconwestcpw:westcpw 4 2
Christine Portrait 001 by westcpw Christine Portrait 001 :iconwestcpw:westcpw 4 3 Sandra Oron - Data Storm - New by westcpw Sandra Oron - Data Storm - New :iconwestcpw:westcpw 2 0 Alexis Dark Bikini by westcpw Alexis Dark Bikini :iconwestcpw:westcpw 4 0
The Emissary's Secret
The Emissary's Secret
The transport shook violently as it fought against Eden's gravitational pull to escape into the black, lit up only by the stars and the distant sun, Esh.
I was calm, always calm. Even while others held onto their harnesses as if they would protect them from a free fall at this altitude. The others that were more used to interplanetary travel watched me.
I felt it the moment I stepped on board. Possibly even before that. The Corporation were especially vocal with stares and words. Words that meant little, for now. I would nod occasionally, smile back when it was necessary. Even whisper a few words or make an idle gesture.
They are an interesting race. A race built of and for profit. Nothing else truly matters. They are useful to us. We give them drones to work in their mines and space stations, like the one at Alabaster to which this ship was now headed. Alabaster, a gas giant providing more than ninety percent of the entire sectors fuel.
Then ther
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Mature content
Emen, bastard princess of House Thorann :iconwestcpw:westcpw 0 0


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Attraction and Pain by ShaeUnderscore
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Attraction and Pain :iconshaeunderscore:ShaeUnderscore 571 32


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Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
Just me. Artist, marketer, model, gamer


Commission for Points
500 points for a single (or maybe two) character / small scene  800 x 800 resolution, single room doing anything you want.

Turn around time is generally 7 days....

Sorry for everyone who cares, but was away and out of computer reach for some time and getting back well, life work etc took priorities.

Hoping to rekindle the passion for my art and start producing again

Thanks for all the comments
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