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This original Story or concept 
Of further note, both Frank Rusha and myself were the first to use the term Catball.  Wasn't rocket science, we were chatting in his room one evening, after he told me he hired this hot
gal named Classy Red [and wow she was great] and we talked about leg locking and tangling.  He then mentioned a Story and I am pretty sure it was Brenda, had started it.  She was using the term balling, and
Frank or I discussed her story later on, in another chat and the term catball came out.  HEY maybe someone else thought of it too?  But they never did use it did they?
and the first REAL Woman I knew of that used it in any story was one of Frank's model's.  it was a cute funny Anne Landers type of Story and it was a lot like this one here, except a lot shorter and about three paragraphs shorter from what I added.  Is there someone actually named Kim or Kimmy that made this Story, probably not, and I am certainly, after nearly 20 fucking years,  not going to let a Troll named HellaKittyBitchturd" or anyone else tell me there is when in over 8 years, no one named Kim has ever said "Hey asshole stop posting my story!"  Either because he or she knew Frank had the term first on his web site? or maybe just they lifted Brenda's name or Sussy or Joesy's name out of it ... wow I am starting to sound like some shit bag troll now shut up West :) 

IF anybody named Kim or anyone else wants to lay claim to this story as it is now written. go ahead, but I do know better.  
I see stories on various boards, and you can also trace them back to the original, this story is no exception, except today some no name troll from Canada named "HellCatLaura" ya that's a real Artist's name alright.
tried to defame me with a snide little comment.  I mean sweety if you do not want people to think you are a Troll then take the "Hell" out of your bull shit name.

I myself have always used the tag West or Westcat for the You can find my actual Art name "Jason Edward" and you can find it used for various books etc that I have written over the years.  some technical on using certain rendering programs.  I wrote a 30 page one on lighting recently.  
I know that the very original story where this was taken from appeared on years ago, as in 98 or 99.
I then saw a remarkably similar one but with a name of Kim instead of 
dear Brenda show up on my catfight Board at the time, in 2011. The guy and I chatted briefly about it
Also many of you know the Katzman he was a member of my old board when the new Story first appeared.    

Also as far as the Catball itself goes, Catfight-connection did their first Catball with a commission I gave them, ever since then they have ran with the term Catball.  
do I give a royal shit, hell no.  Same thing with Femmefight.  They were using the catball term, when all they were doing was two seconds of leg locking. NO not a catball.  I told them this at the free catfight message board one day, and now they do not use the term.  Do I care if they use it? Hell no!!! 

NOW if any Troll named "HellCatlaura" or anybody else has a concern IM me first please, otherwise, Hell shall rain down on you.  The name Kim or Kimmy as we all took it back then was a fictitious name.  
it's a fictitious Story.  No one stole anything.  Catfight connection nor Femmefight stole any  shit from either myself or Frank
The name of the original Frank Rusha Model of Brenda, whom I believe "Classy Red" knew at the time is and will always be the person that I knew of that did this original story.  At least the first two paragraphs.
and if some ding bat named "hellcatlaura" or Hella BS Sandy or some other no name crap posting art that does not belong to her on her web site. 
And honestly this is the first time in 20 years doing this since 1998, that anyone Troll or otherwise has called me out for plagiarism.  This little Story stays and the Dutch Cafe one that I did find but added two pages to,  Otherwise, it's all mine. 

1 - What is a catball?

2 - How do I get her into a catball?

3 - How do I get out of a catball?

4 - Is catballing right for me?

In regards to the first question, catballing most often occurs when two women are locked in a very serious and merciless bitch or catfight. To the uninformed, a catball often appears to be an almost harmless clutching or hugging. Nothing could be further from the truth. While a catball may involve hugging or clutching, it is one of the most dangerous situations a bitchfighter or catfighter can find herself in. Catballs begin when two women are struggling in close contact, usually body against body. For reasons I am sure I don’t need to explain to my readers, the combatants have usually stripped each other naked at this point. Now down on the ground together, bared chest against bared chest, breasts mashing, tummies touching and mound rubbing, one or the other will make a move that risks the start of a catball. Often the first woman to make this move doesn’t even realize the full and dangerous implications of what she is doing.

Usually one woman will wrap her arms around the other’s nude and struggling body in an attempt to control her. She might slip both hands under the other’s arm pits and around her back, or drape one arm over her rival’s shoulder as the other hand comes up low from the opposite side. She might even simply go for the double-handed hair pull HUG. Often her rival will respond with a similar grip, both in self defense and in hopes of using her own grip to control and pin her sweating and fighting enemy. I am sure many of my Dear readers have been in similar situations dozens of times and find nothing surprising or particularly worrisome about such an innocent looking clench. The danger is in what may follow.

As any woman will admit, our legs are the strongest muscles in our bodies. Nature has designed us to RUN while the men stay behind to be eaten by tigers. Well, hopefully not all of the men, but you get my meaning. So it is hardly surprising that when a woman finds herself in a desperate struggle against a determined bitch rival, she will attempt to use her legs to hurt or entrap her enemy. In the case of catballs, once one woman has hugged her rival, for lack of a better word, and been hugged back, it is only natural for one or both of them to attempt to curl up and try to control her opponent using her legs. This would lead to a quick end, except that the other woman has legs too and will quickly use them to protect herself while trying to ensnare her rival in turn. This often leads to some frantic leg wrestling and many a good pair of nylons or stockings has not survived such an encounter, nevertheless, this does not lead to a catball, so what does you ask? That is the answer to the second question.

“How do I get her into a catball?” You can’t. At least you can’t do it without a little cooperation on her part. As I mentioned above, catballs start because two women in serious conflict have gotten each other into a tight mutual hug and then quite naturally begin to use their legs in the struggle. This may well lead to a lot of kicking and rolling on the floor and nothing more, but sometimes one woman will attempt to get her legs up much higher than normal and wrap them around the other’s body. At a minimum one leg will come over the other’s hip and her calf will cross the small of her rival’s back. Some women are very flexible and are capable of curling up enough to get a calf almost between the other woman’s shoulder blades. The remaining leg is usually lower and trapped between her opponent’s thighs, but can be angled around get the calf across the back of her enemy’s thigh or even over her well-rounded derriere (Editor’s Note: butt). Several of my faithful readers at this point will say, “Kimmie that is just stupid, I would never let a girl get her legs around me that way”, you are correct of course you wouldn’t …unless… it was the only way you could get your legs around her. As I mentioned above catballs are always by consent, requiring only a few moments of cooperation and leading to a path of danger and pain. As many of you already know, when in a fight of this nature and face to face, there is an excellent chance that the vagina of the party of the first part has been …rubbing… on the vagina of the party of the second part for some time. This is usually the …last piece… of the other’s woman’s anatomy you need to be reminded of at the moment, since it quite likely played a prominent role is starting the fight in the first place. Many otherwise rational and reasonable women have done some very stupid, crazy things after having the vagina of her rival grinding into her own pussy for the last 15 minutes. For those of you who haven’t experienced this yet, I can only ask you to take my word for it, it is MADDENING!

“So how do you get in a catball?” Sometimes it’s by agreement OR…Most times, one woman just tries to wrap her legs high for control and the other copies her move, they struggle for a few minutes and soon realize that neither of them can get by the other’s leggy defense. At that point they either give up …or… there is a brief moment of cooperation in which one stops struggling and allows the other to secure her hold, while waiting a half second and then getting her own mutual body trapping leg lock. Sometimes this just happens, other times there may be a brief whispering and hissing conversation in which one or both DARE the other to catball. This is a very dangerous moment in a catfight and you should have decided before you even think of reaching for her hair what your answer is going to be. Nothing is worse than making this decision in the heat of battle and then finding out too late it was a mistake. Why is catballing so dangerous you ask? That is the answer to your third question.

“How do I get out of a catball.” You can’t. There is no qualifier to this answer. Once you are in a catball Honey you are IN! Just as it took her cooperation to get into a catball, it also takes her cooperation to get out. If she was “Ms Cooperation 2010” you probably wouldn’t be on the floor with her naked and rolled up in a ball now would you? Think about this. Even at the start of the catball, you normally have one arm trapped underneath one of her arms and one thigh caught between her legs. The fact you are probably pussy on pussy at this point, is not making everyone feel loving and cheerful either. If you just let go what happens? Nothing. She is still holding you and if she wasn’t one arm and leg are trapped anyway and you can’t pull away. In fact whatever you do DON’T LET GO! If you do this it will only allow her easier use of her arms and legs to reposition herself and control you and you don’t want THAT! If you are challenged to a catball think first. If you are in a catball do …anything… and …everything… you can to win, because Honey catballs go ….ALL THE WAY! Some people find it hard to believe how difficult a catball can be to escape. I can only point out that your grip on her only reinforces her grip on you. I have been in catballs and spoken with many women who have been in catballs and I have never talked to anyone who even heard of someone getting out of a catball once it was formed. There was a rumor floating around New Jersey last year, that two women gave up a catball on each other after being clenched for over 12 hours. Frankly, I don’t believe it, but you can make up your own mind on that, which brings us to your final question.

“Is catballing right for me.” First let me emphasize that forming a catball with a rival is a very serious decision and not one to be taken lightly. This is not something you do over who took the last tampon. Well, OK, maybe over that, but definitely not over who lost the TV remote. Let me make this perfectly clear, people in catballs get Hurt! Even the winner and when she does come out on top, possibly hours later, she is not likely to be in a forgiving or forgetting mood. Once in a catball, each woman has little choice but to try and fight her rival close in and body against body to the finish. Vicious scratching occurs in catballs. Biting occurs in catballs. Women have snatched each other completely bald in catballs and they didn’t stop fighting then, because they couldn’t. Once you are in, you are IN. To someone who doesn’t know what they are seeing, a catball can look almost peaceful. The women are …hugging… each other. From time to time one will grunt or moan and their bodies will squirm or shift slightly. Arms slip over sweat slick backs. Thighs squeeze and curl. The ball may roll over from time to time, the woman’s bodies often get so twisted and curled around each other, it can be impossible to tell who is on top, and whose arm or leg you are looking at in the tangle. I have been in catballs where I didn’t know if I was on top or the bottom or both. Usually even the smallest motion is opposed by the other woman with desperate effort. She may not know what you are trying to do, but she does know if you want to do that, it can only be bad, so she will fight it. For all a catball may appear almost motionless, its not uncommon for every muscle on the women’s clenched bodies to be tensed and standing out like steel cables. From time to time one will gain some small advantage in position and use it to hurt the other. Hair pulled out slowly. A nipple chewed, one finger nail curled between delicate vaginal walls and scratching. At this point, screams and pleading for mercy are useless. My advice is save your breath to fight.

So how does a catball end? Somebody wins. What does that mean? To put it simply women have died in catballs with a rival, I would not even call it uncommon, and other’s have been tormented and terribly mauled. Some have been used sexually and even in the mildest cases the loser can expect to be humiliated mercilessly by the winner often for hours until she passes out from pain, exhaustion, or pure shame.

At this point, many of you might think I would never recommend catballing, but that is not true. I suggest only that you reserve it for cases that are very serious and that you believe you can win. I would never catball a girl over a space in the parking lot. Well OK, just that once, but I was young and stupid and it was a mistake. On the other hand, there are cases where rolling the bitch into a ball with you is the PERFECT place to show her that you are …not… anyone she wants to fuck with again! Went behind my back to the boss and made me look bad. Catball! Made it with my girlfriend while was I away on a business. Catball! Got up in my face with a lot of skank Attitude on the …wrong … day of the month? Oh yeah bitch CATBALL!

---For Brenda and Frank Rusha departed and missed of CatfightCity.  Original Artist may not be verified for this traveling story but was likely by a Model named Brenda around 1998-99
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westcat Featured By Owner Edited Jan 27, 2018  Hobbyist Filmographer
""when we both know it was written by someone else.""  WHAT THE FUCK IS THIS BITCH TALKING ABOUT????
Hell Cat Laura? nut job nut meg Troll Girl from Kanuckistan or whatever you are calling yourself this fucking week??
what the fuck is your major malfunction NUT MEG !!!!  Are the winters too long for you in Kanuckistan?

This thing started off as two paragrahs in's Story board  in the late 90's as in 98 or 99.
AND Sweety ding bat, the original two paragraph piece was written by one of Franks models, as in Frank Rusha from
Frank myself and one other AMERICAN person, started this goofy little Story, She, Brenda i believe her name was
had kinda a Dear Anne deal going where she pretended to answer conflicts between women and how to best cat it out.
Some of her stories were hilarious. 
The Catball thing i honestly do not know who came up with it first.  it is not exactly rocker science either.
Two girls in a tight rolling catfight, look like a big ball of flesh and torn cloth.  Ya I added two or three paragraphs to it.
Just like I rewrote the crappy Dutch Cafe catfight, and gave it some bonner juice.   I know that Frank put the term in one of his Stories or one of the Models did
then I started using it frequently after that. 

PLEASE Be a fucking troll some place else bitch.  In fact get your meds adjusted by the Canuck VA, and the next time you have someone pointing a weapon at you, well make a funny face at them and PLEASE do your best to piss them off. 

Oh ya and here is the board it appeared on in 2011 with my additions. 
As a matter of fact it was this one, which is pretty much inactive .…
You see Sweety I learned years ago that message boards are a complete waste of time in order to get traffic or hits to your web site, and the ones that do go there then leave and come to your site
generally have no money or are from Kanuckistan and cannot afford the exchange rate.  the rull is quality not quantity.  Like for example the Art on your site, looks like you pasted a bunch of Store maniquins together.
You can actually move the fingers and make fists.  Teh faces, the mouths actually can open and make expressions.  
Please your ART truely sucks get some GD lessons.  i mean before I got into rendering.  I was a master drafts man designer.  I can actually draw and paint and other shit like that.
You clearly have ZERO artistic talent   Take up something else in Kanuckistan like basket weaving or drinking till your liver begins to fall out and you have to wait 12 months to see a specialist

So please just go away, in fact you are blocked bitch 
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westcat Featured By Owner Edited Jan 28, 2018  Hobbyist Filmographer
Brenda you were in communication with Brenda?  almost 20 years since I saw the first two paragraphs of that Story and there was no Kimmy or Kim666 or any of that shit...  and a the Art?  some of it looks an awful lot like basic captures from 2nd life, which would be similar to taking still pics off your TV screen maybe.   Art? really?  
westcat Featured By Owner Edited Jan 28, 2018  Hobbyist Filmographer
HUH?? who are the fuck are you using an obvious Troll name? Posting Art that was made by what exactly?  They do not look anything like any detailed render? Is that famous Artist you post grabbing scans off of SL?  Just asking my littel Troll  That above story first appeared on a blog I had over five years ago.   it was definitely NOT you that is for sure.  I grabbed it worked it through it back and forth and about another five years or more actually 98 99 i worked with Frank Rusha Brenda and then it appeared on Catfightcity in the Story section.  Now maybe someone grabbed it from there and played with it.  but hey do I care? fuck no, and as for you piss off !!!!!!!!!!!!!!   I love the smell of burning trolls in the AM smells like victory   
I know i added at least two paragraphs to the thing.  How many you add ZERO right Ms Melenial ZERO?!?! 
and the host board that I saw it on, like 10 years later, but a fair bit different.… That little sexy story was posted for about the 10th time in January of 2011 when I started that board.  Hasn't really been active in a long time 
I just use this blog now 
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westcat Featured By Owner Jan 27, 2018  Hobbyist Filmographer
you stupid ASS HOLE ya it was written by someone else, the original piece long before you ever read it.  As for Frank Rusha he passed away years ago.  I mean really just who the fuck do you think you are coming in here and making snide remarks and talking shit to someone in their house ... "die in a fire"  you total brain dead fuck tard 
westcat Featured By Owner Edited Jan 28, 2018  Hobbyist Filmographer
please die in a fire What a piece of total shit you are !!!! Dam now I know you are some Cabin fever frustrated Canuck
westcat Featured By Owner Edited Jan 28, 2018  Hobbyist Filmographer
you stupid ass hole there is NO fucking plagerism, the original was written in 98 probably before you were fucking born Ya i  am going off on you because you are a trolling little bull shitter 
"Please just die slowly in a fire"  WOW Bitch you are one sick little Snow flake. 
Kim19hb seriously who the hell is that, oh you know her like you know your art?   Dam if all I had to do was pull poses off of second life.  DAM I am stupid stupid stupid.  I should just draw stick people 
shit you don't even have to do that. Just operate a print screen  WOW genius

NO ONE I MEAN ZERO PEOPLE HAVE ASKED ME ABOUT THIS EVER.  I remember talking to the guy who posted like half of what I added.  NOW I have seen people, nameless little trolls grab stuff of mine and others and put it 
here there and everywhere.  I've even caught guys take and upload my stuff to their deviant art site without permission, in fact all you have to do is create a like folder, you do not have to rip off any bodies shit.
You do NOT know who wrote what, because no one knows who is who, get it.  For example, I must have read the same bar fight scene between two broads in like FIVE different versions.  Hey maybe they all came off of Frank Rusha's web site. And ya knowing the shit load of stuff he had there, probably   As for Kimy  and YOU I do know who the Story expert is, I've known of him for many many years ACTUAL years and posted stories on his web site and I got an Email into him right now.  I'll be back with a flame thrower. 

man you meet some weird fuckers on the web, especially libtards
westcat Featured By Owner Jan 29, 2018  Hobbyist Filmographer
Here is the initial Forum entry by me in 2009   
Full proof that HellCatL....  or who ever she is,... never heard of her before the bull shit started flying out of her pie hole.…
2009  and earlier because I had a similar board that still exists and saw it and other "traveling Stories" as they are known.

"die slowly in a fire she says to me? "  Make threats to me? 
check it out…

Pikachu Thunder Emote :flame: :pyroglompplz: :flame: revamp Fire blob 
mlmiller Featured By Owner Feb 29, 2016
Nice investigative piece! I would say that if both women have sharp nails, backs, butts, browneyes, pussirs will be clawed bloody, Then, into faces and throats/necks, eyes if to the death. No matter what happens There Will Be Blood.
westcat Featured By Owner Jan 29, 2018  Hobbyist Filmographer
original first appeared to my knowledge off the for runner to this board…
I grabbed a much smaller story, known as an Author unknown traveling story, and added about two paragraphs.
It is very very similar to one I saw in 1998-99, done by I believe Brenda a model at the old 
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