Welcome to WerewolvesAtHeart! We are so glad you want to be apart of our werewolf lovin' community!

:devart: WE LOVE WEREWOLVES! - We are a group devoted to the expression of our inner lycanthrope through art and the written word. Werewolves are our passion! Whether it be bloodthirsty werewolves or gentile fun lovin' werewolves, we love it all!

:devart: THE BIGGEST AND THE BEST! - Our goal is to simply be the best werewolf group on all of deviantart! Some of the greatest werewolf artists of all time are on deviantArt, as well as members of our group! No other group compares!

Our group is designed to have the best in werewolf artwork and writing. We are constantly searching dA to find artists and artwork that are the standard of excellence. We want our group to be the #1 place to find all your werewolf needs, so sit back and relax and let us do the work for you!

:devart: NOT ALL WEREWOLVES ARE MONSTERS! - Another huge goal this group has is to promote the werewolf itself. Some werewolf fans fall under the assumption that werewolves have to be monsters controlled by anger and hunger, but that is simply not true. Werewolves can be many different things and take many shapes and forms, and we want to show you the many sides a werewolf can have, not just the voilent monster type.

As far as looks are concerned, it doesn't matter if its a biped, quadruped, humanistic or not, werewolves are werewolves, and if there's a style out there you love, well, you'll most likely find it here!

:devart: WE WANT TO INSPIRE YOU - We love art of all styles, mediums, and talents! Our next biggest goal is to help you grow as an artist or writer, to provide for you a place to study MANY different types of werewolf anatomy, fur techniques, and information to becoming the best you can be in your level of expertise!

:devart: PROMOTE YOUR ARTWORK - There are so many aspiring anthro/werewolf artists out there who just don't get enough attention. Our goal with this group is to get your artwork out in the open through community contests as well as features in our galleries! We hope to inspire you to work hard and know that there is always room for improvement in every area. You also have many willing artists here in this group who can help you reach those goals.


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