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Thank you for your help, I will develop the content of my DeviantART, if you can watch me, thank you very much.

Greetings, friends, Watch for watch! Llama for llama! Heart

Feel free to connect with me on Instagram, Twitter, and/or YouTube, I am an emerging pencil artist of several years trying to expand my platform :) (Smile) Any support is much appreciated! Happy New Year, deviants!!! Heart

Dumbo by AndyVRenditions   Wednesday Addams by AndyVRenditions  

I'm a traditional and digital drawer 
Who draws oc art and sometimes fanart 
Hoping to get my art noticed so I'll be
Doing watch for watch 
Adrian  and Marinette by cosmicinner
Hey everyone! If you do not know, i am currently making a webcomic. I wanted to post some of the pages here so I can not only get more traction and viewers, but also grow as an artist. The first page is up now, with the second one on the way. 

Hope you enjoy :3

Twineman's Rebuttal: Page 1 by NyanCreeperPony  
Hey all! I'm a newb to DA and I just started posting. Was hoping to get some feedback and maybe watchers of my work. Primarily it is pixel art, mainly Perler beads. Here's a few pix. Thanks!

Metroid Suitless Samus by CustomPixelCreations   SMB 3 - Boos and Racoon Mario by CustomPixelCreations   Metroid - Samus vs 2 Metroids by CustomPixelCreations   Megaman Frog by CustomPixelCreations   Link And Zelda Shelf by CustomPixelCreations  
Hi, I am a small artist that wants to grow on this platform. I currently have 178 watchers, give or take, as some are inactive/deactivated. I mainly draw Original Characters, however, I do dabble in Fandom Stuff, Mostly FNAF, Hazbin Hotel, and even TTTE Gijinka. So...if you're interested, come see me. I also do commissions. here are my prices. 

Here is some art that I post. 

A gift for the Vanny Simps before I start school by NyanCreeperPony   PINK FROG by NyanCreeperPony   just out of reach by NyanCreeperPony  

And my commision list. 

Nyan's Official Commission Sheet! (open) by NyanCreeperPony