Want to get better at drawing wolves and werewolves? View this list for awesome resources to help you along your way!

Fur Tutorials
ShadowUmbre's Fur Tutorial
Realistic Fur Tutorial by KITTmaster
Jen's  Fur Tutorial *
Zukka's  Wolf Fur Tutorial
Fur and Eye tutorial
Yellow-Eye's  Wolf Fur Tutorial *
Sepiaa's  Fur Tutorial
Dark-Sheyn's Fur Tutorial
Faustbane's Pixel Fur Tutorial *
Fur Tutorial  *
ShadowUmbre's  Fur Tutorial
Kaylink's  Photoshop Tutorial
cottondragon's  Wolf Tutorial - Part I
cottondragon's  Wolf Tutorial - Part II
cottondragon's  Wolf Tutorial - Part III
SaxGirl1010's  Fur Tutorial
Fatal-Mantis's  Fur Tutorial
Novawuff's  Fur Tutorial *
Novawuff's (updated) Fur Tutorial *
Kesame's  Shading Tutorial *
CunningFox's  Painting Tutorial *
Yellow-Eye's  Windy Day Walk-Through *
Moment  Painting Walkthrough

Goldenwolf's  Tutorial - Part I *
Goldenwolf's  Tutorial - Part II
Goldenwolf's  Tutorial - Part III
ART-fromthe-HEART's Traditional Fur Tutorial
Colored Pencil Fur on Black Tutorial
Watercolor Werewolf Tutorial

Coloring Tutorials

Coloring  Black Fur
Colored  Pencil Tutorial
Bloodhowl's  Basic Coloring Tutorial
Real  Media Wolf Coloring Tutorial
Feyrah Wolf Coloring Walk-Through
Werewolf Pelt Color Tutorial
Anatomy Tutorials
Crystal-Eye  Eye Tutorial
Anthro Werewolf Tutorial
Anthro Werewolf Tutorial Part I
Anthro Werewolf Tutorial Part II
Drawing  Realisitc Wolves  Part I *
Drawing  Realistic Wolves - Part II *
How  To Draw A Wolf by PearlEden *
Werewolf Anatomy by sugarpoultry *
Wolf  Head Tutorial
Wolf  Paw Tutorial
Yellow  Eye's Paws and Hands
Yellow-Eye's  Eye Tutorial *

Know of any more? Note us and we'll post it!

There of course is our werewolf specific tutorial gallery. ;)


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