Member of the Month - Interview with Anne Wipf

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Every month we select one member to be exposed on the homepage of the group and we will do a special feature and a short interview.

Anne Wipf

Special Feature and Interview with the incredible annewipf.

Dark Bridge by annewipf

Can you give us a little insight as to what goes on in your mind when you create your pieces? Where do your ideas stem from?

My main problem is a terrible lack of imagination. It is the reason why I love to participate to challenges: they give me ideas! ;) (Wink) Some other ways: stocks I love, beautiful digital sceneries from other people (especially Donmalo: I love his very inspiring and imaginative artwork), the I Ching (I did a series from it, I hope I'll have the time to continue soon) and, sometimes, real events or songs I love.

Arrival by annewipf Ruins Landscape by annewipf

Which of your pieces are you most fond of and can you tell us a little about them?

Freedom - The Carousel 2 of course, which got a DD and is the most appreciated after the original one (it is a recreation of my old picture Freedom - The carousel) I don't know how it came in my mind, but it was after a hard discussion with my son: I wanted so much to escape from everything...

Freedom - The Carousel 2 by annewipf

Again a very personal creation, from a I Ching hexagram. I love it move and, once more, its freedom feeling.

I Ching 37 - Chia Jen  (The family,the clan) by annewipf

Inspired by the beautiful photos Гордеев Эдуард I love the theme of rain and lights in the night. I'll surely do more picture on this theme. I'd like to use my own photos, but I'm living far from a town, it is difficult for me to find illuminated streets.

Rainy Night in Rome by annewipf

Of course, the last french dramatic events scored me. News often inspire my artwork.

Burning - Charlie 1559 by annewipf

I broke my ankle, and it inspired this picture. Freedom again.

If I Could Dream by annewipf

3. What advice do you have for the beginning Photo manipulation artists?

I actually try to recreate my old stuff, so I can see what I did wrong at the beginning (this may be useful for many people):
- Do not use a lot of stocks: the quality of a photomanipulation is not proportional with the amount of stock used. But take a great care to match and blend all the pictures together: the levels or the curves adjustments are very useful.

Sea Battle by annewipf

- Do not forget the shadows and take care of the perspective.
 - Avoid the use of textures when you are a beginner: it is an easy way to hide flaws, but it will not help you to improve. And if you need one or more textures, use them lightly.

Kingdom of Heaven by annewipf

- Many light adjustments give a better result than a few heavy ones. This is particularly available if you want to dark a picture from day to night: you may use a mixing of curves, levels, multiply mode on a duplicated layer, selective color (gray), color lookup, etc., but all of them lightly or with a low opacity.

Fairy in the Grass by annewipf The Penitents of Dawn by annewipf

- And, most of all, work, work and work: it took me 5 or 6 years before I got an acceptable technics. There are many very good tutorials, use them.

Moonlight Dream by annewipf


her stock gallery  HermitCrabStock

Fairytale 1 by HermitCrabStock A Door in the Forest - Premade BG by HermitCrabStock Rocamadour - full view 4 by HermitCrabStock Fairyland lodge by HermitCrabStock Fog on the Dordogne river 07 by HermitCrabStock

Thank you

Thank you for participating Anne

Little Red Riding Hood by annewipf


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Awesome interview and artworks! :love: