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Commissions Open by Dri-Bee
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ftu // coffee with plant by smotdead

My New Years Resolution is to earn $100 worth in USD/points from commissions this year!


Custom digital art
Custom traditional art and sketch sheets
Personality, backstory, and short story commissions
Custom designs
Pokemon YCH
Felt plush figures (shipped)
Custom Gaia adopts (for art trades)
Custom moodboards/aesthetics

F2U | Cactus Plant Divider by UmieArt

Feral Digital Commissions: $4.00 USD Sprite (Static) / 400 Points for a single fullbody; $1.50 USD Sprite (Static) / 150 Points for a single headshot; $5.50 USD Sprite (Static) / 550 Points  for a couple fullbody; $2.50 USD Sprite (Static) / 250 Points for a couple headshot.
A digital drawing of your feral character, lined and flat-colored in my personal style. Please specify if you would like the lineart to be colored or black -- if you do not specify a preference, I will select whatever I feel looks best! Some examples below (2nd and 3rd) are in a 'crayon chibi' style with fuzzy lines -- feel free to request these!
NOTE: If you would like just a lineart with no color (I'll make it transparent so you can color it yourself) then you can subtract 50% of the price!

Scarecrow by wesleydog Motivation by wesleydog Back to our cocoon by wesleydog Colorado Winters by wesleydog YCH Auction - Finished for serBronn! by wesleydog Succulent love by wesleydog Won't put it out by wesleydog

Canine characters are highly preferred. Felines (preferably big cats) are also welcomed.

F2U | Cactus Plant Divider by UmieArt

Traditional Cut-Out Commissions: 
$3.40 USD Sprite (Static) / 340 Points  for a single character; $5.50 USD Sprite (Static) / 550 Points for couple art (two characters).
Sketched with pencil, colored with colored pencil, and lined with a fine tip sharpie marker, then cut from white printer paper and posed for a picture. Do not need to be cut out if you prefer these not to be!

Tadpoles on Poinsettias by wesleydog i bites by wesleydog Slowly drifting away~ by wesleydog Honey you're a mess by wesleydog Coffee Queen by wesleydog If I Fits I Sits by wesleydog

I am willing to draw your character with any sort of objects and in nearly any pose. Canines and felines preferred, but I am willing to try other feral species. Photography will be higher quality than the examples given above.

F2U | Cactus Plant Divider by UmieArt

Traditional Sketch Sheets: 20 Points  for a sketch sheet of ~4-7 sketches, mixture between headshot, halfbody, and fullbody.
These sketches provide me with the unique opportunity to practice more complicated poses and allow me to delve into your character's personality! I enjoy creating these traditional pencil-lined sketches based on your character's unique quirks, accessories, and attributes!

Sketchie Boi by wesleydog Camino by wesleydog Sal2 by wesleydog Sal1 by wesleydog Candi1 by wesleydog

You may select which characters you would like me to draw and how you would like me to draw them, or you can link me to your stash/TH and I can choose which characters to sketch! The more information you provide about your characters, the better I can capture them in the sketches!

F2U | Cactus Plant Divider by UmieArt

Personality: $4.00 USD Sprite (Static)  / 400 Points  
Created to depict your character in the most tangible way possible, these extensive personality pieces will help develop your character into a three-dimensional being. I am happy to include quirks and can work from both great detail and limited detail.

Ien personality commission for Prince VirusA man of privilege and luxury, Ien has always been rambunctious, outgoing, and ready to take whatever life hands to him. Delving into the principles of hedonism, Ien longs for the attainment of comfort and bliss. Many are surprised by Ien's audacious nature; he loves to test boundaries and often takes risks that others do not see the benefit of. Due to his unique ability to set aside worries and enjoy intrepidity, Ien occasionally gets himself into trouble, but more often than not reaps the benefits of his risk-taking.
Though bold, daring, and generally unbothered by how others perceive him, Ien is kindhearted with good intentions. After receiving a significant inheritance from the death of his father, Ien has channeled both his generosity and his lack of boundaries into spending money as a sign of status rather than out of necessity. Ien has taken his luxury to the extreme, giving life to the expression, "Money is no object." Ritzy and showy, Ien even had his canines pulled and replac
Indie personality commission for SixofCrowsIndie often feels as though he is invisible. Due to his quiet nature, he appears reclusive and goes unnoticed by others. However, once someone has broken the silence, he loves to gush about himself and his hobbies and interests. He is easy to get close to and soft towards others; he connects with people easily but struggles to take the first step in initiating a new friendship. Indie loves to be asked about himself but,  if he believes his companion isn't listening to him, he will shut down dejectedly at the first hint of disinterest. He hates to feel as though he is a nuisance and worries that talking too much will turn him into an annoyance.
When possible, Indie prefers to avoid confrontation and gossip. He is more than willing to intervene on the behalf of his loved ones when he feels that it is necessary, but his help doesn't come without a price. When handling Rhys's or his brother's battles for them, Indie is certain to emphasize that they owe him. People are often
Monty personality commission for Prince VirusThough once a peaceful and agreeable child, years of physical and psychological abuse have left Monty's former personality unmendable. Monty's grandparents held him to the highest standards any werewolf could be held to; their desire for him to become alpha and honor his family's name outweighed their love for him as an individual, and consequently, they tore into him until he was left a shell of his former self. Monty's grandparents encouraged aggression through physical abuse. They would force him to fast from food for days at a time, and they would even employ methods of sleep deprivation to motivate feral behaviors. Monty's grandparents knew that a child who was shy, distant, and overly cautious would never be capable of leading such an esteemed pack, but nevertheless, they tried to turn Monty into something that he wasn't by channeling his primitive instincts. Clearly suffering, Monty's only coping method was to shut down; he became apathetic, irritable, and distanced himself not
These tend to run ~650-1,000 words apiece, depending on how much detail you have given me to build off of.

Backstory: Starting at $4.45 USD Sprite (Static)  / 445 Points  -- up to $6.50 USD Sprite (Static)  / 650 Points 
These provide an objective overview of your character's life up to the present; they may include prominent memories, particularly helpful or harmful relationships, unique details about their experiences, and a comprehensive collection of information pertinent to their living situation, job, hobbies, and quirks. 

Delilah BackstoryAfter graduating high school, Miko Riamu moved from Pai, Thailand, to the United States on a student visa. Her resulting years of college were full of rule-breaking, risk-taking, and romance. Miko grew attached to one man in particular; a mysterious stranger who one of her college studymates introduced her to at a night club. The pair began seeing each other casually; he'd slip her drinks at the bar, they'd go dancing in the city they'd take a taxi home and kiss in the back seat. When Miko learned that she was pregnant, her life altered significantly. In Thailand, her mother had been very protective of her purity. Returning to Pai with the child of a near-stranger was quite a risk; Miko feared being rejected by her family, especially her mother, who she had worked so hard to please throughout her childhood. However, she couldn't imagine giving up the baby. She had fantasized of motherhood her entire life, and she loved her daughter dearly, even before she was born.
Miko was pleasantly
Indie backstory commission for SixofCrowsThough Indie grew up in a "broken" family, he never felt as though he lacked anything growing up. His father left the family when he was only two years old, and he was raised by a single mother alongside two older siblings. Indie does not even remember his father's face; when he separated himself from Indie's mother, he severed all contact with the family. Despite his father's absence, Indie's childhood was both quiet and pleasant. He grew to be very close with his older brother and sister, never quarreling, because they had an agreement that it was important for the three of them to work together to care for their mother. The three were spoiled as children; even when money was tight, their mother gave them the world. 
From a young age, Indie idolized his older brother. Though Indie was extremely smart and always shined in the classroom, his older brother excelled in many other aspects. He was very social, quick to strike up a conversation, and an extremely talented football playe

Price is dependent on the length of the backstory, the detail you would like me to go into, and how much information you provide. The first backstory was for a personal character and is only 675 words; anything estimated to be between 650 and 1,000 words would be $4.45; the second example is slightly under 2,000 words. For something ~2,000+ words, I would expect $6.50.

Short Story: $1.00 USD Sprite (Static) or 100 Points / 125 words [eg. a 1,000 word story would be $8.00 USD Sprite (Static) or 800 Points ]
Written in the present moment, these stories reveal the complexities of the main characters' thoughts and feelings and seek to create a realistic setting that the reader can place themselves inside. 

Pollpryd Short Story Commission for hat17Frowning, Pollpryd dragged his fork through the lo mein noodles, trying to muster up the appetite to finish his lunch. Though learning the language of the humans had been difficult for him, the biggest challenge Pollpryd faced since his untimely arrival on 'earth' was stomaching the food. The greasy, flavor-enhanced foods of this world were far different from his natural diet in Sornieth, and though he searched through the city for something to satisfy his cravings, no taste seemed to remind him of home.
Unable to force the unpalatable food into his mouth, Pollpryd reached for the cookie that the kind servers at the Chinese takeout line had dropped into his bag with the receipt. Cracking open the cookie, Pollpryd slid the leaflet from its crisp cookie shell. "You laugh now. Wait until you get home," the fortune read. A threat? Pollpryd looked around him cautiously, a bead of sweat developing on his forehead. No, of course not. No one had any reason to believe that he didn't belong here
Jinxy short story commission for hat17Jinxy stood in the corner of a marketplace booth, rifling through the fresh produce. The booth was constructed of cedar wood and cloth faded blue by the sun, strung together with rope dirtied by the dust that blew up during the many windstorms that plagued the desert. In the corner of the booth, the cloth and wood were carelessly bound together, and a small opening allowed Jinxy to see the rest of the marketplace. Standing only a few feet away were two merchants and their small caravan, its contents unknown. Jinxy could hear the men exchanging hushed whispers; he strained his whole body, clutching a few fresh peppers to his chest, and closed his eyes to concentrate on his sense of hearing. A soft wind blew through the gap in the booth, and he had a hard time deciphering anything over the breeze whooshing next to his ear. "We'll keep eighty percent," he heard one of the men say. He was unable to catch the other's response. Frustratedly, he set the golden peppers back onto the pile of ve Life ItselfPixel: Blueberry Donut Pixel: Strawberry Donut Yum Pixel: Blueberry Donut Pixel: Strawberry Donut Yum Pixel: Blueberry Donut Pixel: Strawberry Donut Yum Pixel: Blueberry Donut Pixel: Strawberry Donut Yum Pixel: Blueberry Donut Pixel: Strawberry Donut Yum         
For these, I am willing to write about nearly anything; I am an adult and am thus willing to write mature themes (drugs, sex, alcohol, violence, gore) for 18+ customers but would not be willing to write straight erotica; I am willing to include sexual history and overtones, but do not want to detail the scene too deeply -- if you're not sure the extent of what I am comfortable with, please note me directly.

I really enjoy writing about characters with mental illnesses (though I am only able to portray the illness as I have learned about it through research, not through firsthand experience with the illness, in most cases), awkward encounters, and flirtatious scenes.
See all recent writing samples (there are many more examples!) and comments from customers here:

F2U | Cactus Plant Divider by UmieArt

Custom Designs: $4.00 USD Sprite (Static)  / 400 Points  CURRENTLY ON SALE FOR JUST $1 OR 100 POINTS APIECE ON THE FOLLOWING LINEART:
Pups Adopts Editable by Tealea by Tealea

Designs based on a description, theme, or color palette; you may request canine or 'big cats' (eg. tiger). All will be done on the first lineart depicted below (by M00N) or a modified feline version of that lineart if you prefer a feline character. I will do unlimited lineart edits and accessories, and can make small edits to the design after delivery! If you prefer the second lineart (the aerial shot), I will gladly take customs on these, but they must be more simple in design! Please ask for details if you are interested.

[3/3 CLOSED] We Were Just Kids~ by wesleydog [Adopts-OPEN] I Think I'll Be Alright by wesleydog Spooky Scary Adopts [CLOSED] by wesleydog For Pix finished! by wesleydog Drown In Brown [CLOSED] by wesleydog

F2U | Cactus Plant Divider by UmieArt

Pokeball YCH: $0.80 USD Sprite (Static)  / 50 Points
A color-in of a premade lineart (drawn by me) featuring your character holding a Pokeball between its teeth! Includes unlimited design edits (including hair, horns/antlers, extra fluff, extra body parts, etc) & a custom Pokeball option (any in-game Pokeball, or a Pokeball based on a certain color scheme or theme). 

50 point Pokeball YCH! [OPEN] by wesleydog
More examples:
Wolfy dfluff face by wesleydog Chris Pokeball by wesleydog Fast Ball by wesleydog Beast Ball Kid by wesleydog
Let me know if the inside of your character's mouth (eg. tongue & gums) or teeth aren't 'natural colors' (pink & white, respectively) if it isn't plainly obvious in their reference!

F2U | Cactus Plant Divider by UmieArt

Felt Plush Figures: USD Sprite (Static) Bribe me USD only USD Sprite (Static)
Small, soft plush figures stuffed with cotton and made to depict your favorite original character, cartoon character, person, or object! I am willing to create anything with these! Sizes will vary 3"-8" depending on your preference/your desired use for them. I am limited by felt colors but will do my best to ensure the cutest, softest, and most accurate representation of your order as possible!

103e9e08-7665-4651-9275-65671f24bcf2 by wesleydog 30b83a2a-ea06-478a-8ede-e7fdc16c8d89 by wesleydog 2c206928-8fc0-444e-8ec8-e05c3727f5f0 by wesleydog C282b908-8cd7-4a09-924a-89af2668fedd by wesleydog

The above felt plush is the first one I have ever made; I am bound to improve as I continue making more of them! I will match the felt and stitching as best as I can! Please note that these are flat/one-sided so that all designs are only one on side of the material; the backing will be a plain base color of felt that matches the base of the rest of the design. These are secured tightly with a blanket stitch, and they are perfect for display (mine is standing up on my dresser top in my room), Christmas ornaments (with string, ribbon, or safety pins), pins (hot glue a safety pin to the backside and you can wear them on a shirt, jacket, or hat), pencil toppers (if you create a hole in the bottom and hot glue them to your writing utensil), and any other creative function you can think of! They are soft and light. I can only replicate relatively simple designs (my next projects are to create plush figures of myself, my boyfriend, and Lumpy Space Princess from Adventure Time, to give you an idea of complexity). For projects that require me to purchase more felt or string colors, I will expect a higher bribe. However, I realize that these are very small plush figures, so I don't expect you to offer anything too pricey!

For reference, the above piece took me about 2 hours! I probably would have charged about $6 + shipping!

I am - of course - willing to ship these guys.

F2U | Cactus Plant Divider by UmieArt

Custom Gaia Adopts: Offer art, design trade, or pre-made characters! (No points or USD)
A custom-made humanoid design created through Gaia Online's extensive selection of features. Please be certain to specify things such as race, hair color, eye color, and gender if you have specific ideas for these! Include theme ideas, inspiring images, or other descriptions if you'd like! Customs will come with a full set of 6 images including depictions of the design at all angles (see second example below).

Witches Brew - CLOSED by wesleydog
Sword And Hooves by wesleydog

You are more than welcome to edit these designs and re-trade them, but you cannot sell them as per Gaia's policies. 

F2U | Cactus Plant Divider by UmieArt

Custom Character-Based/Theme-Based Moodboards: 50 Points // Offer art or premade characters!
A set of beautifully arranged photos that depict the personality, appearance, and backstory of your character in a whimsical way. I am happy to work with characters, character couples (this works best with 2-character relationships, but I am happy to discuss larger mood boards with polyamorous relationships), and themes. You are welcomed to use aesthetics not based on pre-existing characters to inspire new character designs/personalities. These customs come with 8 images!
Jay aesthetic by wesleydog   Stocke Aesthetic by wesleydog   Elsandrya Aesthetic by wesleydog   Lullaby Aesthetic by wesleydog   Leona Aesthetic by wesleydog

I use copyright free images to ensure that you have no difficulties in displaying your moodboards!
You can see a comprehensive collection of all aesthetic moodboards I have created here:

F2U | Cactus Plant Divider by UmieArt


1. Short Story for inugumi @ FR (will pay USD)  

I look forward to working for you!
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