When joining our community, please keep in mind the following rules when submitting artwork

:bulletred:No nudity. "Gender bits" must be furred over if not covered with clothing.

:bulletred:No strong sexual content, including yiff, yoai, yuri, etc.

:bulletred:Fetish type artwork is not allowed (vore, stuffing, extreme muscle, etc.). Mild and non-sexual pregnancy may be allowed.

:bulletred:No over-excessive gore (some mild blood/gore is OK)

:bulletred:Please keep the language clean in art/literature submissions and comments on group polls/blogs.

:bulletred:Please be kind to one other. Any hostility between members may result in a ban from the group.

:bulletred:No spam. This includes non-werewolf images, re-posting images that were already denied, WIP (work-in-progress) or scrap images.

:bulletred:Art or literature must include werewolves; either transforming or in wolfen form; a werewolf in human form without any physical signs aren't allowed. Literature: it should be clear at some point the story involves werewolves, or in the artist comments.

Other submission guidelines:
Photo manipulations: Your own stock or free-to-use stock (from deviantArt with links) should be used. We won't nit pick and check, but if we suspect something, we will deny it.

What types of art go where?)

This is the default place for all members and watchers to suggest artwork of all levels of quality from their own gallery, as well as other artist works. Quality and skill is not required here, and virtually everything is accepted, provided it follows the group rules. If you aren't sure where it should go, FAVE it!

Completed, high-quality artwork are accepted. Refined and cleaned compositions, correct wolf anatomy (eyes, face, hands, legs etc.) as well as any human characteristics that make it a "were". Clean coloring and correct shading/lighting are also some of the things required. All pieces submitted here are subject to vote by staff. Members are allowed 1 deviation per week to submit, unless its for a contest or the monthly theme challenge.
:star:When in doubt, fave it, fave it, fave it!:star:

The gallery submissions are for completed, high-quality werewolf artwork (read criteria above). Each deviation is subject to vote by the staff. We evaluate every submission, and the ones that meet the level of quality our groups expects will be accepted.

If for some reason your artwork isn't accepted into the gallery, this means it either wasn't as high quality as we expect or it broke one of the submission rules. We will usually specify as to why it is declined, and if it was a quality issue, it will automatically be submitted in the favorites. But, this doesn't mean you should stop submitting, leave the group, and stop drawing altogether! And above all PLEASE take no offense to being denied! This is just part of the way the gallery submissions work, it is never personal when artwork is denied! Also please note, we may or may not respond to give a reason (or reasons) as to why your piece was denied. We reserve the right NOT to comment, and it isn't our job to critique your art. However, we have no problems with people inquiring the reasons in note or a comment. Please be respectful. If your art was denied, it was for good reason.

We limit art quality because we want it to be worth your view when it enters your inbox. Having everything be accepted just adds clutter to your messages and people end up leaving the group or turning off notifications. We want every submission to the gallery to be worth your while! We know for a fact that art of high quality gets noticed more, and people are more likely to enjoy our gallery submissions and stay active in the group. Members who watch our group will expect nothing but high quality pieces to show up in their inbox! :D

Submissions to the favorites folder, contests and monthly theme challenge submissions are always accepted regardless of skill, as long as they abide with the group rules.

We have a few moderators who read over and make sure written works meet high standards for gallery submission. The guidelines for literature can be read here: werewolvesatheart.deviantart.c… Once again, all styles and qualities of writing are accepted in the favorites gallery as long as they comply with the group rules.

When submitting stories/novels with multiple chapters, or comic strips, only the first chapter of each will be accepted. This avoids spam submissions of multiple chapters. If a member wants to continue to read your story AFTER the first chapter or page, then they can do so through your gallery.

Yes! If your character can shift from human to wolf (even natural looking wolves), they are still considered werewolves! We usually check the artist comments to see if this is specified. If it isn't, we assume it's not a werewolf, and deny it. So to be safe, please specify when submitting that its actually a werewolf/wolf shape shifter.

No. Unless its the original lineart by the original artist, colored ones are not allowed in any of our galleries, simply because it wasn't your original drawing, and people tend to spam-post dozens of characters using the same lineart over and over. That can get annoying. Meme's however, aren't allowed in the gallery, but we will accept them into the favorites. ;)

But, there are certain exceptions to the rules with this one. If a colored line art shows exceptional quality, far above and beyond the simple click fill coloring, it can be submitted to the gallery and/or favorites pending staff approval.

If you aren't sure what either of these are, here are some examples below:
Lineart: fav.me/d2a58wd
Meme: fav.me/d1k7yue

Quality and skill requirements still apply to these as well.

We choose our staff members based on the following things: (1)They help with contributing art and suggestions in order to help grow the group, (2)they are proficient enough in their field of expertise (writing, art, etc.) and (3)they follow and respect the group rules. Previous moderating experience is nice, too.

If you want to be a moderator, send us a note letting us know how you'd be able to help out. We might not need moderators all the time, but you just never know.

We understand that correct animal anatomy is obviously important, but when it comes to the gender bits, we prefer to keep it clean. How do you do that? FUR IT OVER! No nipples, balls, penis's or any pink hanging out of our werewolves. If it has even a shape of something inappropriate, IT WILL BE DENIED, NO QUESTIONS ASKED! Even if it has a mature tag, it doesn't matter. We want our galleries to be clean and safe for ALL ages to enjoy. The 'correct anatomy' bits are simply not needed to make a great werewolf. Please abide by these rules, and understand the purpose is not to deny the animal its natural beauty, but to keep WerewolvesAtHeart a place where all ages can enjoy great werewolf art! We truly believe the reason our group has become this popular and accepted is because of the guidelines we abide by.


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