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The Bar Encounter

It's been an ETERNITY since I had a chance to draw something new in my "Kaika - The Space Taker" project! It started as an erotic detour from my usual stuff, but ended up been pretty solid and loveable child of mine - retro futuristic sci-fi future with a right proportions of humor, epic and drama. 

Yeah, I'm pretty stacked with commissions right now and this piece was my long-lasted project that I did step by step during 3-4 months. But hey, it's here, for people to behold! And - it's something mine for a change of pace! :D

Kaika have started to gather her potential crew. Space become pretty dangerous place, even for her, and trusty crew would be much more welcomed. First in her list - space gunslinger, Maximilian Frey better known as "The Diamond Duke". Kaika found him in a unusually large company of "girls that want to hang out with great men". In the reality of things, he's deep in debt and want to move on and earn a quick space credits. He is indeed a great gunslinger, but pretty arrogant and full of himself, but that's something that Kaika can play out just right...
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"So a human, a cat and a rabbit walk into a bar--"

Love the work, darling. Always a pleasure.

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How fun! I love the sci-fantasy vibe!