The Imaginarium - Thematic Art Feature #9

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Member Thematic Art Feature, Theme of the week:

A n i m a l s

work caught from poll:

Works of the
- Digital Art and Stock:

Raven's Home by Eithnne The River by littlewillow-art

Undersea Encounter by SybilThorn

Shadows Against Time by Lamentine
 Wolf Creek by Branka-Artz

Elephant Hatchling by Branka-Artz

Enter The Purgatory by Eithnne My Favourite Story by Lamentine Jump! by cocoanderson
Pardoned for another Year by marphilhearts

Fearless by theAllex

Light Up The Sky by littlewillow-art Autumn Goddess by marphilhearts Letting Go Of My Sorrow by SybilThorn

Sandstorm by hankep

Tree Trunk by Buxom-Bunny Peacock by annewipf

Laundry day in Africa by hankep

Les Paons by MySweetDarkness
Knight's Adherence To The Heiress by theAllex Aguara, the child thief by ErikShoemaker

Fairyland by annewipf

Pretty Sugar Scull by EligoDesign The Little Dreamer by Lora-Vysotskaya
Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon by EligoDesign

Cucumbers Kiss by playart-PSD

Meeresmuseum Stock 29 (private use) by Malleni-Stock Mini World - Tea Time for Alice by Mylene-C

Tiffanyflasche by playart-PSD

Mystic Room by Mylene-C Nature-fairy by Renata-s-art

Before the Lunch Time by DomagojTaborski

Here For You by DomagojTaborski Happy Easter by Renata-s-art The Huntress by KiyaSama

In The Year 2525 by wollibear

Goddess by KiyaSama

Cat Stock 078 by Malleni-Stock

The Gateway by liadan-bran Nils by Lora-Vysotskaya Season of The Rain by S-JamshidSadat2015

Imaginary friend by Rui-Abel

Elements: Air by liadan-bran YOUR LOVE by EBENEWOOD

iN To ThE JUNGLE by S-JamshidSadat2015

Watercolor deer by LesardBear'n'beer by Lesard

Iguanas by CD-STOCK Bugs by CD-STOCK by CD-STOCK

The Owl King by silviya Snake V by RavienneArt Exile by passion-aesthete

Snake II by RavienneArt

Dreamcatcher by silviya

Freyja the Volva of Vanaheim by PendragonArts-GEA

The guitarist by passion-aesthete Golden Eyes by allison731

Valley Of Silence by BVFoto

Fly to Heaven by allison731 Tuas Aguas by PriscillaSantanaArts

The Mysterious Florist by PriscillaSantanaArts Mystique Dream by brillgk

Equestrian Dreams by Lolita-Artz

Gentleman by Mahhona Dancing in the rain by Mahhona

CC in Space - Happy Birthday Tina by WDWParksGal

Fire Horse by destroyer971 Song of Ice and Fire by brillgk Dark Forest Spirit by destroyer971

Lakeside Home by BVFoto

Tala by Lolita-Artz

The Milarepa's dream by KangTengri

TRIP WITH NATURE by saritaangel07 Halloween by Irina-E Mantra immortality by saritaangel07

Suggested by the members - Works from your Favorites caught from poll:

Resplendence by Esveeka

Library Rats by maximegirault Griffin - Album Artwork by SylviaRitter .: Jungle :. by VanessaPadua

Dreams of flying by YaelPardina

Enjoying Life by Khalliysgraphy

Dirteater's Garden by nina-Y

it's peaceful in the deep by Nikkayla

Spirit by MarcoHerrera Gibert by cornacchia-art Golden Eagle Warrior by TL-Designz

Coldhands by elleneth

Silence must be heard by WolfRoad Lone Walker by Shalfm

Thru-Space-And-Time by Mr-Xerty

My little Helper by mrscats

Chameleon Taxi by cristalreza

Soap Surfer by christian3400 Swan Song by DigitalDreams-Art Friends by strigoides

Easter Fun by kimsol

Faerie And Crow by Eternal-Dream-Art One Last Journey by JayGraphixx

reflection by lupographics

Find the way home II  by EstherPuche-Art The Fish Pig-livery Service (FPS) by KingaBritschgi

The waiting by Mattlis

Liobra by Daniel-Abreu MyLady-T XXI by Dobi78 Me And My Dear Friends by cornacchia-art

Green City by noro8

The Princess of the Forest and the King by SilviaMS

Rolly the cat 10 by Panopticon-Stock

Beast by Vasylina Starlion by jolakotturinn
Voice of resurgence by Vasylina

Enter Here by Wesley-Souza

The breath of summer by FlashW Sounds of autumn by NM-art The story of the Little Red riding Hood by ClairObscurArt

Sunflowers by doclicio

Arctic fox stock 17 by GrayeyesStock Fennec Stock 02 by Malleni-Stock

The story of the Little Red riding Hood by ClairObscurArt Le Gran Finale by Rowye make-up artist ... by mirandaarts

Wolf Portrait 2014 by Koahara

Power in the Mist by 12PeaceArt Elephant Hatchling by Branka-Artz

Brienne Crystal by Wesley-Souza

break in an empty eggshell by little-one-girl Royal owl by Bea-Gonzalez

Chamallow IV - Master of the beasts by gotman68

Goodbye by amebleu Comes Alice to the Wonderland - New Collection by Wesley-Souza The Bear of Kate by katherine-lemus

...Really? by Kipine

Breakfast by Maksim-Larionov

Works from the community and our gallery:

Digital Art

Bird of Prey by PetyaPlamenova

Night Tales by FlashW

Spirit Master by LadyEvilArts Into The Void by saftkeks13 To the Stars *Print Avaliable* by Nikkayla

Bastet and Sekhmet Museum by Incantata

Piercing The Night by saftkeks13 Oracle by stellartcorsica Blackbirds by Mihaela-V

Sleeping Beauty by KarinClaessonArt

Little gardener by Irina-Ponochevnaya

the fire within by redemptari Storm Rider by JaiMcFerran The Forgotten Wardens by ErikShoemaker

Guardian Of Secrets by tamaraR

Honey, we need to talk by Rowye

My Deerest Unicorn. by Zaellrin

The Den of Cerberus by Majentta The Catcher In The Rye by 1simplemanips1 Ice Cold Memories by Lunarlueur

Slavic mythology. Sirin by Vasylina

Skyline by VanessaPadua

find me by nateiarr Elizabeth by birubadut

Silberion by tornadoeyesART

The kites below by thegirlcansmile First Adventure by QueThu

Connected Worlds by xLocky

Sunken Echoes by ApollinArt

Resources & Stock Images

Swans 01 by CD-STOCK

red deer by Quiet-bliss

FR Leaping front on showjump by Chunga-Stock Swan by YBsilon-Stock by YBsilon-Stock white horse and chestnut by Nexu4

Stormborn by Quiet-bliss

Cut-out stock PNG 129 - flying parrot by Momotte2stocks
Giraffe Stock 6 by firenze-design

Andalusian Stock by xxMysteryStockxx

Omnom by Quiet-bliss

Dec 2015: TWH double dilute mares various gaits by slime-stock

Deer Stock 37 by Malleni-Stock Owl Stock 08 by NellyGraceNG

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The next theme is open, look here:…

Flowers ( Your work must have any kind of Flowers ).

D o   n o t   f o r g e t,   w o r k   w i t h o u t   s t o c k   c r e d i t   w i l l   n o t   b e   a d d e d   o n   t h e   c o l l e c t i o n.

You want to suggest a theme? leave in the comments.

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So many amazing features! Just beautifully done as usual. It took me awhile to get through the feature and add some to my favorites, but I wanted to make sure to let you know the feature is so well done :hug: