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Who were the Titans?

Frequently called elder gods, they have been for many ages the supreme regents of the universe, with a huge size and being incredibly strong. The Titans (male) and Titaness  (female) are figures of Greek Mythology. According to Greek myth, the Titans formed one race of powerful gods who ruled during the Golden Age. According to Greek mythology, the Titans were sons of Uranus (deity who personified the sky) and Gaia (Earth goddess).

Names of the Titans

  • Coeus:  Titan of intelligence.
  • Oceanus: Represented the river that surrounds the world.
  • Crius: Titan of herds, the cold and winter.
  • Hyperion: Titan of Vision  and astral fire.
  • Iapetus: Brother of Cronus, "punch" god-Titans of time and human life and mortality and is also associated with craftsmanship.
  • Cronus: Was king of the Titans that ruled the world during the Golden Age.

Names of Titaness:

  • Phoebe: Titaness of  Moon.
  • Mnemosyne: Personified the memory.
  • Rhea: Queen of the Kronos Titans.
  • Themis: Titaness the laws and customs.
  • Tethys: Titan who personified the sea and the fertility of water.
  • Theia: Titan of light and vision.

What you have to do?

Choose one of the Titans above and make your entry, use your creativity.
and do not forget to research about your Titan picked, for more information.

Please Read the Rules

  • Categories accepted: photomanipulation . (only)

  • All entries must be NEW for this contest

  • Your entry must be made ​​exclusively for this contest, it means that you have to just submit in this contest and will not send to other contest.

  • All stock and resources must come from legitimate sources (see some tips here) and all stock and resources must be properly credited  with a direct link in the description of your work - following the stock providers terms of use. If you use a stock that is not legitimate, you will be notified and will have the chance to edit and change the stock. if you use purchased stocks also have to credit all with a direct link.

  • All entries must include a link to this journal in the description.

  • You can participate with up to 2 entries.

  • Judges can not compete

  • We will not accept entries that have used stocks listed  here.

Rules of Voting

  • The entry has to be a creative work, with a great concept.
  • Entry must have a great technique, but based on each category (beginner, intermediate and advanced).
  • We not promote the artists who copy or do not care about the feedback received (one of the objectives of the contest is to promote the artist, then we'll check this detail.)
  • No fake accounts or with no activity.
  • The artist has to be used very well the stocks, and not just a manipulation with two or three stock (as a model and background).

What are the Prizes?

see the full list of prizes here:

Titans Contest - PrizesPrizes
This new contest will have a total of 9 winners 3 winners in each category,
1° Place
(advanced, intermediate, beginner)

Feature on the front page The-Imaginarium 5 Postcards Printed of you Work from Art-and-books Twelve months Premium Membership or 2.396 Points from kaons Three month Premium Membership or 636 Points from Wesley-Souza Three month Premium Membership or 636 Points from LouiseD 100 Points from Whendell 50 Points from nudagimo
150 Points from TriZiana
50 Points from QueThu
120 Points from MoonRoseEternity 60 Points from duesterheit 25

and please donate prizes you can donate what you want :) (Smile)
we usually do not accept commission as a prize.

How Many Winners? and Will Have Categories?

This new contest will have a total of 9 winners. 3 winners in each category, and there will be three categories (advanced, intermediate and beginner).

How the Winners will be Chosen?

The Winners will be chosen by Wesley-Souza  Whendell  with special help from Dani-Owergoor and Sandra-Cristhina.
we choose all the winners and what will influence in the decision of the winners are the voting rules listed above of journal, and the concept, details and technique done.

How I can submit my Entry?

send your entry to the correct folder (as your level of ability). If you have doubts where to send, contact to avoid sending to the wrong category.

When it Starts and When it Ends?

The contest begins today 21 / January
and ends day  20 / March

on the front page of the group has a Countdown, for you to follow the time of decline.

if you have questions, you may ask.


Coding by UJz and by artbymba
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