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Sweet Dreams My Dear



:bulletblue: Children by Eirian-stock :iconeirian-stock: Bedtime Package I by Eirian-stock

:bulletblue: Water by Badinstinct :iconbadinstinct:

:bulletblue: Lamp by AnnaPaar :iconannapaar:

:bulletblue: Seahorses , fish and underwater plants by jinxmim :iconjinxmim:

:bulletblue: Coral by Tigers stock :icontigers-stock:

:bulletblue: vines by MaureenOlder :iconmaureenolder:

:bulletblue: Sea Chest by Moonchilde Stock :iconmoonchilde-stock:

:bulletblue: Bear by Tefee-stock :icontefee-stock:

:bulletblue: Bubble by me

:bulletblue: Tentacles [purchased]


my group :iconthe-imaginarium:


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Meu trabalho não pode ser editado nem modificado.
Obrigado !

My work may not be edited or modified.
Thanks !

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Hi! This is an amazing deviation, and I wanted to give you some feedback on it since you requested it. <img src="…" width="15" height="15" alt=":)" title=":) (Smile)"/> I hope that's OK.

You did a really great job capturing amazing, vibrant colors, and this piece has a lot of creativity and imagination. Your vision is very unique and effective, and it makes an interesting statement.

You did an OK job with blending in general, although the foreground could use a bit more blending with the background in terms of tone/hue and lighting. It kind-of looks like the foreground (the colorful stuff at the bottom) was pasted into the picture rather than really being integrated into the scene. I can tell that that's really not the case, but it is something to think about for future deviations.

I think the biggest problem for me in this deviation is that the "underwater" part doesn't look real. I like the tones and the feeling of the light coming through the windows, and of course you added bubbles here and there.... but overall it doesn't appear to be underwater; it just looks blue. You could edit that with a bit of texture, or considering how light is refracted underwater and makes ripples of light, etc.

Composition-wise, the eye is drawn to the tentacles and then to the little girl only secondarily; is that what you intended?

Finally, you have three sources of light, which is really difficult to work with in terms of shadow! But, think about where that light would fall and where the shadows would make things darker. Things have shadows, even underwater. But, overall, you worked hard to get those sources of light to be consistent, and you can tell you put a lot of time into it. Think, too, about what the different "strengths" of the light would be and therefore how much glow (and what color) they would be casting on their surroundings.

Overall, I was really excited to see this piece in our gallery because it is so fresh and unique. I think you've got a ton of talent, and I really look forward to seeing what you come up with in the future!!