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Singles Awareness Day


Happy Singles Awareness Day…

Posting for a badge, from this prompt post:
Valentine's Day Card CreationThe season of love is here! It’s time to get creative and share care for people that matter to you this Valentine’s Day! Create a Valentine’s Day card, submit it as a deviation, and share it in the comments of this journal to spread the love!,Three different templates have been provided for you to create valentines for friends and loved ones! With templates featuring lines to write sentimental thoughts, line art you can color, and a love-filled frame for you to create art inside, you can choose which template best fits the message you want to share. You can also create your own valentine from scratch!,To get started, download the templates and get to creating! Once you’ve made your valentine, submit it to DeviantArt with the tag #ValentinesDay2021 by February 28th to receive a brand new Profile badge!,,,After submitting your valentine, share it in a comment on this journal for other deviants to see, and tag deviant(s) you want to see it in your comment! You can also browse through valentines other deviants made and share the ones you like in the comments, as well!,It’s the perfect time to spread joy, love, and good feelings you get when you receive a comment or favourite forward to other deviants! Here are some actions you can take to brighten another deviant’s day: Leave a positive comment on someone else’s valentineThank someone for sharing their artFavourite a heartfelt deviationGive a badge to a deviation or comment you love,Keep the sentiment going all year long by taking part in @ProjectComment! @ProjectComment is a long-standing community-run group that centers around bringing constructive comments to art submitted to DeviantArt, so join the group and leave constructive comments to spread joy to deviants in the community!

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On the other hand,


and sure

your pen is mightier than a sword...

and funnier too =]

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when the virginity is too overpowering

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Highly relatable as an aroace (although I don't have one of the things you mentioned in your post)

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I am moistly confused by your comment.

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