Short Challenge #30 - Winners

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Atlantis Lights by FrostAlexis

Most Voted


Love Forsaken by SummerDreams-Art

Most Voted


Amanita Fairy by LanaTustich

Most Voted


Chasing Demons by Secretadmires

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Buterfly V 2016 by Energiaelca1


see the votes here: Short Challenge #30 - Votes

Dani-Owergoor came up with an idea to make a challenge, then I decide to make this short challenge differently, understand this challenge:


Many liked the short Challenge 28, then we decided to use this theme again, '' Manipulate this again''.

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Make your entry with coaches:

Looking at Short Challenge 28 entries, we can see that many showed great improvement, but they showed the major effort? yes...but it is possible to improve more, to improve you need help, then we provide that help, you will have coaches to help you with your entry.

The division of the groups:

The formation of the groups was made according to the language in common between the contestant and the mentor.

Group 1:
Coaches: Cold-Tommy-Gin and Wesley-Souza 
Contestants:WhimsicalBlue , Amanda-Kulp and Mandelblute

Group 2:
Coaches: LoukasP, Gejda and SilenceInSilver
Contestants: RReddVar , AlaaJad , EligoDesign, cocoanderson and foreveroriginalgraph

Group 3:
Coaches: Lunarlueur and FrozenStarRo
Renata-s-art , deathbycanon and Can-Cat

Group 4:

Coaches: thegirlcansmile and Wesley-Souza 
Contestants: Mocris , marphilhearts and TheKei

Group 5:

Coaches: kimsol and artorifreedom
MayTijssen , doclicio and theAllex

Group 6:
Coaches: LadyEvilArts and Mihaela-V
Contestants: Secretadmires , SummerDreams-Art and niyya00

Group 7:
Coaches: Digitiel
Contestants: annewipf , V-A-R-E-K-A-I and destroyer971

Group 8:
Coaches:  Incantata
Contestants: Lotta-Lotos , LanaTustich and LaLaMora

Group 9:
Coaches: JoeDiamondD and Mr-Ripley
PendragonArts-GEA , FrostAlexis and jiajenn

Group 10:

Coaches: ElenaDudina and Rowye
nrcArt , Energiaelca1 and lauraypablo

Group 11:

Coaches: Iskander1989 e Whendell
Contestants: genivaldosouza , adrianoampb , VanessaPadua , jovanportoart and alanleal22

Make this Special edition more special, donate prizes ( stock exclusive, feature, points, llama...etc...).


Most Voted

- 500 Points from annewipf
- 500 Points from Incantata
- 300 Points from kimsol
- 100 Points from liadan-bran
- 100 Points from Wesley-Souza
- 100 Points from PendragonArts-GEA (via me)
- 100 Points from lauraypablo (via me)
- 50 Points from Whendell
Exclusive stock from CD-STOCK

Most Voted

- 400 Points from Incantata
- 300 Points from annewipf
- 200 Points from kimsol

- 100 Points from Wesley-Souza
- 100 Points from PendragonArts-GEA (via me)
- 100 Points from lauraypablo (via me)
- 50 Points from Whendell
- 50 Points from liadan-bran

Most Voted

- 300 Points from Incantata
- 200 Points from annewipf
-100 Points from kimsol
- 100 Points from Wesley-Souza
- 100 Points from PendragonArts-GEA (via me)
- 50 Points from Whendell
- 50 Points from liadan-bran

Most Voted

- 200 Points from Incantata
- 100 Points from Wesley-Souza
-100 Points from Energiaelca1 (via me)
- 50 Points from Whendell
- 50 Points from kimsol

Most Voted

- 100 Points from Wesley-Souza
- 100 Points from Energiaelca1 (via me)
- 100 Points from Incantata
- 50 Points from Whendell
- 50 Points from kimsol

For all Winners:

  Exclusive Stock from:


  Feature from:


  Llama from  :iconthenaughtypirate::iconamberseree:

Judgment Info:

The judges of this Special Edition are EVERYONE.
All coaches will be judges and their vote is worth 2 points, the value of the vote of the members will be 1 point.

Community choice
 All the entries will to go to the public vote. Place your vote in the comments (thumb or link), choose 5 entries that you liked.
 You can not vote for yourself.

Competitors will be judged individually, and not as a team.

Contest Info:

The contest start October 2th and ends on November 7th.

Where to submit
You can submit to the Contest Folder at The-Imaginarium

Contest Rules:

- Credit All stock use.

- All stock and resources must come from legitimate sources. ( NO google images - NO wallpaper site ).

- Artwork must be created specifically for this contest.

- All entries must include a link to this journal in the description.

- Only 1 entry.

- Put in the description the name of your mentors and the link of your old work.

- No D.A watermark, just your little signature.

Pay attention to the rules, entries without credit , used image that is not stock or copies, will be disqualified.


                                    Before                                                                               After

A Time of Renewal by marphilhearts My Furry Little Friends by marphilhearts

Sorceress Death v2 by adrianoampb

Fire and armor by annewipf Fire and Armor by annewipf

King of Sparta by jovanportoart Spartan by jovanportoart

Psyche In The Mirror ... by Can-Cat Psyche's Reflection by Can-Cat

Butterfly by Energiaelca1 Buterfly V 2016 by Energiaelca1

A War Between Fire n Water by niyya00 Fire And Water by niyya00

Mermaid dark by VanessaPadua Mermaid darkness by VanessaPadua

Saluti da Taranto by doclicio Digital Therapy by doclicio

Green Eyes by nrcArt Los Ojos Verdes - Green Eyes by nrcArt

Diana by Lotta-Lotos Diana (Artemis) by Lotta-Lotos
Here Kitty Kitty by deathbycanon Here Kitty Kitty II by deathbycanon

Deeper by FrostAlexis Atlantis Lights by FrostAlexis

Rainy Day by LanaTustich Amanita Fairy by LanaTustich

Princess and the Water Dragons by EligoDesign PWD - redo by EligoDesign

 Ophelia's Madness by PendragonArts-GEA

In-Heaven by Renata-s-art At Heavens's Gate by Renata-s-art

Emma Swan and Killian Jones in Wonderland by LaLaMora Alice in Wonderland by LaLaMora

The Witch by Mocris The Witch II by Mocris

.:Forsaken Love:. by SummerDreams-Art Love Forsaken by SummerDreams-Art


Swan Song by WhimsicalBlue Music of Nature by WhimsicalBlue

All Alone 1.1 by RReddVar Never Alone by RReddVar

Lilith Reborn by lauraypablo Lilith 2016 by lauraypablo

Darkness Filled With Fear And Evil Souls by Secretadmires Chasing Demons by Secretadmires

Dream Collage - Yearning by Amanda-Kulp Remake Yearning Edited Stars by Amanda-Kulp

Woman Warrior's Battle Field by jiajenn

The Ice Queen by msilva99 Snow Queen Remake by msilva99

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This is so impressive! I like the idea of this contest, people did such things and the improvements are wonderful :clap: