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Twilight? TOILET.



I simply hate Twilight. But I respect authors: I am one (in the making) myself. So, despite how horribly bad I hate the author who destroyed the good name of vampires (I mean, F-IN'-SPARKLY-VAMPIRES. WHAT IN THE NAME OF CHEESY ROMANCE DID YOU DO?!) I cut out her name.

I hate it now that my friend, after reading the descriptions of the best vampire novels (like Dracula, Interview with the vampire, Cirque Du Freak, Blood and Gold, Queen of the Damned, Blackwood farm; just to name a few), just threw it on the ground and called them trash. I almost (literally) attempted murder on her.
She did ask about sparkly vampires. If she wasn't sick, I would have just murdered her there and then. I had books. And there were some other technology I could use at the library. Urgh. The book is contaminated and ought to be burnt. Poor trees. They've been made into trash.
Damn you SMeyers.

How do vampires sparkle? I don't remember that. I thought vampires were supposed to burn in the sunlight? Kill Edward Cullen. Yeah. I'll draw that. Soon.
With claws and silver. And other vampires in the background cheering the hero on. Yup. Killing the sissy Edward who can't even behave like a proper vampire. That'll be easy. He's just a wimpy bi-sexual kid who painted his skin white and glittery.

This was a blogskin picture I did up for my Twilight-obsessed friend (haha, she hates me now. Blah.)
Disclaimer: Books owned by Stephenie Meyers (the idiot who destroyed the name of vampires everywhere)
Picture owned by me.

Sorry for the long rant. Couldn't help it. Twilight simply sucks.
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Epic win. *is now my wallpaper*