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War In Heaven

For more info on this piece and to see my process go here. [link]
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Amazing work! This reminds me of the Book of Revelation every time!

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So I just came across this, and it's blowing my mind. What an incredible piece.

I need to ask, though, I feel like something odd is going on with Michael's right hand holding the sword. It looks like he has a bunched, clenched fist, and the sword is sitting underneath it. Am I crazy?

All in all, though, this is stunning.
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GORGEOUS! So 11:11
Fallen Angel
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lucifer means sun of the bright morning star until he became satan which means resister or accuser or deceiver 
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Michael means one who is like god
Urial means god is my light
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wow what an ego lucifer had thinking he is better the the lord almighty who made all of this and is more powerful then everything combined 
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Your composition and lighting is just outstanding man~!
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WOW! This is a SUPERB PIECE! As a Christian (Presbyterian), I always enjoy seeing and hearing Biblical related news (especially another archaeological find that only further supports the validity of the Bible) and amazing Biblical artwork.  I remember reading the book of Revelation, but I hadn't remembered Revelation 12:7-9.  Now when I read those verses I can't help but picture the scene you've made here!

Again, this is just an AMAZING job you did here :D
Hey Wes. Great piece of art. I'm an indie game designer and I have been making a game focusing on multiple mythologies and religions and the main focus is somewhat around the book of revelation and I was wondering if you would mind if I used this art inside the game on the title screen? If so will I need to pay a royalty fee? 
Thanks for your time
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the guy holding the horn is like: i ain't charging that thing, but u guys can go ahead
Great piece, would you mind if I got this as a tattoo?
Wes - What a great piece of art!  I am a pastor of a small church in Chesapeake, Va. and I would like to use this image for the sermon. Can I do that, or do I need to pay a royalty fee? Please let me know. 

Jeff Wuertz
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Sure, thats fine with me, no royalties necessary. Thanks for asking.
Outstanding picture 
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Oh wow.... just WOW!  :clap:
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Hi, I have pinned your work here:… (Hope that would be okay!) It turned out to be one of my first pins on pinterest :) 
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Hey I really dig this image.  A College Christian Brotherhood I'm organizing at Shepherd University is looking for cool images of Michael and the angels to use in ads and maybe t-shirts. Would you mind if we use your image in any of this?  If not I understand.
I would like to know if I could get your permission to use you this picture as a decal on my truck hood. I would like to make reference on the windshield visor to Revelations 12:7-12. My name is Michael, and this is the best rendition of this scene I have ever seen. My compliments to you Mr. Talbot!
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