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Contest by PendragonArts-GEA
A Special Christmas Present CONTEST!

I have a son who is now 28. He lives alone and has both Autism and Schizophrenia. He is both sad, lonely, and is forced to live a very isolated life. No one really understands the pain of being mentally ill and not able to fit in with society and even other people in general, unless you, yourself are, have a direct connection or relationship with someone that carries this themselves. Remember those who are alone for various reason or who have a hard time getting through the holidays each year for various reasons as you create and during the coming holiday season. Bless you!

10 years ago, when we were able to still live together, he dabbled for hours creating his various sketchings. He doesn't draw any more and I found a few of them that I held onto over the years and would like to help make his imagination come alive and make this Christmas special for him. He loves the mecha genre and weapons, Magic the Gathering card game, Druids, the Medieval genre, anime and gaming. Most of his works are mecha weapons and genre, along with a couple of generalized backgrounds which a strong work of art can be created.

 by PendragonArts-GEA

make a special gift for him

what do you have to do ?

Give reality to the drawings done for the son of PendragonArts-GEA. What you have to do is simple, choose one of the drawings below and give reality, you can make photo manipulation, digital painting or other media to give life or inspired by his drawings. (but at the same time it has to be something different, not necessary have a 100% result equal to the drawing, use your creativity and create something interesting inspired in his drawings.)

category 1 - inspiration:

You can
be inspired in the drawings below and create a character like this, you can add more details and scenery, as you prefer.

category 2 - inspiration:

For example, you may be inspired to create a scenario designed by him, you can add model, animal, what you prefer,
yes can be very different, with many additional details.

J5cjcbjr by Wesley-Souza
Yh4l797y by Wesley-Souza


- If the entry is a winner, must send a copy in original size (large resolution) to be printed for him in a large version for display on his walls, i.e. they must be able to be printed in a decent and large enough real life format and sent to him in America, and puts on the image your signature and also written:inspired by Grey C. Dixon, so he can see that he was an inspiration for this himself.

- Combine more 2 inspirations in the mecha section (category 1)  the winner will receive an extra 400 points from PendragonArts-GEA 

- If you do manipulation, you should credit all stocks.

Should say in the description that your work is an entry to this contest, including a link back to this.

- You can enter how many do you want.


Wednesday, December 10, 2015.


Feel free to donate prizes and share this contest.

how many winners:

winners in each category, total 4.

2 winners in
background (category 2) and 2 in guns/mecha (category 1).

how will be chosen:

1 winner from category 1 choice by the community and the other choice by the jury.
1 winner from category 2 choice by the community and the other choice by the jury.

Jury: PendragonArts-GEA | Wesley-Souza | Whendell  | Lolita-Artz

how to submit:

Put in comments the link to your entry, which will be added in this journal.
or leave a comment here: whitetigerforever.deviantart.c…


category 1:

Aftermath by SybilThornGrey's Mecha... by Can-CatGrey's Mecha, Dawn Patrol... by Can-CatMecha by SybilThornHarmony by SybilThornThe Mechanist by keokotheshadowfangGalactic Invasion by Energiaelca1

Grey's Mecha- Breaking Camp. by Can-CatWHITE TIGER by WXKOInvasion by Mvicen Grey's Mecha Patrol the Castle. by Can-Cat Category one ruin patrol by TheGreatMC
On the front by JulianezMachines have friends too by AnkonoxReturned To The Homeland by astgartGrey's Mecha Base: M.A.U. Castle by Can-Cat

category 2:

Be alone by annemaria48Oasis by taylowe82
A special Christmas present - Contest by Mylene-Cinspired by Grey C. Dixon by VanessaPaduaGrey's Inspirational 5 by whitetigerforever by RavienneArtA special Christmas present by Nesmaty
Song of Light by AWhispertoaDreamMy home by annemaria48
The wonderful world of Peter. by CharllieeArtsA special Christmas present - Contest by SherineSSDesigns

some influence:

better understand what
must be done.

some example similar to the drawings of Grey C. Dixon:

use your creativity and create something based on drawings, you can add more details to create something very different.

Yh4l797y by Wesley-Souza >>>> The witches dungeon by MadameThenadierDungeon Cover 149 by JamesRyman

J5cjcbjr by Wesley-Souza > A special Christmas present to Grey C. Dixon by Wesley-Souza
The secret pond by Lillucyka

>>>>> MECH WARS by ISIKOLArmor Support by vkucukemre

you have questions, ask.

good luck

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