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Every month we select one member to be exposed on the homepage of the group and we will do a special feature and a short interview.

Set of amazing photo manipulations and short interview by talented L. Saveljeva artist from Russia.


Blessed By The Moon by LadyEvilArts Festival Of Flaming Hearts by LadyEvilArts Secret Crypt by LadyEvilArts Follow The Red Petals by LadyEvilArts

1. Can you give us a little insight as to what goes on in your mind when you create your pieces?

Where do your ideas stem from?

Sometimes ideas just appear in my mind – Iike sun through the clouds, for this case I always have a notepad with me. I write down associations with particular idea – it could be whole phrases or simply words without context. I also use this technique when I need to create art on particular subject – write down everything comes to my head, then select several to build concept on.

Let Me Out by LadyEvilArts

I also have a phone full of weird photos, I take photos of everything seems interesting – may be a good start for an artwork.
Some ideas came from music (especially dark themes), or from stock photos, from news. Ideas seem to be everywhere =)

Midnight Ritual by LadyEvilArts

Don't Fear The Reaper by LadyEvilArts
When main idea is settled, I find music that fit atmosphere of the work (important ‘cause it’s almost impossible to create for eg. sweet fantasy listening to heavy metal :D) and work till the result satisfy more or less.

2. Which of your pieces are you most fond of and can you tell us a little about them?

Old piece, but I still love it. I like that despite the theme is sad (the moment someone life has ended), it doesn’t look dark at all, it’s rather soothing.

I Wish I Could... by LadyEvilArts

When I saw this amazing model stock, I knew what I have to do. This piece stands out from my entire gallery. All hours I spent on it blending 40+ stock images paid off.
Deine Zeit ist gekommen by LadyEvilArts

Very personal piece, the only emotional art in my gallery, I went very deep into myself creating this one.

Troublemakers by LadyEvilArts

Yes, it’s not my original concept. But I’m really happy how everything turned out – easy to recognize inspiration source but still has a lot of my own vision.

Lithium by LadyEvilArts

Well, good example how listening to music can end up. It was a couple of AC/DC albums, I just started manipulating without any concept research or a sketch. The result was unexpectedly good.

Let There Be Rock by LadyEvilArts

“Back to basics” - this one reminds me of my first manipulations, sad concept with rather positive execution. My comeback to conceptual art.
Waiting For The Worms by LadyEvilArts

3. What advice do you have for the beginning Photo manipulation artists?

Don’t be afraid to delete everything you have at the moment and start all over again. Sometimes it’s the only way to get proper result. You can be upset, but pull yourself together and remake considering all mistakes you’ve made – the result will speak for itself.

Remains by LadyEvilArts

Spirit Master by LadyEvilArts
What else I want to talk about – for unknown reason many people think that being a self-taught artist is kind of privilege, and if you get some education you’ll lose it, but it’s totally wrong. I was self-taught till ’14. Then took some ps courses, now I can do same things three times faster!

Beware Of Shadows by LadyEvilArts

The point is – use any chance to learn, attend all courses you can afford! The real privilege is possibility to fulfil your ideas with minimum time and maximum quality.


Visit her stock gallery ManicHysteriaStock

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Thank you for participating LadyEvilArts

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Amazing, very interesting! BEautiful artworks!