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oil on board 80x60cm
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This looks like it came out of Fran Bow...

Not that that's a bad thing. I love creepy stuff like this.
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It really does! This person should've made art for them!
benltolte's avatar
If there's ever a Fran Bow 2, hopefully this guy is going to be the artist for it! ;P 
mudcat77's avatar
this reminds me of "When you own a big chunk of the bloody third world, the babies just come with the scenery."---Chrissy Hinds
Jorgemunicio's avatar
I will not be able to get sleep tonight because this painting. 
betoski89's avatar
so dark and creepy...I love it!
cranberrycorners's avatar
Love the interesting  contrast between the eerie atmosphere and bright colors.
KindergartenTeacher's avatar
"Eerie atmosphere, bright colors!" That's it exactly! 
kumpan's avatar
Awesome work!
EngelbertMaschine's avatar
I instantly fell in love with this piece, I wonder if this is on sale.
Great job.
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How absolutly marvelous this piece of yours is. You have a very unique style given the facial expressions, especially with that of the eyes and subtle curves of the face shape. :nod: I very much like the color tones here and the lighting. It amazes I that this is of Traditional Art. This is very beautiful and ponderous with a rather curious modesty. :aww: Wonderful job here.
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I see faces in the clothing, and one of them looks like Larva!
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