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Budapest by Night

Went to Budapest a couple of months ago and did this shot. It's nice to do some non-model related photography from time to time.

Looking closely, you will see this was actually taken while the Danube was at a much higher level than usual. The promenade is completely flooded and the water is flowing much more agressively. Still... as you can see... live goes on, seemingly oblivious to the peril the flooding has caused throughout Hungary.
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1600x1600px 1.26 MB
Canon EOS 50D
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8/1 second
Focal Length
35 mm
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Date Taken
Jun 8, 2010, 10:51:23 PM
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Amazing photo!
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This is really great!! The colors are amazing and the work you did with the light is superbe!!
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awesome colours! You did it! Perfect
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Great shot! I love Budapest, and like most capitals, it looks much more epic at night! :D
WernerEdgar's avatar
Love Budapest myself very much... actually considering of moving there for halve a year or something...
budapestbabe95's avatar
Yeah? And what do you like most about our city? :D Just out of curiosity. I don't know that many foreigners, you see. ^^"
WernerEdgar's avatar
I love the friendly people, the relaxed atmosphere, the secure feeling, the beautiful buildings, the wild parties... pretty much everything...

So, you live there?
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Yeah, 100% Hungarian and proud. :D The wildies parties are the best.

Where are you from, by the way?
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Oh right, didn't notice your username until now. =D I'm from Utrecht, the Netherlands btw. If I decide not to go for half a year, I'll visit Budapest for 1 or 2 weeks later this year anyway (probably August).

Which are the best parties / clubs in Budapest? (So I know where to go next time =))
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Well, I mostly go to pubs with some friends, but the best ones are definitely Szimpla, Marxim's, and Jégkert (the last two are really close to each other... if you care). There's also Moszkva tér Bisztró; it's full of weird people, but the cocktails are great. : D Yeah, and I think the best club is Bed Beach or Rio, and I used to go to Kaméleon too (it's mostly for teenagers though), sometimes, like half a year ago, but I think they had shut that down already. lol There's also White Angel; the music is great but the people are OLD there. Once we went there and we ran into my friend's FATHER. Freaking awkward. If you have some Hungarian friends, be sure to check out their house parties. They rock, and you don't risk running into random parents. :D
WernerEdgar's avatar
Wow thanks, that's a pretty decent list. Will try to check them out next time I'm there.

I've only been in Budapest for one week last year so I don't have any friends in Hungary yet, but I did completely fall in love with the city. So, you'll just have to pretend to be my first Hungarian friend. ;)

I think I did go to Bed Beach last time though, VIP table and everything. I thought it looked amazing, but unfortunately I already had a little too much to drink when I entered (and the free drinks @ the vip table didn't help) so I wasn't able to fully enjoy it at that time. Will definitely visit there again though, next time sober (at least when I enter the club ;)). I don't know about those other ones, but I did visit a very cool bar / abandoned torn down building (very old, but beautiful and very relaxed mood) with multiple bars / food stuffs somewhere near/in the center of Budapest.

Thanks again. If you ever plan to visit the Netherlands, let me know, I'll give you the grand tour. =D
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Wow, seems Hungarian drivers tend to push the pedals to the metal.

I was wondering you must took 30+ secs to get this, then I am shocked, 8 second!

Any way, the colors are awesome. Fantastic picture.
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This gorgeous work has been featured here: [link] wow, you got into two journals. :D Congrats! :D
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This very beautiful piece has been featured here: [link]
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Your work is featured in my journal :iconcocowaveplz:
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i realy like it!
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wonderful shot
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Wish I went with you :(
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