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Gouache, 8 hrs.
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A tree climbing tank. Neato.

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Magnificent work! Beautiful piece! :)
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Cute, I love pangolins! :)
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a cousin of the anteater. Sweet job dude
SilverVulpine's avatar
Beautiful piece! Really amazing! :)
GreyDrizzle's avatar
Pangolins are amazing animals
Tiberiius's avatar
Wow! I just learned of this animal. Is this the animal that the cute little armadillo-like pokemon was based on? Freaking adorable.
chubby-choco's avatar
These are my favorite animal :heart:
ComputerMatthew's avatar
Interesting drawing. I like how you managed to keep the scales consistent.
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Awesome painting. It's almost the only mammal with scales.

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Your welcome. Where does the Pangolin live at?
WesTalbott's avatar
Haha well it's been awhile since I did the research for this, but it think it's somewhere in asia? not sure.
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Thank you. I think it's an awesome creature.
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Nice job with the contrast! :3 Pangolins are awesome creatures and you captured it really well!
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Such an interesting animal. I really like the way you've painted it.
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I love those things.
Thanks for making such a great pic. :D
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