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Mythology Story by werewolfwannabe1224 Mythology Story by werewolfwannabe1224
So, ~collin5126 has asked me to draw the characters to his story, a story about Greek Myths coming to life.

The basic story is that Two students, researching greek mythology, get sucked into a textbook and into ancient Greece.

The first up is Danielle. She works with her friend Collin on the research project but is accidentally transported to Ancient Greece along with him. while in Ancient Greece, the two find that they have changed forms, transformed into monsters.

Danielle has been transformed into a water nymph. Now, Water nymphs, in Greek Myth, were called Naiads, for fresh water, and Nereids, for Ocean Water. These nymphs stayed within their source of water and could not stray far from it. In this story, it's a bit different. Water Nymphs are simply born as Water Nymphs, with the idea that there is a body of water unique to them, ranging from a puddle to the entire ocean. Water Nymphs must journey to find a body of water they feel is their true water and choose it. Until then, they are free to roam the earth, not tied down to a body of water yet. Danielle is one of those Nymphs.

I pictured her like a mermaid, but with two legs. The organy scales came from both Collin's request and I pictured it kinda like a goldfish :meow:

Next up is Collin...the Gorgon. See, he's the other student, but when he gets sucked into the textbook, he doesn't just change species, he changes genders. He is transformed into one of the Gorgon Sisters.

His scales were based on a certain cobra coloring. I edited Princess Leia's bikini to make it look like two snakes on it.

Next is me! No clue what the name is yet, but this Satyr is based on moi :la: He is a part of the Ancient Greece Danielle and Collin get sucked into, and he's the one that first finds them. He lives among the nymphs in the wild, chasing after them in his own different way. Most Satyrs are way too horny for their own good and literally chase after nature spirits until they catch one. My satyr is a tad different. He does the same thing, but in a more refined manner. He's very good with his words, as he catalogs his days in his journal, along with nature magic spells and info on different species. Instead of forcefully trying to get the nymphs, he charms them with pick up lines. He's the more intellectual of satyrs and the nymphs, flattered by his compliments, allow him to live in their midst. He, like all satyrs, plays reed pipes, but he uses his especially in nature magic.

Upon finding Collin and Danielle, after hitting on them both to no avail, he helps them understand their respective species, even though he doesn't believe that they're really two humans from another world. INCONCEIVABLE.

Finally, there is Demetrius, a Grecian Soldier with a secret...

Yeah, not much on Demetrius, but that's the thing for most of the story. He's just a simple, drop dead handsome soldier.

Hope ya like! :dummy:

Story belongs to ~collin5126
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Not bad!
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