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Hello Everyone! Sorry for the delay, but without further delay, the winner of January's writing completion is the piece "Photographing Werewolves" by Mark-Ethan-Syron A very well written piece which played off the original prompt very nicely, I suggest giving it a read if you haven't already!!

I will have next month's competition hopefully out by February 1st if people are interested. Until then happy writings!

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Code Redd: Chapter 3: TakenThere I stood with a puny kitchen knife. The room was covered in black ash. A fireplace was lit, spitting flames into the room. Smithens and Harper were both crouched on the charred floor, hands cuffed. While looking around the room, I forgot about the threat. I looked strait ahead. Ronan sporting his beetle black trench coat, and was standing behind a heavy wooden desk in front of me with a small revolver in his left hand. "Redd!" Smithens shouted. He started to stand up and gestured for the door. "Get out while you still can!" "Enough with you." Ronan said coldly. Distracted by Smithens, I heard a gunshot, and felt the knife in my hand fall. Stricken with shock, I fell onto the floor, I raised my hands into the air, and I started to cough. My heart beat into my ears, making everything else become drowned out. When the moment passed, Ronan said "Now that you cannot defend yourself, I'm going to give you a choice." He said with a static expression on his face. With one hand on the ground, I pushed up and got to my feet, brushing off the ashes. "What are my options?" I looked at him with a firm face, but inside I was terrified. He had that gun pointed strait at my chest. "Well, Redd, if that's your real name, you have two options." This could be devastating, so I have to pay close attention to what he says. "Come with me, and your friends are spared; or go back to your day and let your new friends come with me for a little bit of... ENSLAVEMENT!" His voice went from cold to blazing in a matter of seconds. His hellish grin showed crooked teeth. "So, what will it be?" "No Redd, don't do i-" Smithens shrieked, before he was cut off by a gunshot. The man in the blue coat hit his right shoulder. Smithens brought the cuffs up to his bleeding shoulder, breathing deeply. I stood still, simply in fear and confusion. Looking at Smithens, and then back at the man, I made up my mind. "I-I will come with you." I murmured with a tight knot in my throat. The man slowly walked away from his desk. "Very well," he muttered dryly, "You two are pardoned." He uncuffed Harper and Smithens. They walked out unharmed, but the man grabbed and squeezed my wrist. "Come with me Redd, and I will show you the customs of The Order of Silver December." He ushered me out of Condo 33, his hand still painfully squeezing my wrist, his other with the revolver to my head, and we walked down the stairs and out of the decrepit building. We made our way to the barren parking lot. The black CR-V from the Pancake Den glared at me in the lot. A thought came to me that this was Ronan's car, and the station wagon was likely Chad and Humph's. Ronan opened the backseat door, and let go of my only to shove me in. The gun at my back, he pointed with his free hand to the opened door."Yes, Ronan." I complied, as I entered the vehicle. Ronan slammed the door with one hand, and I heard the locks click. I looked at the locks, they were obstructed by clear plastic boxes nailed into the door, meaning that the only way to open the door was from the outside. I looked at both of the windows, both were blacked out. The seats were also furnished in black. A black plastic panel with what looked like breathing holes separated the rear compartment from the driving compartment. The only light was that coming from the breathing holes. Ronan took his place and put the key into the ignition. We drove together in silence for what felt like hours, but Ronan decided to break that silence. "You shouldn't worry too much." I did not know what he meant, but I thought it best to just let him continue talking. "You may think that you saved those two's lives today, but in all actuality, you've doomed many more." The road suddenly fealt rough all of the sudden. My body was jerking back and forth in my seat. And then everything became much smoother, almost at the flip of a switch. I heard Ronan murmur something under his breath, but I didn't think it very important. A few more minutes pass, and the car came to a hauling screech. "Where are we?" I asked worryingly. "We are at our Otsego facility, where you are going to work with us." I could smell smoke seeping in from the plastic barrier. "The Order has four separate facilities, the Otsego facility being the largest." Ronan's voice became dry all of the sudden, I was hoping that he was choking on his cigarette. "Where are the other three?" "That's a secret that you don't have the clearance for." Ronan said bluntly. "Besides, I drove you here for about four hours that way you would feel the extent of your choice." I heard the locks click again, and the door open. Footsteps marched to my door, and instead of Ronan being the one to usher me out, it was some sort of grunt that was bedecked in leather and armor. The grunt forced me out of the back seat, and wrapped my arms onto my back, and put chillingly cold cuff onto my wrists. We were already in a blindingly white parking garage of sorts when the grunt started talking, "This is the Otsego Training and Detention Facility. You are here to be trained to capture and, if necessary, kill those afflicted with lycanthropy." The grunt's voice was very deep and throaty, and made me worry about my choice in passing. We were walking just outside of the main building now, "Your face is already in our database.If you try to escape, all of our security staff will be looking for you, and since they don't like their sense of peace and quiet interrupted, you will not like the consequences." That was not very necessary, but now I know how uptight this place is. "Keep up orders, and you will eventually be rewarded with the badge." He marched me into a small atrium painted with red and grey. The only things that I really noticed were a couple of blood red elevators, two dome-like shapes mounted onto the ceiling, and a cat walk overhead which was obscuring whatever was up there. There he removed the cuffs, and I gently messaged my wrists. The grunt handed me a pistol, saying "Don't get any ideas, those domes aren't just cameras." He then pointed his gloved finger at an elevator, "You are going to go down to floor B2 and monitor the dentist's office. They have a few rippers coming to them, and our dentists need all of the protection that they can get." I had no idea how a pistol worked, so I decided to ask, "How do I use this thing?" The grunt took the pistol from my hand, pulled a switch which caused a clip to come out of the bottom of the gun, and then shoved the clip back into its place. He handed it back to me, and forcefully pointed to the elevator again. I held the pistol, finger on the rim of the trigger, and saw a small button, and pressed it. "You just turned the safety off, probably not a good idea." The grunt warned. I pressed the button again with annoyance painted on my face. I pushed the elevator button as fast as I could, waited, and then entered the silver enterior of the elevator. Riding the elevator to the basement was probably the easiest thing that I did today. I was alone in the elevator, the grunt probably expects me not to listen and get myself killed. He's underestimating me, but that might just be his plan; to get me to have the audacity to disobey his commands, and sign my own death warrant. I have to be as attentive as possible, as being naive has no place here. I don't know how I'm going to get out, I should just make the most out of it. The light at the top of the doorway read 'B2' and so the large steel doors opened. I took a breath, and paced into the basement. A strangely sweet smell filled my nostrils. I saw a man sitting at a corner desk, who looked up at me. "Your personal data assistant, sir." He placed a tablet onto the desk, and I took it. The device scanned my face, and a ding sounded from the tablet. 'Orders: Monitor Dr. Manord Croy in his dental operation' the white text read on the screen. "Strait down this hall and to the left." The receptionist said blankly. I took his directions indifferently, and proceeded with my hapless task. My destination was a large glass door that had 'Oral Surgery' printed in black on its window. I heaved the door open, and say a tall, white haired skinny man in a blue apron hunched over an operation table. I walked in as another man dressed in armor was leaving where I had entered, and he nudged me spitefully as I brushed by him. I stood in a corner of the immaculate blue room, watching as the doctor pulled teeth and installed metal ones . I knew what this was, who these people were. These were the ones that lashed out and bit people out of fear or anger. The doctor appeared to have had them already sedated before the procedure, but the way the operation was performed was appalling. I noticed that the patients were all wearing strange bracelets, but I assumed that that would be cleared later. I heard the dentist say things like "This one forgot to brush." and "Filthy ripper." Rippers must be the rebels, and I personally didn't want to know how they got that nickname. I heard another beep on my PDA, and I started to meander to the door, where a silhouette of a guard was about to fulfill my position. Right then, the inmate on the operation table awoke from his drug induced slumber and started screaming with half of his teeth removed, "Don't let them Otsegolate me! Please, MAKE IT STOP!" The dentist acted quickly, and shoved a giant needle into the inmate's bare wrist. The inmate, screaming and crying, slowly grew drowsy, and was sedated. The grunt who took my roll did it fast, and without a word. I took this time to look at my PDA. 'Orders: Go to the Warden's Office on floor 2' the small screen read. Well, orders are orders, and I wonder what they are planning. I marched back to the red elevator, pressed the up arrow button, and waited. As I was waiting, I was also wondering what all of this meant. The bands, the mention of 'Otsegolation', I have no idea what all of that meant. The elevator arrived with a ding, and the doors shuttered and opened. I walked into the silver elevator, and pressed the button that said 'Floor 2'. That's when I noticed something: There were only five floors total, meaning that there were four levels above me. The elevator moved so fast that I lost my train of thought, and already arrived at my destination. Floor 2 was nearly identical in setup as the second level of the basement, which was very odd. There was another receptionist at their desk, occupied by their computer. I noticed a plaque on the wall, which read 'Warden's Office, F2-4' along with other destinations printed. I walked down the aisle to the office, and slung the glass door open. I saw a black leather chair behind a desk, turned to face away from me. As soon as I shut the door, a low voice said, "You are late, Redd." The chair swished to the left, reveling who was in control. Ronan sat behind the desk, yet again, with his hands folded in a triangle. "Let's discuss some things, as I'm sure that you have questions for me." I knew that this was a trap, but I still had many questions about this place. Thoughts were running through my head, and I let curiosity get the best of me.
Code Redd: Chapter 2: TenementsGunshots rang in my ears as I sat upright, panting after this awesome encounter. I looked to my left, the man, now a giant werewolf-like being, looked back. His clothes were a little bit ripped from his transformation, but it wasn't too bad. He now had a toned, muscular physique instead of a slightly pudgy one. His now yellow eyes stared me down. His thick brown mane of fur spiked and jutted out all over. His tail sat on the floor, it must've been at lest two feet long. I stared at him for a moment. "T-thank you for saving my life." I managed to get out. "You're welcome." He said in a deep voice, away with the nasally one he once had. "Just kidding, my voice isn't that deep." Oh, I was greatly mistaken as his voice remained almost the same. "The name's Smithens Brown, but you can call me Smithy. It's nice to meet you!" He held out one of his massive hand-paws. I shook it awkwardly, his grip was ridiculously firm, likely due to being more toned in this form. "Please get that flower away from me!" He shouted as I realized that I still had Wolf's Bane in my other hand. "Sorry about that," I said as I threw it off of the roof, looking back with a smile, and saying, "Hi, friends call me Redd. " I was still a little shaky from the ordeal below, and I was a little conflicted thinking that the people shooting at us were friends. Yet he responded well, I could tell because a sort of smile formed on his muzzle. "Why- how did we get up here? How did you survive that gunshot?" My mind was racing with so many questions. After all, this was my first experience with a lycanthrope. "First question is simple," he said coolly, "I grabbed you and then bounded to the roof!" He answered gingerly. He paused shortly to allow it to sink in. Wow, he actually did it? Astonishing! "Second one is even simpler, he didn't," my mouth dropped in awe, "He missed!" That was a very lucky thing! He looked at me with his yellow eyes, a little bit wide, as I opened and shut my mouth, unable to even speak. "H-how?" I couldn't speak, my voice was practically a whisper. "Wouldn't they try to get up here?" I was sweating all over the place. My button up shirt suddenly felt as if a snake was crushing my torso. "They can try, but good thinking." He was now crouched on the concrete roof. "Come here, I'll show you were I live." I walked toward him, he grabbed me, and he bounded off of the roof, and onto many other roofs, until we reached the roof of a small condominium complex. The condo complex was very run-down. The light grey siding of the building had several dents in it. Looking down, the concrete pillars of the entrance were heavily eroded, with thousands of holes in it, making it look like a grey sponge. The roof was pure concrete, aside from a grey metal door and a small dish for television. "Ok, let's go into that door." Smithens said, pointing to the grey door. "Everyone here's family, sort of." He opened the door with his brown hand-paw. "Oh right," His beast-like features faded as he reverted back to a human. His clothes looked like crap, but he didn't mind. I asked if the clothes mattered, and he said "Remember, everyone here's family, and know about my other form." We were walking down the uneven stairs to Floor 3, were his home is. As we walked into Floor 3, I couldn't help but notice that it smelled horribly of smoke. There were four doors on this floor. The laminate floor was stained with coffee by one of the doors marked '31'. The door that should have been '33' had its nob broken and was sealed with a wooden beam. "Were is your condo?" I couldn't help but ask. I was new to this whole thing. "Right here," he said as he pulled out a shiny bronze key, "Home." The door labeled '32' was now ajar, and had a smell emitting from it like lavender, battling with the strong scent of smoke. I gave a slight cough, and entered room '32' with Smithens. There were four main rooms to Smithy's condo. There was a living room were the front door was, a bathroom, a bedroom, and a very small kitchen. There was now brown carpet instead of laminate wood. "Nice place Smithy!" I said it and meant it. He made the place look good for what it was. The living room was cozy looking, having a sleeper sofa, television with a very old Xbox under its stand, and coffee table with comic books piled on top of it. The paint throughout the condo was maroon, likely to compliment the carpet, which was every were but the bathroom and kitchen. "It isn't much, but it's home." Smithens told me while we were sitting on the sofa. He looked at me, anticipating something. "How-" "I was forced in here because of The Order a few days ago." He spread his arms, "Everything here was from my old house after they raided it to send it here." He crossed his arms, "The carpet and paint job were courtesy of a former occupant who was murdered the day before I moved in by The Order after he tried to stand up against them." He was now looking at the carpeted ground. "They use this place to house us, to hide us from the outside world. Those that resist the way I did, well, did you see Condo 33?" A very angry expression crossed his face, as one would when one is forced into a place like this. Now it was me looking at the ground. It made sense that The Order would want to oppress them. They are afraid of them. "Everyone on this floor drank that stupid drink or got infected through a scratch or bite," He explained, "That drink has cost many lives and minds to be lost." I was confused when he said 'drink'. Looking into his defeated-looking face, I asked, "What drink?" He was silent, he then spoke with a sad tone in his voice. "Have you been living under a rock for the past week? It was Fre4k Drink that caused this to happen to us." He was obviously frustrated by my ignorance. Putting some thought into it, I remember hearing about some energy drink that was contaminated with something. Of course! I remember hearing it in advertisements online. "Who is in our home, darling?" A somewhat squeaky voice said from the hallway. "I thought you were at work." A young, brunette woman walked into the living room. Her face was a little narrow, and her eyes were a bright green. She wore a grey blazer, canvas shoes, and a green skirt. She was around five foot four, but made her height bear over the sofa. Her hands were on her hips, and a frown stuck on her face. "Honey, please, I-" Smithens was cut off. "Don't 'honey' me Smithy!" She was angry. Her green eyes were burning into his. Sweat was starting to flood down Smithy's forehead. "We cannot afford to lose your job." Her eyes slowly creeped over to me. "What the- Who are you? What Are you doing here?" I gulped. I think that my coat made it look as if I was one of The Order. "I am not who I look like" "He's a friend of mine. I saved him from The Order of Silver December at my job." Smithens said, although a little bit shaky sounding. He cleared his throat. "People call me Redd." I said uncomfortably. She was looking at me as if she wanted to take my head off. "W-well it might be because of this coat, or because it was my username in a chatroom." I was very nervous. This lady looked like she meant to hurt me. "Why did you save this trash Smithens? Can't you see-" "I saved him from getting shot because they were going to initiate him by going out and killing one of us. That's how they get the badges, remember? Look at his collar," the lady looks at my collar were a silver bullet badge should be pinned on it, "See? He isn't one of them!" "He's not one of us either." The lady said with spite in her voice. Her eyes were flaring, and her finger nails and teeth looked sharp. "Redd means you no harm." Smithy was trying to save my life yet again. "If he really wanted to be one of them, he would have ran at the sight of me." He was looking very stressed, but content with his retort. "Oh, I get that." She looked at me with fire in her eyes. Black fur was starting to grow down her arms and legs. "How do you like this?" She growled at him, her squeaky voice still the same. A muzzle was starting to form around her mouth and nose. Her ears became somewhat circular, like a bear's. Her fingers became larger to form retractable claws. Her arms became a little bit bigger and a little more muscular. Her shoes stretched a little bit, and claws stuck out of the side of the shoe. A slim black tail grew, slinging around carelessly, knocking over some comic books. Her changes started to finalize, and she stood over me, at least a foot taller than she was before. I sat there, speechless. Her green eyes were bulging out of her head for my answer. The werepanthress (I assume) was about to put me into a tin can, but I had to think fast. "I'm not scared of a big kitty like you." Crap, wrong move. She stood there, a little hunched over because of the ceiling, and laughed. "Oh, silly me. I meant the trash needs to be taken out, not you Redd. It was just a little weird seeing a dude with a red trench coat on in our little home." Good lord, what a relief that was. "Sorry for that." "You're fine." I said as I felt the blood from my face drain. "What is your name?" I was trying to be polite, despite the stressful situation. "The name is Harper," she outstretched her black handpaw, "I am a werepanthress," I smiled at my correct guess of her werespecies, "And I live with this darling of mine." She started pinching Smithy's face gently. "Now, the trash dear?" "Oh the trash, s-sure thing Harper, dear." He said meekly, as if heavily intimidated by his girlfriend. I could not blame him. Instead, I said "I'll get it for you." The two looked at me. "I insist!" I said in a shy voice. Harper gave a sharp grin, and Smithens nodded, wiped his brow and got up to show me were the trash can was. I grabbed the bag, and left the condo, first floor bound. I went out front, found a dumpster, and threw the garbage bag were it needed to be. I then was about to return to the third floor hallway. Condo 33 appeared to my left. Mesmerized by the boarded up door, I noticed that the board was not actually in the door's way, and that there weren't any hinge bolts. I stood facing it in awe. The smell of blood crossed my nose along with smoke. In fact, they were coming from the same room! Behind this door! I put my ear to the door. "You lychans need to be taken under control. I already took two lives because of this sort of behavior." A hoarse voice was lecturing. A wet cough sounded. "Please, I was just-" A nasally voice chipped in. Panic seemed to explode from the door itself. "No Smithens, you messed up." It was Smithens! I had to think. "You are going to end up like the other two, and instead of your tenement becoming another office of The Order of Silver December, it will be cleaned out, and we will force the next one of you monsters we catch into it." Crying was now penetrating through the door. I looked at the door. Wait a minute, no hinges! this door opens inward! I looked behind me, Condo 32 was still ajar, I had to get a weapon! I ran in, speeding passed the living room and darting into the kitchen. I searched the countertop frantically for a steak knife. I finally found one after too much wasted time. I bolted out of the condo, and kicked Condo 33's door in. "Ah, welcome!" Hell awaited me passed the threshold.
Code Redd: Chapter 1 : The MeetupI awoke to a beautiful bright beam of sunshine blossom into my bedroom. The beam illuminated the indigo walls with several posters tacked on. I had a big day today. Today I was going to meet a man named Ronan with a few of my other friends, Chad and Humph. We had all met in a chatroom about five days ago, two days after the first incident. They had been talking about the news reports that were aired all over the country. I personally thought it sensational until I began seeing posts all over the internet. Everything went viral. Literally. And in the hysteria brought those three together. I just joined in and they liked my attitude, and invited me to meet them in a Pancake Den. I was surprised when they said to meet me, but especially there of all places. I accepted to do it because they had said that they had information about everything going on. I was getting dressed in some of my more casual clothes. I put on a blue button up tee shirt, a pair of khakis, and some checkered slip-ons. I combed my hair and brushed my teeth. All of the normal stuff. I looked in the mirror, I wasn't as disheveled as I looked before. That's a positive. I grabbed my car keys, watch, and cell phone. I was ready. The slim wooden front door opened, and I was going into my car. My car was a silver Honda Civic. It wasn't anything special, but it did its job. I turned my key and then everything was starting up, my music, my dashboard, everything. I put on my phone to silent, and sat it in a cup holder. Everything starting up made me nervous for the day to come. I didn't know these people that well, but I hope that their information about the happenings put me at ease. I was pulling into the district were the Pancake Den was. The yellow paint on the businesses were peeling off of the walls, the road was beaten to Hell and back, and trash littered the curbside. I saw a giant square building with a Pancake Den sign just outside of it. This Pancake Den was definitely not in the nice side of town. Parking wasn't that difficult as there was only three other cars in the lot. There was a green Ford station wagon, a white Saturn LS2, and a black Honda CR-V. I wondered if they had carpooled, but I later dropped the thought. I opened the large glass door with a pull. The grungy restaurant smelled like grease and lots of ammonia. There were a few booths that had large tears in them, the stools at the front of the pancake bar were battered, and the laminate tables likely had lots of chewing gum stuck under them by rude kids. There were people siting in the back corner, waving me over to their booth. I walked over, my stomach started to hurt which is never a good sign. Something was definitely off, but I couldn't quite put my finger on it. "Hey there man." A rather tubby man, wearing a Slipknot shirt with long black hair extending past his shoulder blades and also wearing mutton chops said, "You know you're late, ReddZed." Yes, I did not tell them my name, just one that I made up that sounded cool. The man saw a puzzled expression on my face and said in a bold baritone voice, "I'm Humph," he was obviously trying to be friendly, "And I ordered you some pancakes." He pushed a plateful of pancakes my way, I gleefully took them. "Someone's looking hungry." This time it was a scrawny guy with a shaved head. He looked like he was in his early twenties. He wore a grey Adidas jacket that had looked as if he had been wearing it for a year. The kid later said in a mildly excited voice, "I'm Chad. I have had my eye on this thing ever since Day Zero." This was the paranoid one I'm supposing. His blue beady eyes were fixed on my pancakes. I put my hand out to get the attention of the only employee in the place. He glanced up, a mild frown on his lip indicated he was not happy. A thin mustache spread out over his lip to match his frown. He opened the bar gate, only for Chad to say "Never mind him." The employee simply went back, and looking more frustrated than before. "Don't mind him either." The third one started. This must be Ronan. He looked older than the others, probably in his late thirties and was wearing a black dress shirt. Grey streaks were abundant in his otherwise black hair. His face, especially under his eyes, sagged as if he hadn't slept for days. "If you couldn't already guess, I'm Ronan." He looked me in the eyes. "Now, you said that you wanted to know about these, er, incidents, yes?" I nodded. "Good. Come with us." He put fifty dollars onto the laminate table, indicating that their service was over. Everyone got up from their booth, and began making their way to the glass door. We all wandered into the run-down parking lot. Humph pointed and said "We rode in that station wagon over there." I watched as they went over to the vehicle. We all were standing around the station wagon. Ronan was in the trunk, rummaging around piles of junk until he found what he wanted, which he let everyone know with a yelp of joy. "Yes! Found them!" Ronan exclaimed as he pulled out a beetle black trench coat with a badge shaped like a silver bullet that was pinned onto the collar of the coat. He pulled out three other coats of different colors, grey, blue, and finally, red. Chad and Humph seemed to stand idly by, as if this was normal. "These," he put on the black trench coat, "Are to protect you from bites and scratches that those freaks give ya." "Yeah," Chad turned to his head to me, "Trust me, those little things can really mess you up." "No joke," Ronan's frown showed that he was not amused, "Anyway, just don't get bit and you can be one of us." His face was now contorted into a mildly manic smile, he looked toward Chad. "Here son, take your coat." He gave the grey coat to Chad, his beady eyes flashing in excitement. The coat had the same badge as the black one. Ronan gave the blue coat to Humph, the same badge was on his coat as the rest. "Now it's your turn, apprentice." He grabbed the red coat from his trunk, however, the silver bullet badge was not on this one. I took my coat, and let one very stupid question slip from my lips. "Why is the badge not on my coat?" I asked as I put it on. I was genuinely interested. They all turned in my direction. Ronan, looking offended, pushed me to the ground. I felt a small pop on one of my ribs, I don't think that it was broken. I looked up at him. "How dare you!" Ronan was royally pissed off. His eyes bulged out of his tense face. He slapped me in the face. "You don't have a badge because we haven't initiated you yet!" He was screaming at the top of his lungs. Chad and Humph stood there, arms crossed, laughing at me. "Hey, let's get the Wolf's Bane, maybe we should make sure that he isn't one of them." Chad's voice rang all over the lot, his eyes bulging in anticipation for me to get beaten to death. "Good idea Chad, couldn't say it better myself!" Ronan fooled around in his trunk until his face lit up as he pulled out a purple flower. "This is Wolf's Bane, it's lethal for the lycanthropes to consume, and poisonous to humans that consume it." He also pulled out a pistol, likely to intimidate me to eat the damn flower. "Here, take the Wolf's Bane, and do it now." I complied, taking the stem of the flower. "Eat it." "Hey!" I heard a rather nasally voice yelling right before I put the flower into my mouth. Was it help? "Leave him alone!" I turned around to see the employee that was standing behind me. "Oh yeah," Ronan looked pissed as he aimed the gun to the man's head, "Don't tell me what to do." The man put his hand on my shoulder gently, likely to reassure me. "Don't touch him!" Ronan shouted as he put his finger on the trigger. The man's grip tightened on my shoulder. I closed my eyes, and hear a gunshot. Impact wasn't existent, was I dead? I opened one eye, Ronan had a smoking pistol in his hand. I felt the grip of the man not loosen, but tighten. I peered over at my shoulder, wanting to se how this was possible. There was now a clawed hand on my shoulder. I opened both eyes, but before I could get a better look at my back, I was on the roof of the Pancake Den....
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:bulletblue: This includes fanfiction and fanart, but it MUST have a main plotline including werecreatures.
:bulletblue: Any and all submissions MUST include a werecreature. Exceptions will be deleted from the gallery.
:bulletblue: All submissions are automatically approved, but will be reviewed by ~LucarioWolf5. If deemed inappropriate, irrelevant, etc, it will be deleted from the group gallery.
:bulletblue: Co-Founders are able to review submissions, but must contact ~LucarioWolf5 if they are considering deleting it.

:bulletred:All of deviantART rules apply to this group, obviously.
:bulletred:Try to get along :)
:bulletred:If a member is harassing another member, just note ~LucarioWolf5 and they will be warned. If they continue to harass, they will be blocked.
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"Photographing Werewolves"…
One seeks me out immediately. It is a drawing of one of these things that catches my attention. The description underneath the caption says, “Seven or so feet high with massive claws. Be weary of traveling near their North America habitat. Known to attack without provocation to protect identity. These things are called Werewolves”.

" A Witch's Tale"…
In an abandoned house lied a witch. This was no ordinary witch. He had been casted out of his society for and unspeakable act. Now he lives on the run as he is chased down by his brethren.

"The Hunt"…

Only when the child is strong enough to handle the stress of the transformation would the child be able to change shape. It was pure luck that Shawn hadn’t begun his monthly cycles while out of Mary and John’s care. Fear enveloped her as she read that young were-lings have been burned alive by townsfolk who wanted to destroy the beast within.

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Hi, sorry I've been absent so long.  Life hasn't been kind for the past few years.  I haven't written anything since early 2014 and it doesn't look like that will change very soon.  I see you've done well here and really don't need me so please drop me as co-admin.  Good luck to you all and the best for the future.
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Plz sign to get a classic kung fu werewolf into Marvel VS Capcom Infinite 
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Hey uh Rebel, do you think it's possible for me to get a folder for Lupine Soldier and it's upcoming sequel? By the time I'm finished with the rewrites and writing it'll be well over 40 chapters overall. Thanks :D
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Thanks again for the interest!
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