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Are you a werewolf artist or aficionado? If you could be a werewolf, would you? Or are you simply a werewolf fanatic?

If you answered "yes" to any of these questions, then you should be a member of WerewolvesAtHeart, the largest werewolf group on deviantART!

Here we're devoted to the expression of our inner lycanthrope through art and the written word. We strive to provide werewolf fans with a collection of the best art and literature, so feel free to join the group and enjoy the submissions or even contribute to the pack!

Many different kinds/styles/genres of werewolves and anthropomorphic wolves are welcome here as long as the submissions follow the group Rules and Submission Guidelines (see below).

Rules and Submission Guidelines


:bulletblue:Only completed, high-quality artwork is accepted. Please no WIP (work-in-progress) drawings, scrap images, rough sketches, coloring other artists' lineart (except collaborations), etc.

:bulletblue:All submissions are voted on by moderators. We do our best to be fair and consistent, but we're only human (sadly not werewolves yet). You may ask about why a given submission was declined, but please be courteous and avoid overly-argumentative tones when doing so. Moderator decisions are final.

:bulletblue: Stories/comics with multiple pages/chapters: only the first page/chapter will be accepted into the group. The idea is to receive initial exposure here in the group, at which point deviants can then watch your account directly in order to receive updates. This helps keep the gallery organized and avoids having many pages of the same story sent to our members' feeds.

:bulletblue:Contests & Theme challenges: All skill levels are allowed, just make sure they fit the theme of the contest. Submissions must be for the contest in question and not pre-existing work.

:bulletred:No explicit nudity. "Gender bits" must be furred over if not covered with clothing

:bulletred:No strong sexual/fetish content (mild affection is fine)

:bulletred:No excessive violence (mild blood/gore is OK)

:bulletred:Please keep language clean in art/literature submissions and group comments

:bulletred:Please be civil to moderators and other members. Hostility, trolling, excessive questioning about denied submissions or other group matters may result in a ban

:bulletred:No spamming. This includes non-werewolf images, re-posting images that were already denied

:bulletred:Submissions must feature werewolves, generally in wolf/werewolf form or some stage of transformation (not just human form). Art and stories also including other non-werewolf or werewolf hybrid (horns, wings, etc.) characters is discouraged, but will be considered on a case-by-case basis. If not readily apparent, it helps to have the werewolf tag included with the submission or submission comments

:bulletred:Please use the correct gallery folder when submitting. If unsure, or if multiple folders could be appropriate, use your best judgement; moderators can move the submission later if needed. Please submit a given piece to only one folder. Only contest/theme challenge works should be submitted to those folders

The purpose of these rules is to build the best collection of werewolf content on deviantArt and to ensure that deviants of ALL AGES are able to enjoy it!

Most Recent Werewolf-Themed Daily Deviation

Daily Deviation
Awarded May 27, 2017
The latest werewolf-themed DD was by fenya. Congratulations!
(Featured by PixlPhantasy)

Suggest a DD stamp by Thiefoworld



If you wish to affiliate with our group, use the new "affiliate" button on your group page! We're looking for well-established Wolf and Werewolf-related groups.

[ARCHIVED] Full Moon Chat!

:iconmoonplz: UPCOMING FULL MOON CHAT!: :iconmoonplz:

Join the official WerewolvesAtHeart chatroom here

We will try to have chats take place on one of the 3 nights of the moon each month when a moderator is available to do so.

Moon cycle calendar

Please follow the deviantArt Etiquette Policy and Chatroom Rules!

[ARCHIVED] Werewolf Artists Accepting Commissions

This is a list of werewolf artists who are currently open for commissions. Artists will be kept here for up to 3 months. If you're interested in seeing yourself on this list, please send a group note with a link to your current commission information. If you need your info updated, please contact us in the same way.

[ARCHIVED] Monthly Theme Challenges!


Our monthly theme challenges are back! This is the opportunity for members of our group to take on a challenge and improve their drawing skills each month!

:bulletblack: All submissions must have to do with the theme and werewolves.
:bulletblack: All mediums are accepted (art, literature, craft, etc.)
:bulletblack: No pre-exsisting art pieces allowed. They must be made specifically for the theme challenge, and stated so in the artist comments.
:bulletblack: Submissions MUST follow the group rules.
:bulletblack: All levels of skill are welcome!
:bulletblack: Unlimited submissions allowed.

July's Theme Winner:
Portraits of the Royal Family by QuebecoisWolf
by :iconquebecoiswolf:

Thank you all for participating!

Now for our next challenge...

"A Werewolfen Halloween"

Though a werewolf can already change its form, there's always a bit of fun to be had during Halloween! Show us a werewolf in their best costume!

:bulletred: Reminder: all submissions to monthly theme challenges must be mentioned in the art description, and linked back to the group :)

Theme Dates and Deadlines
Submissions are always due the last day of each month. Winners and the next monthly theme are announced the day after.

Submit your entry here!


Welcome to DeviantArt's largest werewolf group!


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Literature Moderators

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If you want to contribute artwork, please read the group rules before submitting!

Gallery Folders

Red Riding Hood by DenisZhbankov
CM - Werewolves Falls 2 by MayhWolf
No turning back by something-wild
Werewolf by Ruchiel
Contests and Theme Challenges
Silence in the moonlight by FuriarossaAndMimma
My Heart Belongs to the Forest by SpottedNymph
Star Song by Sindaj
Nakula by Tuonenkalla
Anthropomorphic Werewolves
walker by fallycan
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Easy Downward [Com] by FireMaster13
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Horror Werewolves
For the dark Moon by RavenMadwolf
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Feral Werewolves
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Tribal Spiritual Native Werewolves
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Weretober - Wolf by Chibikoma
FoxSinz Commission - Wereables by MMWoodcock
Moonlight's Call by Chibikoma
Severe Case Of Lycanthropy by JazzaX
Character References
Max Reference Sheet by makangeni
Alex the Werewolf ref by raaky-draws
Thunder Claws Reference Sheet by AspenWynd
Arcadia Project_Werewolves by filhotedeleao
Costumes and Fursuits
Subdued Nature by Onyx-Philomel
The king of mountains by WMW66-costumes
Rebirth Nachtzeit mask by SnowVolkolak
Lucky wolf by SnowVolkolak
Sculpture and Other Physical Media
Night Crawler by zersetzen
Photo Manipulations
Wolf Moon by pythos-cheetah
Wolf Of Penumbra S1 Ep1 (literature) by LittleDevil-888
Short Stories
HuntedThe autumn sky was overcast, it was a cold, grey and gloomy sort of day. Everything was damp, and while it wasn't raining, there was a light mist falling through the air.The woods were silent, other than a light wind rustling through the leaves, and the sound of water flowing over the rocks in the creek.But the tranquility of the forest was slightly disturbed by a figure moving quickly, weaving through the trees.A young man named Troy crept through the brush, maintaining as quick of a pace as he thought he could get away with.SNAPA small twig snapped beneath his left foot, making a noise that he felt was unreasonably loud for how small it was. He cursed silently, and then froze, listening.A soft breeze rustled through the dead leaves above him, but he heard no other sounds.Somewhat satisfied but still uneasy, he continued. Trying to be extra careful how he placed his steps.He suddenly stopped again, was that something in the brush behind him? Or just his paranoid mind playing tricks on him?He turned his head quickly, but didn't see anything. Still, the underbrush was thick here. His pursuer could easily be hiding close by.He turned his head back around and froze again, listening."Maybe if I stay perfectly still for a while..." he thought, but he was interrupted by a gentle yet cold gust of wind to his face. His eyes grew wide.The wind had changed direction. If it was behind him, then he was currently upwind!He started to turn back around, but before he had time to do anything, a large animal-like figure tackled him from behind.Landing flat on the ground and sliding on the leaves and brush, he managed to turn his body around to face his attacker, but it was too late. At nearly 7 feet tall, it's massive figure towered over him. The two legged creature sported a mix of grey and black fur, large hand-like paws with sharp claws on each finger, and an unmistakable canine head and amber eyes. Eyes that almost seemed to glow, even in the daylight.It could only be a werewolfThe large creature had closed in on him, Troy had been caught, he lost."Dang it dude! Do you have to tackle me every time?" Said Troy, rubbing his knee."I wouldn't tackle you if you didn't let me sneak up on you like that, you left yourself wide open" Said the werewolf named John."Well that doesn't mean you have to slam me to the ground! I'm not as durable as you are.""You're just mad because you lost again. You were about as stealthy as a lawn mower.""I was stealthy! I was doing really good till I stepped on that one stick!" Troy defended."I already had you at that point. After you crossed the creek your footwork so loud you might as well have been walking on potato chips.""I was counting on the noise from the creek to cover me, but I guess it wasn't enough"A smirk appeared on John's face, "Well, truth be told I wouldn't have caught up so quick if I hadn't guessed that you would try to loose me at the ford instead of crossing further down. I was already on this side when you crossed. I couldn't have missed you by more than a minute.""Dang it, I've got to strategize better next time. If you hadn't guessed where I'd crossed then I'm sure I would have at least made it back to where the trail forks.""Better luck next time" John said as he reached down to help his friend up from the ground.Troy winced and stumbled a bit as he got to his feet."You okay?" John asked."Yeah, think I'm okay. I did roll my ankle a bit back at the ford." He straightened out his back and winced in pain. "This is good exercise and it's fun and everything, but I think I'm done for the day"John chuckled, "Honestly me too, even I can get tired of running trough the woods after a while. Let's head back to the truck and change, then we can head back to town and grab a bite.""Now you're talking, I'm starved!"The two friends walked back to the truck, laughing and joking about the events of the day.A teenage boy and a massive teenage werewolf walking though the woods together, an odd sight indeed.
Under the Sugar Sage Tree Title Page by redeadkat
Art Tutorials
anatomy dump by Edeneue
Werewolf at Heart Stamp by lazywolf
Lineart and Templates
Free Running Werewolf Lineart by redeadkat
3D Art
Werewolf by SilanaVerley
Brawling Beasts Theme Challenge
The King and The Traitor by Trollberserker
Odd Tastes August Theme Challenge
big wolf by pegfan
"Celebration of the Beast" Theme Challenge
Werewolf Christmas Celebration by NINJAWERETIGER
"The Werewolf of the South" Theme Challenge
January Theme Challenge-WAH by Timber-Wolf-Spirit
"Werewolves in Arms" Theme Challenge
Werewolf Warrior by HopperWulf
"Sporting a Wolf" Theme Challenge
Werewolf Football by NINJAWERETIGER
"Tournament Ready" Theme Challenge
Bring it On! by Sooty123
"Warriors" Theme Challenge
Cedric vs Marcus by LycanthropeHeart
"Lobos" Theme Challenge

Mature Content

Mexican gray wolf werewolf by FuriarossaAndMimma
"Fables" Theme Challenge
Little Red Riddinghood and the Werewolf by NINJAWERETIGER
"Werewolf Ecology 101" Theme Challenge
The Were-wolf and the Ghul by Leonca
"Howl Out Loud" Theme Challenge
Werewolf Rock Band by NINJAWERETIGER
"The Romantic" Theme Challenge
Exoterism - courtship by FuriarossaAndMimma
"Werewolf Shaming" Theme Challenge
Exoterism - Werewolf shaming by FuriarossaAndMimma
"Irrational Fears" Theme Challenge
Lejule's Fear by Allard-Liao
"Werewolves Arting Werewolves" Theme Challen
Portraits of the Royal Family by QuebecoisWolf
"A Werewolfen Halloween" Theme Challenge
Werewolf Contest Entry by kyrtuck


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Corbett316 Featured By Owner Mar 28, 2021
Will you please accept my two short stories?
Samhain She-Wolf(Que "Whiskey in the Jar" by Metallica) ,It’s Halloween night in Titan City, Connecticut. This sprawling metropolis is mostly a blue-collar town, although it does have a few wealthy families. The McMahons practically own the city itself. Other notable families include the Cenas, the Hogans, and the Flairs. You have to be tough to make it here. The people have a reputation for being very intense. It’s not uncommon to see at least one or two all-out brawls per day. Maybe that’s why Titan City is often called “The City of Broken Bones.”All over the city, kids are going trick-or-treating. From the top of her apartment building, Becky Lynch watches as they go door to door. Becky smiles. She enjoys that a holiday created by her native Ireland hundreds of years ago has become universally loved. But watching kids trick-or-treating isn’t the main reason why Becky is out here. There’s a full moon out tonight. Becky stares at it intently, her fiery orange hair blows in the wind. As Becky stares, her brown eyes turn into the amber eyes of a wolf.Suddenly, Becky drops down to her hands and knees. Reddish brown fur starts to grow and spread all over her body. Her muscles grow in size and strength, causing Becky to burst out of her clothes. Her leg structure becomes that of a canine. Her nails turn into sharp claws. Paws burst through her shoes. Her ears become pointed and move to the top of her head. Her face then stretches out and becomes a wolf’s muzzle, complete with fangs and sharp teeth. The transformation is completed when a wolf’s bushy tail is formed.Becky then stands back up. She now stands at seven and a half feet tall. A gorgeous coat of reddish-brown fur now covers her entire body, including her breasts and crotch. She now has the physique of a big female bodybuilder but with the head, legs, and tail of a wolf and the strength of ten men. Her long, luxurious fiery orange hair still blows in the wind. Becky’s natural Irish beauty has combined with the wild beauty of an alpha female wolf. She has become a majestic creature of the night. She has become a werewolf.Running on all fours, Becky jumps from rooftop to rooftop, patrolling the city in her werewolf form while keeping out of sight of human sight. Suddenly, she comes to a dead stop. She stands upright, her keen wolf nose sniffing the air. Smells like trouble. Suddenly, Becky’s wolf ears pick up the sound of kids of distress. Becky drops back down to all fours and runs in the direction of the scared kids.In some alley, a trio of trick-or-treaters are cornered by a gargoyle. It’s just about to lunge at them when… “Hey lad!” The gargoyle turns to see Becky on a fire escape glaring down at it. “Why don’t you pick on someone your own size?”, Becky says with her fangs bared. She then lets out a deep guttural growl. The gargoyle roars back at her. Becky then turns her attention to the kids. “You might want to close your eyes and cover your ears.”, Becky says in a calm, almost maternal voice. The kids do as she says. Becky then turns her attention back on the gargoyle. She lets out a mighty roar as she lunges at the monster.After a few moments, Becky manages to slay the gargoyle. She had a height advantage (she was six inches taller). She was also stronger, tougher, and smarter. She also had more heart. She protected those kids like a mother wolf would protect her pups. The kids weren’t the least scared of Becky. Instead, they were in awe of her. They thanked her. They hugged her. She hugged them. Then they went their separate ways. One thing’s for sure: Becky gave those kids a Halloween they will never ever forget.The End  Wolf-Man Mox(Que "Psycho" by Muse),Deep in the woods of the Pacific Northwest late at night, Jon Moxley finds himself cornered by group of trolls. They are 7 to 9 feet tall, covered in scales and fur, and armed with clubs. Moxley smirks. “You guys think you’re scary? Well, wait to you get a load of me.”, Moxley says as his blue eyes turn into the amber eyes of a wolf.Suddenly, Moxley drops down to his hands and knees. Dark brown fur starts to grow and spread all over his body. His muscles grow in size and strength, causing Moxley to burst out of his clothes. His leg structure becomes that of a canine. Nails turn into sharp claws. Paws burst through his shoes. His ears become pointed and move to the top of his head. His face then stretches out and becomes a wolf’s muzzle, complete with fangs and sharp teeth. The transformation is completed when a wolf’s bushy tail is formed.Moxley then stands back up. He now stands over eight feet tall. Dark brown fur now covers his entire body. His physique is now like that Arnold Schwarzenegger during his bodybuilding career but with the head, legs and tail of a wolf and the strength of ten men. Half man, half wolf. Moxley has transformed into a werewolf.Moxley glares at the trolls with his amber eyes and licks his chops. He smells their fear. Moxley bares his teeth and lets out a deep guttural growl. His fangs and claws glint in the moonlight. Suddenly, Moxley lets out a loud roar as he lunges at the nearest troll and rips it to shreds with a combination of fangs, claws, and superhuman strength. He then lunges at the next one and repeats what he did to first one. Moxley starts to attack the rest of the trolls. They try to fight back but right now Moxley is one pissed off werewolf. He’s also kind of hungry and troll flesh tastes delicious.Sometime later, Moxley is still in his werewolf form and has joined up with a pack of wolves. His fur is now covered in troll blood. He’ll change back into his human form once he settles down. Moxley and the wolves begin to howl, letting everyone know who rules this stretch of woods.The End 
JZLobo Featured By Owner Jul 17, 2020  Hobbyist Writer
Yo what the frig? My last submission expired twice.
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Does this group have a discord channel?
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How about a copy of "Werewolves Versus: The Circus" for your reading pleasure? It's available now at:
lady-cybercat Featured By Owner Nov 21, 2019  Professional Traditional Artist
White Wolf Pine Forest V2 by lady-cybercat  
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How do I apply to the pack?🍺🍻🍺
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