The Imaginarium - Thematic Art Feature #11

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Member Thematic Art Feature, Theme of the week:


(Your work must have fire or glowing orange effects ).

Work Caught from Poll:

Works of the members - Digital Art and Stock:

Let it burn by Lesard

Wind For Blind Bird by SvitlanaFox Do Not Unleash the Demon by Branka-Artz

Fire by MajkaHarolds

Passion by Mocris Sword by SvitlanaFox Fire Queen by Mocris

Elemental - Fire by artorifreedom

Lucifer by destroyer971 Headhunting by Lesard Purify by TheHardCoreBunny

Volcanic Activity by davidrabin

Burning by BVFoto Phoenix-Rebirth with Music by allison731
Escaping from Hell by Branka-Artz

Under the Tower by annewipf

Fire Of Life by Lolita-Artz collateral damage by wollibear

Music Burn My Soul by Lolita-Artz Light Up The Sky by littlewillow-art Heliades by liadan-bran

We'll Start A Fire, And We'll Shut It Down by Lora-Vysotskaya La Lettre by liadan-bran

Pumpkin-army by Rui-Abel

Dancing Bear by dhbraley Welcome to Hell - Please Stay to the Left by TheStockWarehouse Witch of the Jack O lantern's Revenge by dhbraley

Apocalypse by wollibear

Sailor Mars by KarelysLuna
Balor of the Evil Eye by Rui-Abel

Muspelheim-castle by Mahhona

Between Water And Fire by MajkaHarolds Exodus II: The Quiet Watcher by Rowye Magical Orient by RavienneArt

A brave new world by Aramisdream

People, let's stop the war by KangTengri The Twin of Hephaestus by brillgk Hiluna by brillgk

Dragons War by S-JamshidSadat2015 Reign of fire by Daystar-Art Dragons' Rage by S-JamshidSadat2015

The Lions' Land by S-JamshidSadat2015

Clary Fray vs.The Demons by Renata-s-art Reborn from Ashes by annewipf

Treat me with dignity by passion-aesthete

Necromancer by Mahhona Are you my mummy ? by Renata-s-art

Autumn Stories by ChristofCreations

Fire Angel by ChaosChildArtistry On Fire by theheek

The Coven by theAllex Poziv by theAllex Sacred Ritual by passion-aesthete

and a million miles by Nikkayla

Lost Love by TL-Designz PlayingWithFire by CelticAngel84 Lady Death by TL-Designz

Door to the Dragon World by marphilhearts In Training by marphilhearts Night Dweller by TinaLouiseUk

I will not break by TinaLouiseUk set fire by puppet-soul the tapestry of chemistry by Nikkayla

War by hankep

Sabat by puppet-soul

Fire 2 by Panopticon-Stock Fireplace Logs and Flames by TheStockWarehouse

Fire Creature Stock by Malleni-Stock Ritual III by RavienneArt Fire Stock 047 by Malleni-Stock

Suggested by the members - Works from your Favorites caught from poll:

We burn the same flame by ghostlyspirit

Fire Fox by CRaght Daenerys by EstherPuche-Art Celestial by MirellaSantana

Exodus III: Resignation by Rowye

Blind by birubadut  A Tale of Dragons by Dani-Owergoor

The Archer by Ellysiumn

herald by Letomouse Dragon Candlelight by tamaraR

Deep by Aegis-Illustration

Reborn from Ashes by annewipf Decay by streamweb Spirits of fire by Alena-48

Towers by t1na

Invocation by Aegils Dancing with Butterflies by Pygar

Gods Rival by BenjaminHaley Fire dress by ElenaDudina From The Ashes by kuschelirmel

Damned and Divine by SilenceInSilver

Fire Starter by Majentta Magic Spells by AndyGarcia666

IV: Vessel by ErikShoemaker

Burn by AbbeyMarie Humility by Rui-Abel

The Binding Ritual by Enthing

Heavenly Fire by Aegils Let There Be Rock by LadyEvilArts

Those who favour fire by Imaliea

Sodom and Gomorrah by kevron2001 _03 2016_ by Alena-48
Leaving the forest by Ellysiumn
Destructo by artorifreedom Purify by TheHardCoreBunny Sounds of fire by IgnisSouls

Batman and The Joker by Shannon-Maer

AETES by Lunarlueur

Hanging by a thread by kevron2001 Dragon Slayer by funkwood

505 pheonix wing by Tigers-stock

Works from the  Community and our Gallery:

Digital Art

WE ARE THE HEARTS by enfanir

Will-o'-the-Wisps by Aegils Piercing The Night by saftkeks13 Phoenix by moonchild-ljilja

Be Prepared by saftkeks13

FINAL FIGHT by adrianamusettidavila Magic Night II by Dani-Owergoor Four after midnight by Aramisdream

Fire and Gold by ErikShoemaker

Unrequited Love by Cold-Tommy-Gin the fire within by redemptari Mechanical Seraph by Carlos-Quevedo

Dragon Den by xLocky

Firebird feather by Incantata The Fallen by Aramisdream The Den of Cerberus by Majentta

Bog of the Damned by ts95studios

AWAKENINGS by DrWinter A warrior's soul by Poglazovs

Adventure of a Lifetime by Hioderro

Open The Imaginarium Contests:

Short Challenge #26

Member of the Month - Feature and  Interview:

Member of June - Lady Evil Arts 

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Beautiful feature!! Thank you for including my work :hug: