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love how steampunk these look... the you realize they are actually some of the most advanced weapons in the imperium... EVER.

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Very nice! Such nice little intricate details. Gorgeous work.

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Nice! I recognize the Guardian Spear above, but may I ask what's the second halberd below? Is that the Apollonian Spear or...?

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i think it's the spear from the achillus-dreadnougt

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Just confirmed it. It's a Dreadspear designed for the Achillus-Dreadnoughts that grants the half-dead Custodian a weapon emulating the standard-issued Guardian Spears. Apparently that's a 'Corvae Las-Pulser' it has in place of a gilded Bolter.

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my only problem is that in this render it looks like a twin-linked and on the actual model from forgeworld it's single.^^;

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True, though it could be explained as yet another variant. Emperor knows how many patterns of lasguns the Guardsmen have, to say nothing of the Emperor's golden praetorians...

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except the Golden Boys get fancier names for their variants ;D

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Amazing piece. The attention to detail is truly outstanding; clearly this is the work of a talented sculptor.

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Which programs do you use to make this?

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