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  ! prices may change. First weeks are promotional so make sure to jump on the bandwagon

Contact me:

Standard Offer

Sketch 8-10$

description: I like to make painting sketches; they have a certain degree of transparency.
No problem with more detailed and cleaned ones. I can also apply color and quick light&shade (+2$).

Sketch by WerzkiJade by WerzkiCoffee Break by Werzki

Lineart 16$

description: It can be a clean one or more sketchy if You like.

Lneart by WerzkiDeep Inside 1.0 by WerzkiEskapist: Draqoniers by Werzki

Flat color 24$

description: The color palette depends on your preferences; also includes applying simple patterns.

Flats by WerzkiGeishastyle by WerzkiE: Draqoniers - flats by Werzki

Shading 32$

description: I tend to prepare a few versions with a different color of light and cast shadows.

Heim2 by WerzkiCultural Streetwear: Japan by WerzkiTerakotasquad by Werzki

FULL Illustration 34$ - 40$

description: The price depends on the complexity of the background and various more or
less complicated elements. In the end, the illustration takes a lot of time and effort. 
It also depends on the technique.

First2.3 by WerzkiMephst1 by WerzkiChapter I - Liberator of Ephett, by WerzkiBudha Kopia3 by Werzki

Plus Offer

What is this about? These projects require a lot of my creativity and extra thought.
They're demanding in a sense, but I like this additional effort that comes with it.

Creature concept 28$

description: I often come across the fact that someone has an excellent idea for a
creature but can not visualize it. The preparation process is very tiring; it requires
a lot of sketching and customization on my behalf.

Sir1 by WerzkiSir2 by WerzkiMinotaur by WerzkiEskapist: Ongaku by WerzkiDeep Inside 1.1 by Werzki

Expression meme chart 14$

description: Basically, it's a series of headshots. My standard is 3x3 heads.

Expression Chart by Werzki

Comic pages 24$ - 30$ (per one)

description: A lot of planning, drawing, and thinking. One comic page is already a pile of
full-fledged pictures. It all depends on the complexity and the number of panels.
I do not usually work on the script, but I am happy to give You opinion.

Eskapist (ENG) - 10 by WerzkiEskapist (ENG) - 8 by WerzkiEskapist (ENG) - 13 by Werzki

Species concept 30$ - 35$

description: Designing creatures with a specification, their external features,
biological details, schemes of internal organs and so on... 

Phantasms: Taleentitiers, Lichajs - Eskapist ENG by WerzkiUrojeni: Basniowce, Nomadzi Jalowcowi - Eskapist by WerzkiPhantasms: Taleentitiers, Draqoniers -Eskapist ENG by WerzkiPhantasms: Fabliers - Chocholes - Eskapist ENG by Werzki

Payment & Rules

+ I do not officially start until I confirmed with You essential details and delivered
a few initial sketches. When we reach an agreement, I will ask for 50% of the price in advance.

+I always try to give an approximate date of finishing my job.

+I will not request final payment until I finish the project and show the final screenshot
(unless you choose to trust me).

+ I will provide weekly updates until my work is completed. I'm quite a workaholic, so
I'll probably be able to send WIPs more often than that. It depends on how busy
I am with my job and life.

+ For FREE I will send over printable files and open files (PSD) once the final payment is made.


+ Please contact me via e-mail (preferable way: or through DeviantArt priv.

+ I prefer PAYMENT VIA PAYPAL: pay me as "goods and services" and please do NOT include an address.

+ I prefer payment in USD.


+ Please credit me if you repost the commissioned drawing somewhere

+If you want to use my work for commercial purposes, please tell me so we can discuss terms.


realistic, mecha

I have no issues with gore and NSFW though I have never done that before, I think is an exciting thing to do.

NOTE: prices may change. First few weeks are promotional so make sure to jump on the bandwagon when the prices are low.  ;-)

If you request a very detailed commission, the price will go up.

I do not always have to accept a given offer. When the project does not suit me - I will write why I am not able to execute it.

 Contact me:

and please

Just have a nice day!

Logo3 by Werzki


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Magnus-Strindboem Featured By Owner Oct 7, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thanks for the fave on  Bannockburn: The English by Magnus-Strindboem  :) Have a great day! 
Helen-M123 Featured By Owner Aug 29, 2018  Student General Artist
Thank you very much for the watch! :D (Big Grin)
May I ask why you added me in your watchlist? Is there anything that you liked about me (like the art, the characters,ect)?
Werzki Featured By Owner Aug 29, 2018
Especially characters; I often add Deviants to my watchlist when I see some originality in their gallery and that 'spark' if You know what I mean by that. The very idea is what attracts me. Especially Galok, Sandreco and in 'That's me I guess" - interesting concepts with the specific flow. Plus worldbuilding, I like people who are creating their own worlds, stories and polishing ideas. And it's good to see that You decided to draw humans after experiencing BokuNoHeroAcademia, it's a nice story, to be inspired by something enough to get yourself out of comfort zone. Since I've decided to write this comment particularly long: the change and improvement in Your style is this extra cherry on top. Well, if I liked something best I would go with references, it was pleasant to read and getting introduced to the world. Great job! 
gielczynski Featured By Owner Aug 10, 2018
Dzięki za WATCHa :)
Unreal-Forever Featured By Owner Aug 7, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist
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