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Dragon Stock PNG


Bullet; Green Credit ME and put the link to this stock in the description of your work.

Bullet; Green If you use my stock, send me a link (via note or comment on the stock used).

Bullet; Green You don't need my permission to submit your work as a print.

Bullet; Green Ok for commercial work.

Bullet; Green You can post your work on other sites, but put credit.

Bullet; Red Be creative, do not just change the colors

Bullet; Red Don't use in any pornographic or racial way.

Bullet; Red Don´t make premade backgrounds, tubes or brushes with my stock.

Bullet; Red You are not allowed to re-post my stock on any other site.

FAQ #157:Can I use things created by other people in my submissions?
FAQ #217:What are "Stock and Resources" and can I use them in my submissions?
Tips for Beginners Members - part 2 (stock)I realized that many people have difficulties about what are stock images and how and why to credit stock providers, and how linking back to the used stock photos, I refer here: Dear Photomanipulators from CD-STOCK ( thanks CD-STOCK ), so here is a tutorial journal especially about stock.
Review the first part here: Tips for Beginners Members you can find useful things.
This second part you will find all the basic and initial information about stock image.
I've talked about stock in my previous journals, but I also needed a journal only about stock, then decide to collect everything and put here.
What are Stock?

  Aquick explanation: available images for use in personal or commercial, free or paid.

More stocks here , Free stocks here and premium here

recent stocks:

Blue Texture Stock by Wesley-Souza
Forest Premade by Wesley-Souza
Butterflies Oranges Stock Package by Wesley-Souza

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Used here thanks :)  The story of dragon warrior by annemaria48
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Used here thanks :)  My Little Dragon Is Back by annemaria48
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thanks for the use :D
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Used here thanks :)  Okra by annemaria48
annemaria48's avatar
Used here thanks :)  The little dragon by annemaria48
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Used here, thank you. The witch and the little dragon by Julianez
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You're welcome Wesley. :)
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Used here : Dark
Thankyou.. :)
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No, :)  I found your dragon from the contest btw :D
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thx used it here:

The Evil Dragon by Alobyss
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used here: dragon Kingdom by Energiaelca1
Thank you very much
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