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UPDATE artorifreedom wrote a great article about commercial work, if you want to start doing commercial work (books/cds/ etc) read the journal, find the link at the bottom of this blog.

Four years ago I created my account and literally was lost, I had many doubts, and in those years I discovered many things and decided to do a special blog with such useful information for beginners because every day brings new members who are also lost, then I am posting this to try and help in some way some beginners :) (Smile) 

Start in the community in a good way.

Be an active member and try to participate and be part of the community, participate in contests, events, make friends, make journal feature, it is always good to see people sharing works, it does not matter if you still do not have many watchers, it's always good to see works being sharing and helping promote. Post your work in groups so that people can see your art and promote yourself, and always try to thank the comments and accept critics in a positive way. Always be correct and honest person, do not steal, copy or something this way, follow a good way


What You can use in your Manipulations

Not use any image on your work, many who are at the beginning make this mistake, and use any image from any site.

Find stocks on Deviantart:

To find stocks on deviantart, you have to go to, Browse > Resources & Stock Images.
and put a keyword in the search field to find what you want.

some people at the beginning, careless and use images that are not stocks, use images posted as photograph or another, but  just you look at category posted, below the title of the post you will find the category submitted:

this subject is a bit long, then you can find more information here.

If you're ready to do commercial work, it is very important you read the rules of the photographers, have many here on deviantart that authorization, stocks that can be used in commercial works are cited as unrestricted, or use stocks from public domain sites or paid sites, you can purchase photographs in high quality.

Stocks from other sites:

Stocks from Paid sites: | | | | | | | |

Another detail important is always credit the stocks used, always put a link to the stock (or the owner of the stock) used in the description of your work.


How to Submit a Print

When submitted, you will click on the option |Submit as Print|.

and a page will appear with various printing options, and now you will click on the option |Adjust Image| and a small window will appear with the option |Upload Larger Image|, click this option to send a version of your work in large size and without watermarke , and I recommend that you send a version with lighter tone, because deviantart does not accept image in CMYK (format is recommended for printing), I upload a version with more clearly tone for when printed will not too dark.

This is the basic information, and then you will do this same process to add other print products, but you do not need to send the image again in large size because it keeps saved, you just click again in |Upload Larger Image| to find.

at the end of the page you will find some information, as in this image, to add watermarke in the preview.

FAQ #620: How do I submit print products?
FAQ #138: What file types are accepted by Prints?
FAQ #136: Should I submit print images as RGB or CMYK?


Always study to improve your skills

At the beginning is okay you be based on tutorials to improve your techniques, but it is very important you do this in a good way, always credit the tutorial, always say if you had an inspiration and try to be different, and have a own style.

Some tips of Sites with Excellent Tutorials

(Click on the image to open the site)

Great D.A Members that make good Tutorials

(see the tutorials here)

see others here

if you use another program like Gimp,
you can find something (here)  and (here)


Accept critics in a positive way

Is very important you accept criticism in a positive way, because with the criticism and honest opinions, you will know what needs to improve in your work. If you just like to get feedback as "beautiful work", you can be sure it will not help you, how you will improving your abilities if you do not know what is wrong? or what has to be done better?, then accept the criticism because you have to know what has to be improved in your work.

What is a good critique?

  • One honest review with a useful opinion,
  • You say the positives and negative aspects, both together, highlighting what can be improved.
  • You give some advice to improve technique or something done at work,
  • Your give suggestion and opinions in a way that helps improve the ability of this artist.

What is not a good critique?

  • Only say what is wrong or what is bad made,
  • Give a negative personal opinion,
  • Not give suggestions to improve the ability of this artist,
  • Giving a harsh opinion, for the artist to feel down,
  • Say "I do not like" or "I hate it".
  • Say for example "I do not like red", or something that you do not like, something personal,
because you do not know the personal preference of this artist.


Protect your Work

At the beginning when I started, I did not cared about this detail and i posted my works in full size and super easy watermark to be removed and I started to realize that would make it easier stealing, I discovered many of my works was reposted, modified without my permission, then I started to pay attention on this detail, and add a tag in my works and not put in large size.
some people do not like watermark, then it is optional.

If you care about this detail, I recommend you post your works with watermark (example of how I use the watermark), and I usually post my work in a small size (for example 1000 x 1000),
 If you want to show details, you can post a separate image (example), or with the work (example).

By signing your work prominently, placing a watermark which is difficult to remove and by placing a copyright notice directly on your work you can discourage copyright infringement by those who view your work.


What I can do when my work is stolen ?

(reposted, modified without permission) on Deviantart.

you will open the content you want to report and click on the option:

and this window will appear:
and you will click on the option |My Intellectual Property|

and you will be sent to this link, and follow all information
once you have done this, you will wait a few days (2-5 days), and the content will be removed (when the owner of property, reports, the complaint is accepted quickly).

on Facebook ?

Find all the information here:

How to Report a Copyright Violation on Facebook.Important: This journal was written on May 5, 2014. Since then I have no problems with copyright inside FB anymore, so, I don't know if they have changed the step-by-step to make the report. If you see something different from my sbs, please, let me know! Thank you!
I'm not very often on Facebook, what most I do there, is post my arts and give some "like" to posts of my friends, but don't do it every day, sometimes I get many days without going there. Facebook isn't part of my life as Deviantart is.
But almost always I see copyright infringement from arts of my friends, and I will now explain with a step by step how you will remove YOUR work from other profiles. I explained that to some Deviantart members who had their art stolen. All they followed this sbs and it works 100%!

You must follow this instruction correctly, ok?

1st: T


Journals & Skins

  • Journal & Gallery Skins only works for Core Membership.
  • Here you will find an easy way to create your own journal skin.
  • You will find some information to customize your profile and gallery here: (link1) (link2) (link3).
  • Add several custom and some other Widgets on profile also has to be premium member

FAQ #62: How do I use Journal skins?
FAQ #100: How do I add, edit or delete journal entries?
FAQ #101: How do I customize my journal page?


Others small Doubts

  • Add thumb in the description works only for Core Membership,
if you are not Core look here some tips: Tip to add links.


  • Thumbs can work normally in comments.


  • To mention a user, you can put (@) at the beginning, before writing the name.
For example: @ wesley-souza (no space: Wesley-Souza )
to add the icon, you put at first (: icon:), example> :icon wesley-souza: ( no space: :iconwesley-souza: ).


  • If you are receiving spam messages you can block the user,
goes on

Settings > general > Blocked Users

clicking on General you will find on this page the option Blocked Users

  • If you got something undesirable in a comment, you can simply click on a button that is on top, that these options will appear:

choice and done. (You can delete the comment, block, or even feature.).


Bullet; Black You can edit your submission (after submitting)

you will click on the button |Edit| and you will have all options to edit.

you can edit the file if you want you can change the main file.

and you can edit the rest, including: edit the description, edit category, edit groups, remove shared, receiving comments and other things.


Create a portfolio

The deviantart, giving you the opportunity to create a portfolio for free.
you go on:

More > Portofolio >

and youwill findall necessaryinformation.
youcan see an example (here)


You can change your username by visiting the "Change Username" section of your Settings.

Please note:
-To change your username, you must have an active Premium Membership.
-You cannot change back to your old username.
-You may only change your username once every six months.
-All visitors to your old username URL will automatically be taken to your new username URL.


I want to start doing commercial work

about price and others, see here:
Pricing PhotomanipulationsArt in the Professions
Hello everyone, and welcome to the Art in the Professions Week!
My name is Orina and I am a digital artist, mainly photomanipulator. I've been working commercially with clients for a few years and I've been often asked, by fellow photomanipulators, how do I price my works. Many of the people who are just starting getting involved with selling their skills, feel a bit lost when it comes down to pricing their work, so I'd be happy to shed some light on this field, based on my personal experience so far.
But let's start from the beginning. What is photomanipulation?
Photomanipulation is the application of image editing techniques to photographs in order to create an illusion or deception (in contrast to mere enhancement or correction), through analog or digital means.source: Wikipedia


Hence, two or more photographs are required for a

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